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Kogan Prepaid Mobile 90 Days (20GB Per 30 Days) $14.90 (New Customers Offer) @ Groupon


Kogan Mobile $14.90 (90 Days | 20GB Per 30 Days) - New Customers Offer

  • SIM card included
  • 60GB of data – 20GB per 30 days
  • Unlimited national calls, sms & mms.
  • Kogan use the Vodafone network
  • No lock-in contracts.
  • $4.97 per 30 days for 90 days.
  • Redeem your voucher by 22 Nov 2021 (11.59.59pm AEDT)

This deal is different to the old post as that's a Port Over Offer.

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  • Do they deliver a sim card to your address?

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      Yes. Takes about 5-8 working post days.

    • +1

      yeah or you can buy a sim at some servos for 2 bucks if you can't wait for the sim to come

      • The servos are Liberty I believe.

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    hmmm i usually use this for port out .. then port back to boost, the Nov date though… might be bit soon

    • +2

      The old port over offer is still available. Link is in the description.

      • +1

        Thanks i'll check it out

  • What exactly is the difference between port over and new customer?

    • +3

      Port over - keep old number from different provider.
      New customer - new number

      • Is there a difference? The standard activation page for Kogan mobile has options for both new number and porting existing number from current provider.

        • +1

          New customer - new number or port over.

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    Why use Groupon for? It's always this price if you search for it via Google.

    • This deal is different to the old post as that's a Port Over Offer.

      • Both are for new customers only.

  • So if I buy this, my Telstra plan runs out on 28th Nov, how would I be able to port to this and not have any further incurring charges from the Big T.
    Then when S22 comes out I can port back over.

    • I was in a similar position. They said I'd just pay the last days of the plan which would be about $12. Porting to Kogan took 5 minutes

  • +3

    Been on kogan for past few weeks sydney nsw.. very bad reception
    When talk on phone it goes to 3G hardly able to browse during phone calls
    And when on 4G while not talking on it
    Its still slow ass speed

    But for the price i cant neg it..

    • +1

      I have used Kogan in the past for 1 purchase, I had to file a complaint against the amount of SPAM I was getting every day even when I opted out of emails.

      Thanks for confirming that it is not worth any discount.

      I like yoar fase two.

    • +1

      I have been using Kogan on and off and find after about 4-5 min on a voice call everyone sounds like R2D2. Seems to be an issue with network.

      Friend noticed the same thing, switched over to another carrier and was fine after that, so I'll put it down to network.

  • This is just a year around offer. Nothing special, right ?

  • +5

    Good deal!
    But how do you think 6 months free fee, 25GB/month?:



    • That’s pretty good. You should create a dedicated post

      • +1

        great deal,
        free 6 months sounds good
        just be careful of excess data charge since its post paid, i believe.

    • bought one thanks

    • Can we cancel for free or port out after 6 months? any penalty?

      • Cancel is free but make sure that there is NO outstanding money owed before doing so, billing cycle timing is key.
        Port out around 3 days or so, before the 6 months are up.

        I have not had any issues doing this from 2 port outs.

        See the INFIDEL, hawkeye93 and emoticon for some very good comments
        See https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/658195?page

    • Thanks mate, ordered 1 for the missus and 1 for myself.

  • Don't see it when click link. Takes me to $10/5gb a month

  • +1

    If you've been a customer in the past 30 days and you try to bring the same number back and activate it with one of these vouchers, can anyone confirm if the error message just says "Invalid Voucher" ?

    And after the 30 days is over the same voucher will work ok?

    • +1

      Yes can confirm. must be > 30 days.
      Yes same voucher will work after 30 days.
      It takes about 10 mins to churn each time and is instant if you alternate between Kogan and Voda.

      • Out of curiosity which Vodafone prepaid plan do you use to alternate between Kogan uses?

      • Thank you, I was successful.

        I'm in Perth so midnight AEDT is 9pm here. I let my Lebara run out at the end of 30 days on Monday night at 9pm, then I put in a port request to Kogan straight away. It accepted my voucher code and all was good.

        I woke up in the morning and had not yet received the SMS OTP to reply back to initiate the port, so thought something had gone wrong. I called Lebara and they said they hadn't received any port request yet so told me to call Kogan.

        Kogan said my port was in the queue and I'd receive the SMS soon. A couple of hours later it came through, after replying it took 2 mins.

        Luckily I have a dual SIM phone and in the 2nd slot I have an Optus prepaid flex plan that I just activate for $1 per day when needed, that gave me data for my morning commute to the office at least.

        I reckon if I had waited until first thing in the morning once porting hours had commenced and put the request to port to Kogan in before I left home, it may have even gone through straight away. Next time I will try that :)

  • Redeem your voucher means activate your service?

    • I believe this is like a recharge voucher for prepaid service, sim card can be activated first then redeem the voucher(recharge your prepaid service) later. There was definitely an option not to redeem the voucher when I activate mine a month ago( old voucher from previous deal)

      • it is a New Customers Offer though, presumably means have to use at the time of activation?

  • +1

    I changed to kogan because of telstra coverage issue in my area(only voda is good here).But from the day one I’m having all sorts of issues ,like can’t call some numbers for no reason and bad reception.I won’t be recommend them even if it’s free

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