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[Refurb] MacBook Air 13.3" (Early 2020), Intel Core i3, 256GB SSD $1069 Delivered @ Apple


Quite a good deal imo,

Newest macbook air retails $1499 (or ~$1322 from UNiDAYs education store) as comparison.

Also available in silver version:

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    why on earth would you like to waste money on Intel macbook at 1k???

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      Incase you want a expensive heater for bed in winters.

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        you can get at least 2 Dyson fans for that price tag at 10000% more efficiency lol

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    Definitely stay away - I wouldn't be buying into an Intel Mac at this point.

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    Not a deal really. M1 Air way better than this.

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    Quite a good deal really, only 1k for an Apple logo /s
    Get an M1 or a Windows Intel instead.

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    This is way too close to the M1's price to consider.

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    M1 is $1294.70 for students here: https://www.apple.com/au_edu_5000447/shop/buy-mac/macbook-ai...

    A bit less than the Unidays store and the regular education discount.

    • The refurb M1s from Apple are more expensive then that! $1359 for 256/8gb and $1679 for 512/8gb, how does that make any sense?!

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        This is the price for education staff or students. That’s how

      • than*

    • Is there any verification process? In case I’m not a union member at this exact point in time?

      • You just have to be a student. And even if you're not, they rarely audit.

  • i3
    The “Can I play daddy?” Difficulty in wolfenstein

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    M1 is significantly more featured and only a fraction more cost. Avoid this deal.

  • If it is i5 with 512 GB hard drive and around $650 then it will be ok.

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    MacBook m1 air is the way to go. Spend a little more and get a brand new device which will last you at least 10 years (as long as you look after it).

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    NO NO NO - not an i3 for over $1k :-o

  • not a deal at all, considering this is refurb.

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    intel Core i3, I'll say that again Core i3 for $1K+ is not a bargain, it is a terrible suggestion in fact

  • M1s come up at 10% off at major retailers quite often.

  • I want to give a big SHOUT OUT to the Ozbargain community who comment on this thread ! You have reallly saved me from NOT buying this thinking it is a good bargain ! I know nothing about Macbook but in the market for a laptop for work but don't want something heavy and this price seems affordable.
    Thank you thank you thank you to you all ! :)

    • No idea why OP posted this. Not every discount is a bargain.

  • "Quite a good deal imo."

    More negs than positive votes….clearly not a good deal OP

  • Not a good deal. Get M1 Mac’s.

  • It's a cheap MacBook Air, but it's not really a 'bargain'…

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    The new M1 chip does not support boot camp,. A good deal for those who wants to run windows 10 on Mac book air, like having a Windows Laptop and Mac Book but paying only one price $1029. Absolutely a bargain for those who wants apple logo but prefer to use windows. I personally find mac OS not so user friendly .

    • That's such a specific use-case though. If you want an apple logo but prefer windows, just slap a damn apple sticker on a Dell or HP lmao

      • but a Mac book air can dual boot and switch between OS , an apple sticker can't………..

      • Using Macbook air M1 with Win 11 ARM via parallel. The Arm version might be limited for heavy app. But I doubt win 10/11 x86 on i3 does better.

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      repeat after me, Intel Core i3, intel Core i3….

    • I hate Apple especially the traditionally overpriced Mac's. So why would anyone by MacBook to run Windows? But if you wanted to buy a handicapped computer, why would you buy anything but an M1 based one? They poo all over the Intel based one's. Just run virtualbox if you really want to run Windows.

  • Sorry OP but this is a no no…

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    Quite a good deal imo

    OP please tell me you didn't buy this.

    $1069 Refurb i3 MBA, Geekbench 5 results - 982 Single-core / 1943 Multi-core

    $1295 Brand new M1 MBA, Geekbench 5 results - 1703 Single-core / 7399 Multi-core.

    Even ignoring other factors like battery life, i3 MBAs running like a toaster, this is highway robbery.

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