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[NSW,VIC,ACT,SA,NT] Free Burger (in-Store Only) for New Relish Members When You Sign up via Cotton On Perks Link @ Grill'd


Got an email from Cotton On -
Become a Relish member and get a free burger, join using the link provided.

It is targeted, but I was able to create two accounts using this link. Try your luck.

Offer is valid from all Grill’d restaurants in NSW, VIC, ACT, SA & NT.
Valid to new Relish members only who sign up via the link in Cotton On offer email.
Offer is for one (1) free item per Relish Member throughout length of promotional period.
Member can select one (1) free item from the following:

  • Simply Grill’d
  • Simon Says
  • Garden Goodness
  • Superpower Salad
  • HFC Natural Bites – 6 Bites

Offer ends October 31st 2021 11:59 PM

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  • Wom wom wom.

    No nom nom nom for Dylan.

    • +2

      Has Dylan rechecked his relish benefits for nom nom nom?

      • +1

        He did not. Thank you v much, friend.

        • All good, thought and did the exact same thing lol

  • After registering, did you get the free burger voucher/code in an email OP?

    Edit: Just checked the app and the barcode appears in the Relish section of the app.

    • I got it emailed as well

  • Confirm your mobile number to receive a free gift and future discounts


    "You have no discounts to relish in".

    • +1

      Worked for me. You may have to wait a minute or two.

      • You're right, just showed up under my barcode. Thanks

    • This is in the app or by text?

      • Relish app shows discount, but take a few minutes to appear

        • I just got a second email with a freebie barcode, no maybe no need to do anything with my number or install the app

  • +3

    Thanks op made 7 accounts already. Enough to hit up all my unvisited stores in melb then review on zomato to get invites for even more free food = winning.

    • +1

      How many phone numbers do you have??

      • +2

        Like 15 plus. They don't need to be active to receive codes. There was free amaysim sims the other day and i got 4 between my partner and I.

        • +1

          Damn that's impressive. I've got like 3, and 2 are inactive.
          Wonder how many phones you have, must be a bit of stuffing around having to change SIMs every 2 mins lol

          • +13

            @pennypincher98: 5 phones all dual sim. I keep my old phones when I upgrade also I bought a few huawei phones for $25 through an australia post deal a year or so back. This also allows me to regularly wipe my backup phones for new liven/ubereats/doordash etc. including referring myself. Doordash in particular gives you $45+$20 off for each new account I probably have racked up $1000 plus at this point.

            • @gottacatchemall: What a legend

            • @gottacatchemall: No point wiping ubereats and doordash, just use incognito browser.

            • +1

              @gottacatchemall: You are a true ozbargainer… Your new says it all!

            • @gottacatchemall: HHAHA what a legend
              True ozbargainer spirit

            • @gottacatchemall: Do you use a different payment card for DoorDash/Uber Eats/Liven accounts? Uber eventually caught me out using the same card across multiple accounts.

              • +1

                @itsfree: Yes different card every time. Uber is probably the msot risky ive had times where I use new everything and still it didnt go through.

              • @itsfree: For uber, i think they have the highest level of checks (i guess because they have been in the market for the longest time)

                And i guess because of that, there are more numbers in their system than the others which leads to a 'new' number already being in their system. What i do to counter that would be to enter the number in ubereats BEFORE i confirm that number (for certain telcos, they give you like 8-10 numbers to choose from, for others no)

                I tend to use Revolut for my disposable cards but uber seems to know which numbers are disposable and which are not so you might hit another hitch there..

                I had once used a credit card that i used before and that new account was treated as an existing one, so yea..

                i primarily use DD/uber as i find them to be the best, havent tried liven before but will give it a go

        • wait you can just put any sim in and they can straight away receive sms?

          • @nightelves: I mean the sim has to be activated but yes. It does not need to have credit/mobile data however keep in might it will eventually be deactivated after a few years.

        • +1

          I’ve been setting up accounts with the same mobile. It says I can’t activate but I get the voucher anyway when I skip this step on the app.

    • +2

      Normally frown upon exploitations but considering Grill'd started the exploitation first with its workers I hope the power of OzB can unite to take even a little bit of profit from these guys

      • Pricit is from the poor staff members that have to serivce us? Haha

        • Poor in what way lol
          I mean they're subject to COVID density requirements anyway so they won't be flat out and you'll be taking paying seats by having a free burger xD

          Or if they are busy maybe they'll be put on more staff which means more money for them and less for Grill'd :)

    • What's the Zomato offer?

      • There's no offer per say. I just leave reviews on zomato and reguarly get invites from restaurants to visit. Hence more free food.

        • Wow! Do they invite you in person (i.e. do you say you'll write them a review on Zomato?), or invite you via Zomato?

          • +1

            @itsfree: I have a foodie email in my zomato profile and they email me through there. Restaurants tend to invite people that have many reviews/followers on zomato and I've left a few hundred reviews.

  • +3

    *Offer is valid from all Grill’d restaurants in NSW, VIC, ACT, SA & NT.
    Valid to new Relish members only who sign up via the link in Cotton On offer email.
    Offer is for one (1) free item per Relish Member throughout length of promotional period.
    Member can select one (1) free item from the following:
    -Simply Grill’d,
    -Simon Says,
    -Garden Goodness,
    -Superpower Salad,
    -HFC Natural Bites – 6 Bites.

    Offer ends October 31st 2021 11:59 PM

  • +2

    OP: Best to add [NSW, VIC, ACT, SA & NT] to Title
    Qld & WA received this offer last month

  • -1

    "Must have a main item and a qualifying item" to add coupon. Need to order 2 or get the benefit- also it's only the Simply beef burger (+ a couple options) not a choice of any burger.

    • Where are you reading this? I can't see it stated in the T's and C's that another menu item needs to be purchased for this coupon to work.

      • I tried to check-out with the one item in the cart

        • It’s free if you go in-store to order and takeaway. No need to add anything beforehand to buy - just went fifteen minutes ago.

          Offer doesn’t apply online for free item only.

  • thanks OP! Got an email confirming free burger with a barcode:
    and the following t&Cs
    *Offer is valid from all Grill’d restaurants in NSW, VIC, ACT, SA & NT. Valid to new Relish members only who sign up via the link in Cotton On offer email. Offer is for one (1) free item per Relish Member throughout length of promotional period. Member can select one (1) free item from the following: Simply Grill’d, Simon Says, Garden Goodness, Superpower Salad, HFC Natural Bites – 6 Bites. Add-ons and modifiers (including specialty buns) at additional cost to Member. Must present and scan Relish promotional barcode found in email, or in Grill’d App at the time of payment to redeem in restaurant. Eligible free item must be added to order and coupon must be selected at checkout to redeem for online pickup or Order @ table. Discount applies to lowest cost eligible item. Offer not valid for Grill’d Delivery or via third party delivery platforms. Replica or forged versions of the barcode will not be accepted. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Offer availability is subject to the State restrictions relating to dine-in or takeaway services, and travel restrictions, during the promotional period.
    Offer ends October 31st 2021 11:59 PM.

  • Thanks.. free burger, can't go wrong, any recommendations from one of the eligible ones?

    • simon says

      • I got the Simply Grill'd. Decent burger, can't go wrong for $11.99 (IIRC). I might sign up again and go for the Simon Says. Cheers.

  • So you have to order a main item which costs money first to get free item???

    • No? Prepare to have a prepaid MasterCard/VISA or to share CC details if ordering via app though as it still requires a technical 'payment' of $0

      Also the app is terrible. I had to prepare an order in advance because when I did ASAP it would say "the pick up time must be later than the order time". In hindsight, really should've just gone in person lol.

      • Just scan the emailed barcode in store! That's what I did for this freebie.

        • +1

          In hindsight, really should've just gone in person lol.

          I agree, like I scored a free drink out of it but honestly not worth the hassle, just go scan in person

  • +4

    Nice one. Going to investigate the employment rights of the staff while I get my free burger.

    • The staff actually were actually enrolled in some sort of burger university in exchange for otherwise illegal rates… Problem is the burger university progress is intentionally hampered to keep those rates low whilst being once big farce with regards to the training provided. Listing this 'education' accomplishment on your resume will also signal you're a sucker expecting to be exploited. The only thing to do is to vote with your wallet and avoid this place.

      • +1

        That's exactly what I've done. Support local burger businesses that purchase local produce and will inevitably pump money back into the local economy.

        • That's awesome to hear :)

        • +1

          and the local businesses usually taste better, too.

  • Woo hop, thanks OP

  • -1

    No love for QLD :(

  • your name says it all!

  • Dinner sorted… thanks OP!

  • No love for existing members?

    • +1

      create a new account
      burner email ID, fake number

      • Are you sure fake number works? I’m happy to start a burner email but thought a real mobile was needed for verification?

        • +1

          I used a fake one, basically changed the digits of my number around. Didn't ask for verification.

  • +3

    Signed up online. Then downloaded app and found my free burger voucher in 'RELISH' section of app.
    Went to the store, got my free burger. Jumped online and deleted my account.
    Signed up again, using same details. Got another Free burger voucher.
    Infinity cheats applied

    • did it show up under benefits to relish in? did the same thing but mines not there

      • It didn't show either on mine

    • Thank you. Did the same. Got another free burger. But signed up using a different email but same phone number

  • +1

    Oh this is awesome, selected "University" at sign up page, scanned code for a free drink with my free burger so now I've got free beer + burger :D

    Didn't even ask to see my technically outdated student ID XD

    • Tried that as well, but they don't allow 2 coupons used at same time.

      • +2

        That's true although I technically didn't use them at the same time. I placed an order 20 mins in advance then before pick up added a drink to my order which they scanned through and saw on their POS.

  • Thanks OP

    • -1

      Lol @ the salty negs, have an upvote

  • I signed up and haven't received any free burgers

    • You'll get an email that gets you a burger :)

  • Got the free burger via email… thanks op

  • Heal Thy Burger

  • Thanks OP. Heading to my local Grill'd now

  • +2

    Can anyone confirm if you need to add an extra burger when claiming in store? The app requires another main menu item so it’s not really a free item more like BOGOF..

    • You don’t have to. Just add from the 3 burgers or salad that is listed in the email you received while you signed up. Just picked up my burger from the store.

      • Doesn’t work for me. I added one of the qualifying items and when I try and apply to the order I get:

        You must have a main item and a qualifying item in your cart to apply this coupon. Please refer to coupon Terms & conditions for more information.

  • +3


    Update your app if your having the error about needing another item in the cart

  • Nice way to celebrate Freedom Day in Melbourne on Friday. Free burgers for all of Melbourne.

  • +2

    I didn’t have a new phone number so it wouldn’t verify me but later sent me an email with a barcode.

    • Will try sign up again

  • Have over 30 used Kogan sims all data used up and 6 amaysim totally gonna be fed this month.
    Is it as easy to just scan members code in the mail will get the free burger?

    • correct

    • I think Kogan SIMs are only online for 20 day past expiry or something like that

  • +1

    Just went to the shop the staff told me there’s a free drink barcode as well u can stack with with free burger for it all for free OP update the details.
    In the app theee a drink I can claim mon-we’d only

  • One account per phone number?

    • provide a fake phone number, burner email, and the bar code comes to your email

  • Scored a Simon Says on a burner email, Chatswood Store.

  • Didn't work for me, the app threw out an error…

    • Try a browser?

      • Ah i thought it's only available through the app, my bad.

  • Just cashed in my first one, no wuckas. Cheers op!

  • +1

    Once you get the free offer, how long do you have to use it ?

    • +2

      Offer ends October 31st 2021 11:59 PM

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