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[eBay Plus] Bosch WAW28620AU Serie 8 9kg Front Load Washer | WTW87564AU 9kg Serie 8 Heat Pump Dryer $1172.70 Delivered @ AO eBay


NEW Bosch 9kg Serie 8 Front Load Washing Machine with i-DOS WAW28620AU $1172.70 Delivered

Dropped to $1303 at AO, with the 10% code makes it a very good $1172.70 with free delivery to most areas on this popular model. RRP $1899.

Made in Germany
Litres used per wash: 77L
Front Load
Water Efficient: 4.5 Stars
Energy Rating 4.5 Stars
Number of programs: 14
Warranty: 10 years motor, 2 years parts and labour

See previous deals for comparison and discussions.

Postage Excludes: Northern Territory, NSW Regional, Perth Metro, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote.

NEW Bosch WTW87564AU 9kg Serie 8 Heat Pump Dryer $1172.70 Delivered

Also down to $1303, with an extra 10% off using the code. Original RRP $1899. Also a good price.

Made in Poland
Energy Rating 8 Stars
Energy Consumption per Year: 151-200 kWh/year
Drying Capacity 9kg
2 Year Domestic Warranty with in Home Service

See previous deals for comparison and discussions.

Postage Excludes: Northern Territory, NSW Regional, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote

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  • +4

    Literally ordered a new dryer from AO ebay last night and it's already been delivered.

    Awesome service as usual, but missing out on a discount always stings!

    • It's worth giving them a call and asking if they can refund the difference to save the hassle of cancelling and reordering. Have had success with this in the past with other companies. Even if it doesn't work it's worth a go.

  • Wish it was a plus item.

  • +21

    Will my stepsister be able to use this without getting stuck?

    • +1


      • +3

        Someone don't partake in pron.

    • Does she dry herself inside the dryer??? Did you mean the cat?

    • i like all the people pretending they dont know the context of this comment — or are they female?

      • +2

        not everyone is a pervert, stepdad!

        • i think even if you dont watch porn, its a well known trope ..It is brought up in many comedy skits, books etc.

  • +1

    Have heard people say that Bosch front loaders overstate their capacity. E.g. 9kg LG washer actually has a much larger drum than a 9kg bosch washer. Any truth to this?

    • -3

      depends on how hard you can shrink your cloths

    • +7

      I spend a bit of time researching this and come to a conclusion: the capacity in kg does not translate to actual drum volume!
      This comment shows Bosch capacity and this old article shows even on the same load rating, the drum size can be very different.
      I also have checked the Bosch washing machine on the weekend, and the drum on 9kg Bosch does not look much bigger compared to my 20 years old Asko, which is rated to 5.5kg (which apparently have ~55 litre volume)

    • Very true

  • +1

    Ordered one from TGG with price beat($4) yesterday. Now waiting for the confirmation email to get it canceled.

  • +1

    With no reverse tumble, is there a better model heat pump I should be looking at?

    • +1

      Electrolux 9kg EDH903BEWA is $1253 at AO and has reverse tumble. The problem is that they're on back order until November-December (or later).

      • may I ask what is reverse tumble?

        • I would like to know the answer to this too. Just started looking at dryers.

        • +1

          It would spin both ways so the clothes less likely end up like a ball

          • +1

            @svk: I thought it could turn upside down and still working, then I realise we're living in Australia

        • +2

          A lot of dryers have a single motor that drives the pump as well as the drum, and thus the drum can't reverse because the pump can't reverse.

          Some dryers have two motors, one that drives the pump and the other that drives the drum. Thus the dryer can rotate the drum clockwise and anti-clockwise, which is allegedly better for preventing cloths and sheets getting tangled up and not drying as well.

          • @dhx: It's not a gimmick and it's old patent tech ( my old Electrolux tumble dryer has it) and does not have two motors. Just a mechanical system to reverse the spin.

            • @boomramada: Your old dryer can change direction using only one motor because it doesn't have a compressor for the heat pump (or condenser)

        • Answer: A gimmick. Sort of. I've never had clothes bunch up in a ball (meaning the outer clothes dry while the inner ones stay wet) unless I overpack my 20 year old dryer. The rotation and constant tumbling and banging against the fins has the same effect.

          • @Faulty P xel: It's not a gimmick at all. Recently moved into new apartment with dryer with no reverse and I have to untangle bedsheets about 20 times during drying. You can hear when you need to do it when roll starts to bouncing around shaking not only dryer but also the wall it's hanging on.

            • @DainB: Well, sorry, but the problem was the dryer brand/model then (something about its design and/or you're putting them in already twisted). Because I've owned 3 or 4 dryers myself and used about 4 or 5 others besides, but never had a dryer tangle sheets.

              • @Faulty P xel: It's not problem with brand/model, the cheapest chinese dryer before it did not have this problem because it had reverse tumble.

                • @DainB: [Sigh] I never said it was the fault of buying cheap & nasty… I said particular brand/models/designs. Millions (billions?) of clothes dryers have been bought and used since about 1940s. And it's easy to reverse a motor direction through the simple use of a timer and/or combined with a cam (think open-mouthed clown heads and ping pong balls, or windscreen wipers). So funny how only a percentage of people have the problem, even stranger no manufacturer did it earlier if the occurrence were that common.

                  As I said, I've never had that problem with several brands and models of drier, and we have all combinations in our house of both thick and thin, single, queen, and the really large king size sheets found in hotels. So I guess, if we accept your adamant conclusion it absolutely cannot be the brand/design, that only leaves operator error. I guess I'm ok with that conclusion. Not so sure you'd be pleased with it though.

                  • @Faulty P xel: Nah mate, you just accept overpriced garbage only because it has Bosch printed on it. I understand that it hurts your feefees that cheapest chinese stuff outperforms your "made in Poland" "German quality" dryer, but that's not my problem. Reverse tumble is a must have in dryer no matter how you try to justify that because your machine does not have it you don't really need it.

                    • @DainB: "Must-have" lol. (Yeah that's why no-one bothered until 80-odd years after dyers were invented.)

                      No idea what you're talking about now anyway, as I've never owned a Bosch (or an expensive one for that matter) appliance. You're just looking for an argument where there is none. Evidence? First you first defend reverse tumble (which I said was LARGELY (not completely) a gimmick (and which this dryer has), then you do a 180 and rubbish pricey brands (which this reverse cycle dryer is!).

                      Go ahead, have the last word now. (I won't be clicking the notification to come back and read it though.)

      • The 803 is in stock on eBay for $1167

      • Bought this model about a month ago and it's great. Also made in Europe. Was weighing up between the Electrolux and Bosch but went for the Electrolux based on reviews and reverse tumble.

  • +1

    Had a WTW87566AU for 18 months. Love it. 9 star rating. Realise it's not this model but would have to be close. Mine was a good price back in the day at $1688 for AO. First Bosch. I'll be sticking with them from now on.

  • +1

    I have the 10kg version of this Washer. It is REALLY good. I've had Samsungs and LG before. This is a noticably better build/unit.

    iDOS might seem like a gimmick. It's great, when you're in a rush and just want to throw clothes in a press go.
    Don't have to find bottles/mess etc…

    Regarding the comment someone wrote above, about Bosch overstating their kg tubs, I don't think that's correct.
    When I removed my LG and put in my Bosch, at first look, I did think that the Bosch tub was smaller.

    I actually measured both tubs, and they were the same volume. The Bosch tub is a bigger diameter, but shallower (by maybe 5cm). The LG was smaller diameter, and longer.
    The actual washing load seems similar. The Bosch tub and door don't jut out as far as the LG did..

    Regarding heat pump dryer, I have an AEG which is good. I have no knowledge of the Bosch. But the heat pump dryers in general are just spectacular in terms of energy consumption. And you can gloat to your greenie friends. :)


    • I absolutely poo-poo'd the concept of the machine automatically dosing on my behalf with i-DOS as I thought how hard could it be/ I'm not THAT lazy?!?!?!?….I'll save the extra $$$$ thank you!

      The i-DOS has been great. Top up the reservoir and not having to worry about if I've used too much or not enough. Much cleaner.

      • +1

        Same. Turns out I'm lazier than I thought. On the up side it also uses less washing liquid.

    • Yes have had both these 9kg ones for a few months.I reckon I will get my money back on I-dos pretty quick. In fact it is fantastic washing machine. First front loader.
      It’s also my first heat pump dryer. Not so much of a fan. Depends on your use case. We tend to dry everything on the clothesline anyway, and only previously used vented dryer to finish things off or to get rid of wrinkles. Heat pumps don’t do that.

  • +5

    you would get 445.00 rebate if you bought from an SA retailer and living in SA

    • What is this rebate?

      • +2

        Deal post here.

        Bosch WTW87564AU

        Reading through it now, it appears that Appliances Online should qualify but do double check: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10924398/redir

        For Online purchases, the retailer/provider must be able to demonstrate that the appliance has been delivered to premises in South Australia

        Other companies are listed here that provide it.

        • Many thanks. Wish I had known about this sooner.

  • Highest Operating Noise 9.00 dB ???
    This cannot be true?

    • I think that's an error, it only appears on the eBay listing but no where else. I've removed from the description now. I'm no sound expert but I think that's impossible.

  • Unrelated to this, but curious: what people buy separate washer and dryer when a washer/dryer in one could be cheaper and more space saver?

    • +1

      Ive owned a combo unit before, they are horrible.

    • +1

      Generally a standalone unit will perform better at washing or drying.

    • +1

      One washes. One dries.

      It would be like having a fridge/oven combo. (someone will have a better analogy)

      Point is, they do different things and it's better to have a dedicated unit to do the task well. Not to have it do two jobs poorly.

      I haven't seen one positive review of a combo washer/dryer except from people in very small apartments that can't fit one of each in. It's a compromise compared to dedicated units.

    • +1

      I've used washer dryer combo.. so far so good.
      I don't think I want to go back to having 2 separate appliances.

      Avoiding moving load from washer to dryer have been a bliss.

      Also since the washer dryer machine have delayed start function… this work really well in maximizing my Solar PV self consumption.

    • It’s like a like a laptop trying to be a good tablet and a good PC. There are compromises and it does neither as well as a deducted machine.

  • Is there a limit on the number of ebay gift cards you can use?

    • +1


      Further, you may only redeem a maximum of eight Gift Cards in any single transaction (and fewer if you are redeeming Gift Cards in combination with other redemption codes, such as coupons or vouchers).

      = 7 gift cards + the coupon code PLHOME.

  • How do you claim warranty? Through ebay or do you get a contact outside Ebay?

    • +1

      Appliances online (or paypal), they will have to provide an invoice.

  • For some reason, eBay always considers the ACT as regional NSW.

    • Oh darn. Does that mean we have to pay for postage?

      • I think it means we can't buy off their eBay store.

  • Does anyone know if you can stack these? Or whether you would need to mount?

  • I have both of these exact models, the washer for 3 years and the dryer for about 4 months. They are both excellent, and I would highly recommend.

  • How does this deal compare with this one: https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/product/bosch-8kg-front-...

    • One you linked is a seri 6, 8Kg vs 9 and not made in Alamanya.

  • The washer is OOO, only the dryer left.

  • Looks like the washing machine sold out 10 minutes ago.

  • +1

    Thanks Hamza. The last ALDI dryer crapped out a week ago, so this is most fortunate timing. Bought, cheers!

  • Oh my… $1172.70 is definitely a bargain!!

  • can i get a link to drier or is it sold out ?

  • +2

    Just checked the drier is available again and snagged the washing machine (2 left), must have had a few order cancellations.

    Thanks OP!

  • +1

    I have both of these with the stacking kit also. The clothes washer is good but the heat pump driers are terrible. I absolutely regret the purchase of the drier..

    The issue is the drum is a single directional drum, this means whenever you dry sheets, quilt / doona covers they wind up in a ball, usually with clothes inside of them.

    I've reached out to Bosch who refuse to acknowledge this is a problem and have offered half assed solutions like stopping half way and untangling the sheets or drying items individually.

    This contrasted to a Simpson tumble dryer which we had and was literally 1/2 the cost, we never had this issue.

    Secondly this thing has to run for hours comparatively speaking to the older type of dryer. Sure a heat pump might be more energy efficient, but it won't be when you have to run the thing for twice as long to get the same level of drying.

    I strongly recommend a google search about these tangling washing into a ball and the complains in other locations before pulling the trigger on this thing. If you buy one of these, do so with the knowledge that your wife or significant other, whoever does the washing will complain about this.

    When this thing dries I will certainty without conviction be looking at different brands.

  • +3

    Have the 10kg version of this dryer and it's been great. Energy consumption is low enough that I don't bother hanging clothes outside anymore regardless of weather except for delicate pieces and the occasional bedsheets (which as other mentioned do get rolled up into a ball not drying properly). According to my energy monitor, it costs about 58c to run the highest drying level and at the longest settings for 3h57m

    • Thanks for the energy breakdown. So maybe 2.5kWh? Thats nothing when run off the solar.

  • ordered in WA yeterday, received at 8.45am this morning. amazing delivery times and service - if they will ship it to WA :)

    • Did you get connection service and removal of old appliance too?

      • no, i don't believe so.

        the power cable was too short the way it was setup in my laundry, so they helped me route the cable to the GPO as close as they can which was really helpful as my washing machine was in the way. I had to do the drainage pipe/level the dryer myself. it was a 10min job.

        No prior appliance to get rid of, but they did clear out all packaging etc.

  • I just received my new washer - brand new and broken.
    Water keeps running straight in the machine when connected to the tap …
    The employee that delivered it said it was a faulty machine, and he would call the head office to get it replaced (if there was one still in stock; faulty machine was left at my place).

    And the link to the tax invoice they sent me will really help me in case I need to claim warranty:

    Wrong Link
    You have clicked on an invalid link. Please make sure that you have typed the link correctly. If are copying this link from a mail reader please ensure that you have copied all the lines in the link.

    • Support was quite rude, saying it was our fault because we wanted this specific brand (Bosch).
      Nothing they can do, have to wait at least another week and hope they get some stock, no compensation.

  • I wouldn't buy from this guy ever again
    disgusting experience

    purchased the dryer, received emails about delivery window
    waited at home for nothing, no one shows up
    tried ringing up, no one ever picks up the phone
    tried contacting via online chat, no one ever read
    24/7 australian customer service is a lie.

    • My partner was blamed that the broken Bosh washing machine was her fault. Because we chose that model.

  • Been using this a bit. Seems to range between 300w/h and 800w/h power usage. And although the cotton load data 2h46m running time, have had it finish in about an hour someone's delivering on load.

    To compare our very old standard dryer used between 2kw/h and 2.7kw/h but would have been finished a full load in about 90 minutes.

    Have tried some table cloths and didn't ball up. What settings are people standardly using? Using cupboard dry and increasing dryness level?

  • Anyone who plumbed this into under their laundry sink, did you replace the ubend with one with 2 attachments for hoses? Or can you buy a y splitter for a bend that only has 1?

    • +1

      Yep plastec makes one, its slightly taller than normal so you would likely need a new solvent weld trap extension as well

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