Google Pixel 3 XL 64GB - Just Black, Global Variant $351.50 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Just ordered this Google Pixel 3 XL 64GB Just Black and thought $351.50 delivered (for Prime members) was a decent deal.

Yes support ends this month and there's lots good options at this price point with better specs, but it's hard to beat the camera and custom rom support.

Appears to be a third party seller but fulfilled by AmazonUS.

Edit: there's also a bundle with a Pixel charging stand for $34 more. I think that's the only wireless charger capable of fast charging the phone.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Also free photo storage by google

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      or free data donation by consumer to Google ??

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        no doubt. gotta love their marketing for the new nest hub too… "don't worry there are no cameras (but there's a radar that can detect your movement to the millimetre so even if it's not pointing towards you we can tell whether you are masturbating to the thing that's on your computer screen at such and such a timestamp)"

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    Is the camera still really worth it though our as good as you claim despite being so old?

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      Pixel 3, 4 and 5 all use the same sensor and software. Maybe not the absolute best mobile phone camera in the world any more, but still better than 99% of phones out there.

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        What about battery? I think I had the pixel 2 (non XL, could have been the 3) and the battery was abysmal. So much so I shifted away from Google phones all together (had all the Nexus devices).

        Wouldn't mind getting this for the wife for Christmas!

        • Also interested in battery life, I've been looking at getting an older Pixel like this one but lots of people on OzBargain have talked about how bad the battery is.

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        Despite having the same main sensor, each Pixel gen from 2-5 still has slightly different software that produce slightly different tone. They are still very similar to each other though.

        However only 4 has telephoto and 5 has ultrawide.

    • Oh yeah….I have a pixel 3 xl and a Samsung Galaxy s21. The still photos on the pixel 3 xl are far superior in any condition. I find myself reaching for the pixel 3 xl to click photos Everytime

  • Curious to know what the other options at this price point with better specs are. This one is a strong contender for me but I prefer something smaller.

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      I'm not an expert, but potentially a Poco F3 or certain Xiaomi models would beat it on specs?

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    Great phone, I've been using it for a couple of years. The speaker is surprisingly loud at max volume, but the quality drops off over about 80%. Still great for listening to an audiobook or podcast while you're cooking - you can easily hear it over a frying steak and a boiling kettle nearby.

    • What's your average screen on time like? Does the battery suck or is it alright?

      • I haven't noticed a difference between this and any other phone I've used (My last 2 were both samsung galaxy models, also made it through the day for me), it certainly makes it through the day for me unless I do something out of the ordinary, like watch a couple of movies on battery or something.

        Ampere tells me it drains at about 0.25A - 0.5A, and the battery is 3.4Ah, so sounds like it'd get 5 or 10 hours of screen on without much processor usage.

  • Stay away from Pixel 3 and 3 XL - plenty of reports of them being bricked by recent security updates, with no recourse from Google. Check out various Pixel forums and subreddits for more info.

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      My pixel 3 is fine.

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      Mine's fine too. I bought from recent Mobileciti/Sydney Mobile deals, I love it.

    • Also looks like many haven't had update issues. Could just be a small number of phones. Still annoying though

    • Interesting, thanks for the heads up. I haven't had any issues, but good to know that some people are.

    • Pixel 3 user here, latest update. No issues.

    • I purchased a 3XL in late 2019. It bricked itself earlier this year without any warning. I didn't pursue it with Google, but have upgraded to a 4a. I still like the phones, but I would have kept the 3XL for at least another year or two.

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    Those contemplating buying it.

    I bought a Pixel 3 from the recent Mobileciti/Sydney Mobile sale.

    Despite the negative feedback about being dodgy etc, I love the phone very much.

    1) Build quality of the Pixel devices are top-notch.

    2) Unlimited original quality photo until Feb 2022. Backed up all my photos using this already.

    3) Camera. Better than some of the 2021 flagships. I'm mostly a Samsung user, can't fault it even against S21 Ultra for simple shots not needing ultra-wide or telephoto lens. Selfie is probably better with Pixel 3.

    I don't think you can beat Poco F3 for day to day use. But if your first priority is camera, then buying this is definitely worth it.

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    I have the pixel 3 and its still insanely fast. Takes amazing pictures too. Great value imo.

  • Buying this now = Bad battery condition and 0 Security updates.

    Buy a Pixel 4a or something instead.

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      If I could find a 4a available I absolutely would!

      • me 2 - what gives, are they much more sought after or is there just not supply?

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          Can't say for sure but I think Google is restricting supply of 4a/5/5a in order to boost demand for the 6.

          Google store chat said they are expecting more 4a stock after the 20th i.e. after the 6 launch. But it will retail for $599 which makes this 3XL a good deal IMHO

  • Will it get android 12?

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      It has a beta, so likely yes.

    • Pixel 3s got Android 12, so likely for 3XL.

      • Have Pixel 3's already received stable version of Android 12 in Australia ? If so the 3XL can't be far off then.

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          Beta. Don't think they'll roll out 12 until they release P6

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            @ShouldIBuyIt: Thought so as still waiting for the beta for the 3XL.

            Looking forward to checking out the new look and features.

        • Yes, wife has Pixel 3 from a recent deal here.

          It got Android 12 last week.

          She's not liking though… Mainly notifications are terrible

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            @nismo: Yeah, very different to before, I also prefer the drop down quick settings and notifications from Android 11.

    • Yes

  • Got my brand new Pixel 3 for $205!! Great ROI for my photos.

    • Great deal! Where from?

    • What are people doing with the unlimited photo back ups untill Feb 22, uploading as many as needed

      and after that date they can remain there backed up for free and available to access for later by any Android device?

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        It's not counted towards your quota.

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        Yep. Good way to upload all your family photos and then preserve it on the cloud forever.

  • Unless you plan to chuck on a custom ROM, it's a pretty bad idea to have a device with access to your online accounts that's EoL for security updates.

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    Great phone, got mine for $499 from Amazon AU and haven't felt the need to upgrade (not until the P6 Pro drops that is).

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    I don't think you get free windows 11 with this

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    I paid $673 for this phone a bit over 2 years ago. Very happy with performance and camera, particularly its excellent night mode. I have had no need to upgrade.
    I was initially disappointed with battery life as I was coming from a Huawei Mate 9 which could last 3 days between charges. However, I get a full day out of the 3XL and am in the habit of charging every night so no big deal.
    One more thing, I've stayed on android 10 rather than updating to 11 as there were so many reports of issues with the latter, including bricking the phone.
    No regrets.

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      Can't wait upgrading to 12, it's like getting a new phone.

      • Haha, yeah, me too. Only got the P3XL second hand ( as new ) on ebay for $209 delivered and already very happy with it.

        Have onther phone already running Android 11, so getting 12 on this will be really make it feel like new twice lol.

  • Thanks OP, was on the lookout for a Pixel to replace my Moto G9 or as just a camera if I needed one. Is this likely to be an upgrade or downgrade compared to what I've got? I know the battery life is going to be a bit of a shock

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      Don't have experience with the G9, but currently using the non XL Pixel 3 and the camera is amazing!

      The software and processing on the Pixel is really impressive.

      • Agreed, Pixel 3 camera never disappoints, where as some of Samsung flagships I had gave me hits and misses.

        Really contemplating getting Pixel 6 Pro.

    • "SpainKing" Which model G9 do you have, the Play/Power or Plus?

      If it is the Play or Power you will definately see a performance boost as the Pixel 2/3/4 are super smooth and snappy.

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    There's also one going here for $873.20 in case anyone is interested:

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