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PowerColor Radeon RX 6600 Hellhound Graphics Card $729 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Probably a good buy now before prices just gets worse for these cards

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  • Price & Store in title please

  • +20

    what a dystopia we live in

    $729 for a fhd card

    that in a normal world would be $250-$300…

    • Welcome to the club

    • natural selection, it's only the people waiting for msrp are those without cards anyway

    • +1

      reviews say its the worst value for price card.

    • +1

      lol imagine thinking high video card prices were an indicator of a dystopia

  • Where is the 550 these should be at rrp…

    • -1

      yeah well it should be like $450 or smt but oh well, u gotta get em before they get more expensive

    • It was sold out in 5 mins at 1 am on release.

      • +6

        😂👍 I'm never upgrading at this rate… play Warcraft 3 on my onboard before I pay this.

        Ps op not a dig at you.

      • even quicker than 6600xt release…
        I got my 6600xt ~ at mid night, and stock was still available the next morning, and OOS around noon time…

        • +1

          Yep, I was the one bought stock at next morning.
          Bought it for 540 after 100 kalma discount.

  • LHR?

    • +4

      AMD doesnt have LHR cards

    • 30Mhs @50w

      • +2

        Damn that is really efficient

      • No, its 29.5Mhs @75w at the wall, software never reports correctly for AMD.

  • +2

    Time to see the standard when I got judged for posting a 6600 for $699 per-order.

    • +2

      U can still get them at 699.

      Bad value for sure 😂

      • +1

        if the rabid hordes are not snapping them up, be they gamers or miners, then there's something very very wrong with these cards OR their pricing

  • +3

    Where is the bargain, I swear these were 699 two days ago….john travolta confused.gif

  • -1

    There aren't the XT version

  • +2

    Crazy that the XT version is now $899


    I paid $589 from the same site and I thought that wasn't a bargain.

    • +1

      Klarna was lucky.

  • +5

    given the current climate

    happy to pay 620 to 650 for this card

    not 745 (delivery inclusive)

  • upvoted for good price then saw it was non XT and revoked lol

    soz OP….I’m sure it’s a good price in the cooked GPU climate we’re in rn

  • +14

    Two different users with same username BENJI posting PC case gear deals. 🧐


    • +1

      "deals" lol

    • I noticed this. Dodgy AF.

    • just goes to show there are people that will eat up whatever gets posted

  • +1

    This is $699 and "in stock" with free delivery I think..


    this morning at 3am or so…

    this was also in stock.. $609.00
    I managed to order a pair..

  • not worth $100 over the other brands.

  • +1

    feels lucky that i napped the rx6600xt for $579 right on the day it was released. Cant believe this card can be even more expensive lol.

    • +1

      I saw those deals and thought nah… More for me.

      The 6600XT would have been fine. I haven't seen any reviews, but why waste production on a non XT version, with whatever that means.

      • binned gpu's is cost saving and less e-waste

  • This thing is flirting with being the same price as a 6600XT.

    We had a 6600XT deal a few days ago for $749.

    Seems they weren't lying about 6600 stock, it's fairly easy to get, but price has increased much faster than the 6600XT did.

  • +2

    OP same user as B3NJI who posted RX 6800 XT? Why start a new account to post another deal a few minutes after? Sockpuppeting?

  • I would rather suck my own doodle.

  • +2

    They just jack the price to $749…

    • +1

      I'm so tired of this opportunistic market. When retailers have become as bad as scalpers.

      • +1

        At least the US has Best Buy and Micro Center and the like, they have a chance of getting an MSRP card by showing up and going into a lottery.

        We have no chance at MSRP.

        • Best buy is placing it behind a pay wall.

  • They have stock of PowerColor Radeon RX 6600 Fighter 8GG and pushed the price up on this $699

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