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Bitdefender Total Security - 5 Devices, 1 Year - Global License - US$19.95 (A$26.94) @ Dealarious


Good AV software I've been using for a few years and a bit better than Windows native protection.

NOTE (borrowed from previous deal):

  • Licenses are Global.
  • Select the subscription from the drop-down list (1 Year)
  • License validity starts from the day of activation.
  • Already using Total Security? You can extend it with the new license with the same device number.
  • Activating Premium Subscription removes remaining Free Trial days.

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  • You don't need this. Windows Defender built-in plus Malwarebytes is all you need.

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        Not that I necessarily recommend it, but AV =/= Total/Maximum/Internet Security.

        The main selling points these days are usually the extras that Defender doesn't provide. VPNs, Backup, Phishing detection. Whether it's necessary is a case by case thing, but no one really sells as AV any more for that reason. It's like saying Netflix is bs because FTA TV is free.

    • Take a look at this if you think Windows defender is adequate

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        Windows Defender is adequate for normal usage. If you're going to be targeted by serious ransomware, this isn't going to help either.

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          Spreading ransomware is highly automated and every internet-connected PC is a potential target. Ransomware creators make money by infecting as many PCs as they can.
          I am surprised that you think you need to be targeted to be infected with ransomware.

          APT malware on the other hand is something that could be used on a specific target but I doubt anyone browsing Ozbargain is a target.

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    Or just use https://www.bitdefender.de/media/html/consumer/new/get-your-... for 6 months then grab it again with a different email.

  • Thanks am saving 26 bucks for using kaspersky free

  • even if they do 5 devices for 5 year i wont buy at that price.
    give me 95% cash back, at that price for 10 years then i am in

  • After selecting the offer, it goes to a notice page that says that the activation specific to 5-1 starts from the date of purchase. I was already using a 5 Devices subscription so I extended it.

  • Been using this for years now, no complains.

  • If you're already using one of their other products don't add it to your account until the current one is about to expire.

  • Been using for years. Quite good as a top up. Note you can also spend a small amount $10 from memory? To extend it from 5 to 10 users. Whole family is set now :D

  • Kaspersky is better….there I said it.

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