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50GB 28-Day $35 Prepaid Mobile Plan - $10 for First 3 Renewals @ amaysim


50GB data + unlimited standard talk and text

Unlimited standard international talk to 28 countries

Unlimited standard international text to 42 countries

Ongoing price is $35, renews every 28 days

Additional data: $10 for 1GB

All for use in Australia on the Optus 4G Plus Network
Unlimited Data Banking

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  • wassup,

    So does the $10 cover all 3 renewals or is it $10 each renewal then revert back to normal pricing from 4th?

    • I think its $10 for the first 3 renewals. So the total cost for the first 3 months is $30.

    • From the t&c “$25 off the UNLIMITED 50GB - $35 Mobile Plan for 3 renewals. Ongoing $35/28 days thereafter.”

    • +2

      To me, a similar offer was reverted back to normal at the third renewal (30$)
      You need to activate your number the same day you apply for the offer according with the customer service. If you order a simcard and you wait the 5days for the delivery this will push your third renewal day after the dead line of the offer.
      After contacting the customer service they will be happy to refund 20$ at the 4th renewal (due to me in 15 days) . So the offer in realty will end up being 4 months @ 15$ per month on average ($10-$10-$30-$10).
      Still a decent deal but I found it a bit "misleading" , no chances to get the 3 renewals on time if you wait for the sim card to be delivered,you must have your own ready and hoping to get the number transferred the same day.

      • +2

        Nah, I've always managed to get them to credit me the extra month if it doesn't renew automatically on the last month (I change my payment method to Bpay). They can check very easily if you've received the full 3 months or not and credit accordingly.

        • I also have been promised a refund of $20, so no problem with that, they were very quick indeed. This credit however will be applied at the 4th renewal as the auto recharge for the 3rd took $30 instead of $10 and is not reversible apparently.
          So rather than 3 months for $30, I'll end up pay $60 per 4 months, which is still pretty good, but not exatcly what was promised, and I couldn't do otherwise.
          Just wondering if anyone esle experienced the same sort of problem.

          • +1

            @Rasics82: Probably best to remember to change your payment method to bpay right away if you were to take advantage of these deals again in the future, as it avoids the incorrect debit in the first place. I agree that it's not as good a deal if you have to redeem this correction credit on a future spend.

  • $10 for 3 renewals?

    • Amaysim doesn't understand the word 'per' renewal .

      $10 'per' renewal for the first 3 renewals.

      If it's advertised at $10 for 3 renewals, then I'd expect each one at $3.33 each.

      • would love someone to confirm this as well haha

        • It's $10 per 28 days, so $30 for 3 renewals.

  • +1

    New customer only? Or can existing customers change their plan to this?

    • You need to port out and port back in, or get a new number.

  • -1

    shop back $28?

  • +1

    Good but seems you have to activate immediately which ruins the value for me.

    • If you bring a number it isn't activated immediately.

      • But within three days seems to be what it says below the box?

        • "Transferring your number is free, and typically takes between 3 hours and 3 days to transfer over."

          Porting from another network can take up to 3 days. It isn't saying you must do it in that time, but that that is how long it might take them to do it once you initiate the process.

  • I like Amaysim but it would be great if they had a low data\low cost offering. We can get 60 - 80 gb data on 365 Coles et al. plans for $99 regularly…would be good if Amaysim did 30-40gb gb 365 day plan for $49 for others like me who use minimal data (for example, I rarely use more than 1gb \month as I'm working from home and use wifi for most things…only use data for Waze etc when out or occasionally when I go bush and use data for everything…so would need data banking as Amaysim now offer)

  • How can I get SB or CR rewards for this deal? Via its link above the deal doesn't sewm available?also the code is not accepted if manually put via SB/CR link.

    • U can't. From cashrewards t&c: Cashback is ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards.

  • wish they can offer e sim card to my iPhone so that i can put another sim in

  • This 50GB 28-Day $35 Prepaid Mobile Plan - $10 for First 3 Renewals @ amaysim or

    Kogan Prepaid Mobile 90 Days (20GB Per 30 Days) $14.90 (New Customers Offer) @ Groupon

    Asking for a friend that doesn't care about the network. They only care about the data for cat vids.

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