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Optus Mobile Plan 60GB $65 Per Month for 12 Months & Bonus $400 Harvey Norman Gift Card + More @ Optus


First time poster so please be gentle

My contract with Telstra is about to expire and I was looking to opt out and opt in to another Telstra contract. But I hear and read about the horror stories of optting in and out in a short time.

Optus now has a similar offer to the Telstra JB HiFi plan.

Price/Month Data/Month Plan Length Gift Card Value
$45 40GB 12 months $100
$45 40GB 24 months $200
$65 60GB 12 months $400
$65 80GB 24 months $600

Ends 31/10
Offer extended to 15/11


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  • +5

    Unless you need 5G, surely people will get better value just going with one of the Optus resellers.

    This to me is not really all that great of a deal.

    • might suit someone that wants Optus Sport, ability to data share etc.

  • "Do customers need to repay the gift card amount if they cancel?
    No, they will not have to repay the gift card amount. Standard plan cancellation fees apply."


    • "If you cancel your plan, cancellation fees will apply. Your cancellation fee will be half your monthly access fee multiplied by months remaining in your minimum term." So for the $65 12-month plan, it would be $10 profit if you decide to cancel immediately, lol.

      • My maths is pretty rubbish but if you take the $65 12m deal you're going to net 10 bucks if you cancel after you get the voucher? 😂
        Bet me to it - yep haha, not really worth it unless you're desperate for 10 bucks

        • +3

          Yeah, so credit check for $10. Nah, thanks.

  • -2

    I'm happy with my $7.50/month 5GB and 20GB free Optus plan.

    • how do u get the bonus 20 gb? i only see the 5gb when i cluck thru on the optus app

      • Think it's only available on choice plus data plan, could be wrong though, I have the data choice and only have the regular data add on, no free 20g but then with unlimited data even throttled, no big deal for me

        • i see on an old thread for this deal some ppl get a 20 gb fata boost

          • @Garagesale: Yes for data choice plus afaik,not data choice which is obsolete now

    • Please explain how you got this…would love to pay that

    • ummmm where?

      • Data only

      • I think its the 5gb data sim plan. Not sure how they got 30 gb bonus though

      • If you have access to subhub did you also get amazon prime free for 12 months?

        • Ofc.

          • @hawkeye93: I understood the new data choice plus plans didn't have access to subhub therefore no free amazon prime, only the data choice plans which were discontinued in late august

            • +1

              @corky: Check the comment in the other post.

        • +1

          Yes. Amazon Prime included.

  • Curious if this works with the Number Share feature?

    • I have an Optus sim only plan and there's no issue with number share. Was easy to opt in when setting up my watch

      • thanks!

  • +1

    Dang I literally just signed up for month to month like 4 days ago… oh well planned to churn back to telstra in 60 days anyway and rather have jb credit

    • +1

      I'd rather bj credit.

  • Can i use the gift card at domayne?

  • Would harvey accept pricematch on flip3?

  • Optus has the worst coverage, even in Sydney metropolitan area.
    So, hell no, thanks

    • +1

      Probably still better than the HN return policy!

      • +2

        Hmmm… "Hey Siri, give me directions to Harvey Norman"
        Siri: "You'll need to connect the internet or a mobile network"

  • +4

    Save yourself hours of help-desk pain - DO NOT sign up for this online like I did.

    My HN $65 12m SIM has been active since 22 Sept and there's been no word on the $400 e-gift card. This quote is bulls**t:

    "You will be sent an SMS with your e-gift card within 3-6 business days of your Optus SIM card being activated."

    For those reading this advice too late, here is their head-office phone number: https://harvey-norman.pissedconsumer.com/customer-service.ht...

    • When I did it I got a text message to the number I signed up on and it was processed through that way. Was pretty easy. Did you get a text?

    • I’m feeling your pain. Got a text for the gift card but it says “invalid link”, spent hours trying to solve the issue with Optus and Harvey Norman, now waiting for an email reply.

      Not worth it.

  • +1

    This offer will go well with those who have Pixel 2, 3, 4 series to trade in, as Optus is offering $300, which is more than what it is currently worth on eBay etc.

    For example, I've just signed up for this deal, and will trade in Pixel 3 which I bought for about $230, which I can only get around $150 if I sold it on eBay.

    The average price per month works out to be slightly less than $30, which is not bad considering you get Optus Sport, and 12 months of Amazon Prime via Subhub.

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