Lego Star Wars - Wont use the name for Bobba Fetts ship

I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan. But I know a bit about it all.

I’ve just seen that Lego have released Bobba Fetts ship. And rather than calling by it’s name, ‘Slave 1’. They’re calling it ‘Bobba Fetts ship’.

Political correctness by Disney? Or just to make it more identifiable?

They didn’t call the Millennium Falcon ‘Han and Chewys ship’ they just used the ships name.

Keen to hear thoughts from Star Wars fans.


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    Almost certainly PC move, certainly the sort of thing you'd expect from them. To be fair only original fans would really know or care. I don't recall the name ever being used on screen.

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      Pretty much, yeah, its never named on screen, and really, who cares? The 80's was a different time and public feeling on some words has changed.

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    Political correctness by Disney?

    Without doubt.

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      Used to be that Disney didn't care about PC. Now all the old bad stuff got removed in the revised mediums

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        Calling a fictional ship in a fictional universe "Slave I" because the owner is a bounty hunter / slave trader is "bad stuff"?

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    I’d guess a bit of both.
    Big corps don’t want to trigger the pearl clutchers but then again a lot of the new generation of Star Wars fans who are only into it because of social media and the baby thing probably have zero idea what it’s called.

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      Firespray-31-class is the type of ship. Like you could have a Ford Falcon and give it a name. Though people tend to name boats more. So probably would have been a better analogy.

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        Instruction unclear, now renaming Millennium Falcon to Ford falcon with sponsorship deal…….

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          I called my 2000 falcon the Millennium Falcon. It was both a name and accurate 😂

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    Those UCS Slave 1 ships are gonna start going up in price now

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      You should see what the Cloud city set goes… actually don't look it up.

      • The 2018 Cloud City is pretty expensive but it pales in comparison to the 2003 Cloud City set, lol

      • That's absurd for a Master Builders Set

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    I've got the Lego slave 1


    But it is a retired set.

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    IMO dropping the Slave 1 moniker is fine, Boba Fett in the new timeline is no longer in debt to anyone and starts to be his own character.

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      Jango Fett his father (clone father?) named the ship.

      • That's exactly my point, he is his own character now. Actually fitting Boba Fett has a new look.

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    Disney only cares about money. So they'll avoid criticism at all costs and try to dominate competitors.

    Fairly sure the Winnie the Pooh page still redirects to the Disney homepage. Too cautious about upsetting the CCP

  • Hah wish I'd kept the box for my UCS Slave I.

    • Regrets for sure.

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        Well I still have the plaque.

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      I've been collecting UCS sets for a while. Mine is still unopen!

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    I'm not pissed they removed the name, I'm pissed because that's a really lazy replacement. At least put in some effort if you want to be PC.

  • Political correctness by Disney? Or just to make it more identifiable?

    But as its a new release and aimed to coincide with the new tv series/marketing, why wouldn't they use the opportunity for a name change that's likely to appeal to a wider audience.

    Disney don't release star wars merch because it makes them feel good.. its to make $ and if a name change increases appeal its a pretty basic business decision.
    The only ones that would get 'offended' by the name change likely are not Disney's current and future target demographic for revenue.

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