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Coles Mobile 365-Day Expiry Starter Packs $95 for 60GB (Was $120) or $10 for 15GB (Was $20) Plus 10x Flybuys Points @ Coles


This is for the starter packs only.

365-Day Expiry Starter Packs $95 for 60GB (Was $120)

*Optus network
*60GB, 365 day expiry
*Unlimited standard calls and text nationally
*Unlimited standard calls and texts to 15 selected countries
*10x Flybuys points = 950 points or $4.75 (i.e. bonus 855 points worth $4.27)

30-Day Expiry Starter Packs $10 for 15GB (Was $20)

*Optus network
*15GB, 30 day expiry
*Unlimited standard calls and text nationally
*Unlimited standard calls and texts to 15 selected countries
*10x Flybuys points = 100 points or $0.50 (i.e. bonus 90 points worth $0.45)

New customers only. Limit of one per customer.

Flybuys offer: Offer valid in-store only at Coles Supermarkets (excludes Coles Online, Coles Express and purchase via colesmobile.com.au).

Also get 10% off your next shop offer is valid only when you buy and activate a Coles Mobile Sim or recharge in-store before 02/11/2021 and shop via shopcoles.com.au and spend $100 or more in one transactions. Maximum discount $30.

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  • How do you think they check ‘new customer’ details?

    • Probably just means port in or new number

  • Available online too now, but I couldn't see online how to add Flybuys.

    • It says on the catalogue the flybuys offer is in-store only

  • What’s the expiry date on these starter pack usually?

  • Can your existing number be ported over to this ?

  • +1

    Isn't it a duplicate post? Previous deals still going

    • Previous deal was 85GB (60GB+25GB bonus) at the same cost ($95).

  • +2

    extremely bad customer service and issues with the service throughout!

    • After 3 hours with no service my port had stalled with no activation at Coles end. Got on Chat and consultant activated service in less than 30 seconds. All good since then.

      • You were so lucky. They are still unable to activate my service after 9 days.

  • 365-Day Expiry Starter Packs $95 for 60GB, I got it yesterday from Coles. Looks like the promo is already running. Not sure about 10x flybuys

    • +1

      Received 855 bonus points. The description says "Coles Mobile Prepaid Email 6-Oct to 2Nov" which means this promo is already ongoing.

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    Cheap thing comes with a 'price' which I am paying right now.

    Think carefully before you decide to port your mobile phone number to Coles Mobile because if there is a problem with the porting, you can end up not having any phone service with your mobile number for many days.

    I kicked off the Coles Mobile SIM card activation process by porting my mobile number from Boost Mobile to Coles Mobile on 20 Oct (Wed) but then I lost the phone service of my mobile number right away. Boost Mobile successfully released my mobile number to Coles Mobile just in a few second after I kicked of the activation process and so I lost the connection to Boost Mobile. This was ok but Coles Mobile failed to activate the service on their end. Meanwhile, all calls to my mobile number went to a stranger! I reported this issue to Coles Mobile but they have never given me any updates but just kept asking me to wait for their technical team to resolve it.

    After waiting for two days, I called other telcos such as Optus and Amaysim to try to find out what the problem was because it was a serious security risk that all my calls and SMS went to a stranger. Amaysim noticed the problem on their system. They saw my mobile number was double allocated to another new customer and it was why all my calls went to someone else. They escalated it to Optus on 22 Oct (Fri) and in the next day (23 Oct) I could receive phone calls again with my new Coles Mobile SIM card, but was still not able to receive SMS or make outgoing calls, send SMS or use mobile data service. In the morning on 26 Oct (Tue), Amaysim told me that Optus had fixed the double allocation issue on their system and I just need to ask Coles Mobile to complete the porting process on their end, so I called Coles Mobile to inform them about it and again they asked me to wait for their technical team to work on that.

    Today (27 Oct) I called Coles Mobile again to ask them how the porting was going. They just told me the same thing, i.e. wait, and they are unable to give me any time frame. I requested for talking directly to their technical team, manager, complaint team, whatever, and all are no, no, no. They escalated the issue that to their technical support team again and again and said they would give me an update by e-mail if they got any updates from that team. But the problem is that there was never any updates from them in the last 7 days. It was just myself spending a lot of time and effort to find out what the cause of the issue was by contacting other telcos! I do not know how long I still have to play this waiting game with Coles Mobile.

    I check the productreview.com.au web site and see some other people porting their mobile numbers to Coles Mobile also encountered long number porting time issue. There was a guy saying that his/her was still not ported after 9 days.

    In conclusion, if you go for Coles Mobile by porting your mobile number to them, you had better hope everything is ok and you never need to use their support service. Otherwise what I can say to you is, Good Luck!!!

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    i hope whoever senior manager read this @coles #colesmobile

    such a big supermarket chain, but poor service

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      It seems quite a number of people porting their mobile phone numbers to Coles Mobile are encountering the same problem. The service on Coles Mobile cannot be activated after many days.

      Today is already the 9th day after I kicked off the Coles Mobile SIM card activation by porting my mobile number to Coles. Now I can only receive phone calls but not SMS. I cannot make phone calls, send SMS or use mobile data service either.

      Their service is not just poor but they are also unable to provide the mobile phone service to new customers.

      • +1

        Sorry to hear your story mate. Hope you are all good now. I just did porting for my wife from boost to coles mobile, everything goes smoothly, took about 5mins then all good to go.

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