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DJI Mavic Air 2S (Including Combo / Fly More Pack) 292,062 Points or ($696 + 200,000 Pts) @ Qantas Store


G'day Ozbargainers,

Not many discounts with these it seems, so just a heads-up for anyone that has some excess Qantas Frequent Flyer points to use, for a potentially creative way to purchase one!

DJI Mavic Air 2S Combo (Fly more pack)

Using points only, you currently get 20% off:
Regular 365,040 points
Currently discounted to 292,062 points

You can also use points plus pay, at these prices - with minimal points it comes close to the RRP, so not as good a deal.

or ~200k points + $696

or ~100k points + $1,402

or ~50k points + $1,743

or ~2k points + $2,059

Link: https://store.qantas.com/au/p/dji-mavic-air-2s-combo/2018019...

If you'd prefer the Mavic Air 2S without extra batteries etc, check this link:


They also have the Air 2, Mini SE and Tello drones, if you're after any of those:


20% off Points Sale on Selected Apple, Garmin, RM Williams & More @ Qantas Store

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  • +1

    Still going to say even if you have a million FF points, 292,062 points is a terrible terrible return on value.

    With International borders opening soon, you'll surely be travelling within the next 12 months, 290k points will get you 5 one way flights between Aus and London in Economy or once in business with an economy flight home. With the current flight prices, even the Economy flight gets you better value than this deal.

    • Or you could buy the drone and fly there :)

      I agree with you, but there are people who don't travel and got the bonus points with credit cards.

    • +2

      I'm a big FF and agree that it's a terrible use of points. But from what I've seen and heard, many people have hoarded their points during lockdown with the same aim in mind. Once we open up it will be ridiculously hard to book reward seats and I won't be surprised if QFF devalues points in the not to distant future.

    • Can't wait to use my points for long distance travel !

  • Wait till the mavic 3 comes out in a few weeks, LIPO batteries are soo problematic (I had and returned a Mavic 2 because of that), it is expected that they will be replaced with lithium-ion cells.

    • But this is an Air, not the full fat Pro/Zoom. Different type of drone.

      • Both quite similar, both have crappy LiPO batteries.

    • What is the problem with the battery?

      • Lipo's by their very nature just get puffy over time. Re the Mavic 2 after maybe 10 uses of the battery the bottom of the battery had a slight bulge which put a small amount of pressure on the clips holding it in (bad design). If it got worse it could dislodge during flight. I bought a mavic mini some time ago and it is good it has lithium-ion cells, however, it is somewhat underpowered (as lithium-ion have lower c ratings).
        The upcoming Mavic 3 is expected to be the best of both worlds nice large lithium-ion battery with presumably heaps of power with 46 minute flight time. It will be $$ so presumably, the air 3 will be the cheaper option with lithium-ion, but that isn't due out for a while.

        • Oh makes sense. Thanks for the insight. Hanging out for the Mavic 3 as well given that they mentioned there's going to be a second camera.

        • Just need to not leave lipos empty or full. Charge before flight and recharge to 50% after and they’ll last ages.

  • Other than the mini series, aren't the rest harder to use overall and globally? Many needs to be registered and you probably need some training.

    • No. There are more features on higher models but if you stick to the same basic flight modes as Minis it’s pretty similar.

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