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[WA] $500 Gift Card for iPhone 13 with Telstra 80GB $69 Per Month 12-Months Post-Paid Plan @ JB Hi-Fi (Claremont)



$500 off the purchase price of an iPhone 13: In-store deal (Claremont, WA): get a $500 giftcard towards an iPhone 13 by signing up to the $69 per month, 80 GB per month Telstra 12-month post paid plan. I think it's just $400 for other phones. I ported out of Telstra (to a $9 Vodafone prepaid from Woolies) 3 weeks prior.

$10 off a month port-in offer: After purchasing through JB's, I then contacted Telstra over their Live Chat and asked for a $10 credit to be applied - which was done by the first agent I spoke to. I just said I was promised it.

Bonus data: Please note that the $69 plan comes with a bonus 20gbs (so total comes to 80gb) but the first time the JB rep did it, he forget to apply it and I had to remind. No issues, as it's promised on the website.

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    Line given to agent on Telstra's Live Chat: "I just ported into Telstra and I was told that you can apply a $10/month port in credit for me."

    • Where does this number 10 come from? Any chance they'll nod at $15?

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        I doubt it. They've been running $10 credits for at least 12months or so for new "port-in" customers.

        • Sorry if this is a silly question but my understanding is that it comes down to $59 pm after the $10 pm port in credit? Also are we able to put the gift card towards the purchase of the phone?

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            @pizzapock3t: Not silly! Yes, contract comes down to $59 a month and yes, the giftcard can be used towards the purchase of the phone.

      • $10 has been the standard Telstra port-in credit for years, so unlikely.

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        Why not try for $69?

    • Does the port in credit work from Telstra prepaid port-ins?

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    Can someone ask the WA Premier if he will open the border for me to come and get this deal.

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      Premier aka state daddy says no

      • Love it

    • Same. I need to use my Qantas credit from last year

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      Twiggy Forrest keeps flying back and forth to Queensland to work on a big project, and it is OK. You will likely spread the cv since you are not rich nor important enough. So no.

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    Is Boost considered Telstra? Will I need to port out and port back in?

    And is this a 24 month contract?

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      Boost is considered “Telstra”. You need to port in from a non-Telstra telco.
      (eg any voda or optus provider including kogan, aldi, etc.)

      • Do I have to stay a month or so with a non-telstra carrier or MVNO before porting back to grab this deal?

        • Yes, unless the rep doesn't check.

          • @hypie: Do you happen to know if it has to be 30 days or 28days (the voda prepay period) will do ?

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        Aldi = Telstra

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      12 month contract

  • Is this really only for WA? :(

    • Probaby not! I reckon you could give it a go in any State/Territory.

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      It could be just for some stores. Just called NSW Homebush DFO store, they offer $400 at the moment. It can be $500 some day but I have to wait.

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      Same deal was available at QLD Garden City store.

      I was in the store last Friday

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    Does the $69 a month buy you the phone? Because the description is confusing. Did you buy the phone at some x dollar amount and also sign up for 69 a month?

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      No, phone is not included but you can use the $500 giftcard towards the outright purchase of the phone.

    • You are buying an overpriced sim plan, then supposedly getting $500 off a i13 rrp, just smart marketing as I don’t think anyone here is running out to sign up for a $69 80gb plan


      i13 $1349 - $500 = $849

      12 x $69 = $828 (possible $120 off for port-in)

      Total over 12m = $1677 or $1557 if you get the $10 discount

      So you’re buying the i13 at full rrp & sim is costing either $328 or $208 over 12m

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        $208 for Telstra 5G in 12m is not bad tho

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        I signed up the same deal last year with $59/mth for 12 mths ($69 - $10 off)+ $500 gift card. I didn't buy anything but waited next to the counter and looked for someone who buy something big. Then I asked if they happy to swap the gift card for cash and lucky for me, one lady agreed. So, the final price is $17.30 a mth for 80Gb. Not bad.

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          Lol I can see a line of ozbargainers next to the checkout counter at JB with their $500 gift card when this deal comes up next. The security guys would probably ask everyone to "move along,".

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    Is the phone included in this or seperate?

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      phone not included

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      No, phone is not included but you can use the $500 giftcard towards the outright purchase of the phone.

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    I was pretty tempted by this and the $400 deal, but keep in mind JB's $69 deal is essentially the $65 plan from Telstra direct, so with the $10 discount $55/mo is pretty reasonable.

    Plus, Telstra are offering their XL $115/mo plan for $65 for up to 12 months currently - wouldn't be able to access that via JB.

    • pretty sure tho u dont get the international calls / sms on this $400/$500 deal but u fo get sccess to telstra air. also not there are 2 $65 sim plans atm from telstra ( not jb)one gives 80gb the other 180gb ( temp deal)

  • Hmmm…tempted to drive down to Claremont for this. Any idea if it could be an iPhone Pro 13 too?

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      Yup, I bought a 13 Pro. Stock is pretty tight atm, so don't expect to be able to pick up on same day.

  • He said 500 bucks for buying iphone 13 only, for others you just get 400 bucks gift card. Is my understanding right about the title ?

    • The deal on the website is $400 but the store rep said it was $500 for iPhone 13s.

  • Waiting for JB ONE-day OFFER. Guess will be better than 400 bucks GC

  • $500 gift card for purchase of an iPhone only or just anything I want to buy in store?

    • Anything in store…but you need to buy an iPhone 13 for the deal…so no reason not to use on it that.

  • I don't think the $10 port in discount is part of the deal. If it's official, JB would do it for you in-store, on the spot. If that isn't the case, going to Telstra afterwards asking for it will be hit and miss at best.

  • em 59*12 =708 minus 500 giftcards = 208 for 12 months =17.32 per month
    actually not bad deal

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    I have unsuccessfully been able to get the $10 port in credit through telstra chat
    Ported in through jb hi fi on the $69 plan

    Telstra agent asked for a reference number if i was offered it

    Second time I tried they said they cannot do it manually, the system generates it if eligible and would get an offer via email if it was

    I also have my wifes number and nbn account through telstra on the same account for the last 9 years

    • Keep trying, maybe sound like you're starting to get fed up and say you only signed up because the JB rep told you that you'll get $10 off port-in.

  • I realise most of these state port-in but have read a few OzBargainers getting new numbers and then combining accounts - is this true? Obviously saves the faff around of having to port out form Telstra for any period of time.

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      can confirm. last year i had my own Boost number and received a new Telstra number through the deal. Chat to admin via Telstra app and they said they don't normally do it but will this time - replace the number attached to the plan with my Boost number.

      • Nice, thanks for that.

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    Just checked in a JB-HiFi store in WA.

    $400 gift card only if you aren't buying any phones.

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    Just checked in store at JB HIFI Atarmon. Only giving the 400. Any luck elsewhere in Sydney?

  • Just went in, guy in store said it was available yesterday and not today?

    • I saw the 500 gift card deal was available for the 5g (data only) signup. Maybe a mistake made by a jb employee?

  • How many cameras?

  • You only ported out of Telstra for 3 weeks prior?

    I call before they need minimum 30days

    • Yeah seems people have mixed experiences on this. Some people port out the day prior and it's fine and some are told it needs to be 30 days…

  • Checked some store and only willing to offer $400, nah….

  • where has the live chat function gone? cant find it on their website?

    ok link is https://www.telstra.com.au/chatnow/landing?pageId=https%3a%2...

    chat person said no deal to $10 only can offer $30 once off credit

    • ok second telstra chat guy is getting over excited now asking

      "Hello, thanks for your message and I'm sorry if it took us time to respond. I can see that you need help with your port in credit. Let me get this sorted for you. For us to get started, can you tell me where have you requested a port in and who promised you a credit for $10/month?

      Where have you requested the port in from Telstra and who promised you for a port in credit, so that I can check?"

      So i said in store

      reply was

      "I see. Thank you, in that case since this was promised by the store please be advised that this should be communicated with the store so that they can apply directly the credit to your account."

      • “They told me you had to do it…”

  • So I was in store at JB yesterday in NSW, and They’ve got an unadvertised deal there on the iPhone 13 when bundled with the $99/24 months plan.

    $99 for 150gig/ 24 months (but JB applied a $10 off port in credit so $89/month)

    $1200 gift card towards an instore iPhone 13

    I didn’t think that was too bad for those in the market for an iPhone 13?

    If I’ve calculated correctly and you assume you were going to purchase the iPhone at full price, it equates to $39/mth for 150gig on Telstra?

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