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Bialetti Brikka 4 Cup Coffee Maker $59.97 (Was $71.97) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Same price as expired Myer deal, now at Amazon AU.

From the page:
The new technology with silicone membrane, combined with the characteristics of the Moka, ensures a result in the cup similar to the espresso in the bar: full-bodied, intense and with a persistent cream.
The handy indicator in binder ensures the right dosage of water

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    Thanks OP, missed out on the Myer deal so pulled the trigger on this one.

  • just FYI went in to Myer in Marion and there were plenty of 4 cup makers. i also picked up the last 2 cup, even though the website said out of stock for both.
    might pay to check in at your local

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    Is this much better than the $10 Kmart one? https://www.kmart.com.au/product/6-cup-espresso-coffee-maker...
    Any difference with the final result? Or is it more about built quality, brand and design?

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      Brand. Not sure if safety if any difference as it has a simple pressure release value consist of a plug/stopper and spring. Otherwise should be the same.

      • I think you're confusing the overpressure safety valve on the side with the silicone pressure release valve in the spout unit of the brikka. it actually stops the coffee flowing out until it has built a certain pressure. So it's a slightly different extraction process.. a higher pressure extraction leads to the release of more dissolved co2 and the creation of more crema in the final cup.. though it also speeds up the speed of extraction and can lead to some underextraction.

        Generally, in my experience bialetti moka pots are of better build quality than generic ones.. the finish is better so theres usually a better seal with the gasket, less flashing and nicer fit and finish. These days if I was getting one I'd probably try to get my hands on an E&B labs one.

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      the brand, design of Brikka is different from classic shape and quality of Brikka might be better. I will see when I got the Myer's one.
      another point the design of Brikka should be slightly different from the Kmart one which is a copy of classic Moka Express.
      @ICaddict provided this comparison of brikka and moka express from the Myer's deal link, Brikka is slight faster and with bit more crema due to higher pressure

      • Have you received your Myer one? If yes did you get the older model (weighted system) or the redesigned version? I received mine from Amazon and it's the newer model but have read reviews online that the older one is more durable.

        My first time with a moka pot and yet to make first brew, but giving a first clean with hot water and can see aluminium specks from the base reservoir….

        • not yet. logistics is too sloooooooow now.
          Aluminum shaves, so they did not clean the product properly after it is machined?
          emmm, the old school made in Italy?

          I ordered on 18/10
          The tracking information says arriving 25-28/10
          but it did not move at all, still sitting with post at the starting point….
          tracking info from Auspost:

          Received and ready for processing

          Column, event date and time,
          Wed 20 Oct, 7.25am

          Column, event details,
          Shipping information approved by Australia Post

          Column, event date and time,
          Mon 18 Oct, 10.00am

          Column, event details,
          Shipping information received by Australia Post

          Column, event date and time,
          Mon 18 Oct, 9.30am

          • @sanrs: I'm surprised mine arrived so quickly as I ordered on 18/10 also and the estimated delivery was 28/10 but it was delivered on 20/10! I'm not even Prime customer and delivery was managed by Aus Post.

            I read this review to research more and sounds like the "redesign" is more of a cost saving exercise, and the old weighted system makes a better brew so am a little disappointed.

            I'd suggest making sure you "season" the pot by discarding the first 3 brews to make sure shavings are removed. It's actually made in Romania and "designed in Italy". To be honest not too impressed, was expecting better given the RRP of this.

    • brikka (bialetti) is an Italian brand and made in Italy; that will contribute to the price increase

  • Price went up, showing as $84.75 now.

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