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SCA Digital Tyre Gauge - 0-100 PSI $6.99 C&C Only @ Supercheap Auto


Seems like a very good deal if review comments are true anyway for 6.99 its worth it.

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    Better than the Michelin one people are voting up the wahzoo? I would still prefer a decent analogue one

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      Agree on analogue tyre gauge. Often I just leave it in my glove box for long period before using it, so there is a chance the battery will go flat with a digital tyre gauge when I really need it.

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    I have this, and it just works. Accurate down to 5psi, and bang on at 50psi.

  • Finally I can use my 10$ credit for joining in something useful. Thanks OP!

  • These are good!

  • Bought one of these and didn't get the same reading twice, returned it. Buy a quality gauge: https://www.ebay.com.au/p/611839965

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      you loose a bit of air when you use these … would be surprised to get same reading twice , should be lower second time than first.

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        youre not going to lose 'that' much on the volume of a car tyre…

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          Yeah. You’re doing it wrong, really wrong, if you’re losing that much air when checking tyre pressure.

  • Genuine question: How do you know which gauge is returning accurate numbers if all of them return different figures?

    • You go to two service stations. Both of them should give you the same, accurate reading (those huge industrial things don't lie). Then you test your little hand-held gauges against that number.

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        But then again, I have heard many members complain and say dont trust those servo machines, use your home based one.

        • that would be in reference to the hose end versions, they get dropped, kicked & dragged about

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        My understanding is that your tyres heat up when you drive so tyre pressure should always be checked before you drive anywhere.

        • Correct, air expands when heating so warm tires will give a higher, innacurate reading

          • @ccrap: Hey ccrap, I reckon that's crap. The reading of a warm tyre is not 'inaccurate', it's the actual pressure of that tyre at that time. I also contend that the pressure of a tyre while it is in use is much more relevant (to anything) than the pressure of that same tyre while the car is stationary/parked/sitting there doing nothing.

            You need to be careful about the 'advice' that you inadvertently give on public forums. Based on your logic, peeps might pump their tyres up to 'max pressure' while the car is cold/hasn't been driven, then take it for a spin, with the result being that the pressure rises above that maximum.

        • You craig, re:

          '…so tyre pressure should always be checked before you drive anywhere.'

          Surely what you want to know is what your tyre pressure is while the tyres are actually in use (i.e., while you are actually driving)?

          Who cares what the tyre pressure is while the car is sitting there stationary/parked, and long as the rims are not in contact with the ground.

  • I have this and been using this for nearly 2 years and I've just replaced the battery on it.

    For that price get it - and leave it in your car, check your tyre pressure every fortnight/month all good.

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    Oos in all 6 nearby stores and not available for delivery.

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      Ah yes, you're in the ACT void as well… Good times

    • same for me in bayside melb OOS.

  • Offer expires 24/10 as listed on the linked page but says unknown on this deal.

    Roxburgh Park seems to be the only Melb metro store I can find stock at, which doesn't help me, but maybe someone else.

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