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GeForce NOW Founders Subscription - $19.99/Month (Pay Monthly), $17.99/Month (Pay Yearly) @ GeForce NOW Powered by Pentanet


"Sign up NOW to secure a limited Founders Subscription to GeForce NOW Powered by Pentanet. Founders are guaranteed a special Founders Price for the full lifetime of their subscription."

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    What is the normal price going to be?

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    Xbox Game Pass is a better service than this.

    This service you need to own the game already to be able to play it. The lag was pretty small, if at all, but the quality was quite low and the frame rate was less than my local computer.

    • +3

      While I'd agree Game Pass / xCloud is a better value service than this at face value, the number of games that are playable on GeForce Now is far higher.
      So it really depends if you want your games curated for you, or you want to own and choose what you play. There is definitely a market, and an argument, for both.

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        I highly suspect the kind of people who actually drop $100 on brand new games are going to be less worried about $20 a month. The number of day one releases on Game Pass are pretty limited and nVidia is covering pretty much every new game from what I can see.

        But the number of people on OzBargain who actually pay retail prices for games is going to be a very short list, so I suspect it won't get much interest here.

      • Upto a point, my PC gaming is done on a PC using games I've purchased.

        GeForce now only really works if I have a need to access those same games when I don't have a PC to hand, but it is an additional cost. At least with Game Pass xCloud there's no incremental cost over the pittance I've paid for Game Pass Ultimate.

    • Less games - limited to XB One titles.

      • +3

        With this your limited to games you actually purchase and own. At least with Game Pass you get the games “Free” as part of the service.

        • +1

          Interesting. I didn't realise it works off your own game library. The XB Game Pass is much better then.

  • basically you're renting a virtual machine and running games on that machine and streaming it to your local pc.

    ping is ok for single player non twitch action games but anything competitive, its not advised. Also capped at 60 fps non ultrawide.

  • +4

    Article on UK/US/EU pricing

    Paid members, called Priority, get extended session length, priority access (hence the name) and games are played using the highest level of graphics, with RTX cards and ray-tracing where applicable.

    Priority membership costs £8.99 / $8.99 / €9.99 per month for 12 months. You can also pay annually to save some cash - it costs £89.99 / $89.99 / €99.99 for the whole year.

    Other sources say the USD price is actually $9.99 though, so if I adjust for that, then:

    In AUD that's $16.61 (UK) / $13.40 (USA) / $15.62 (EU)

    nVidia is asking us to pay a third more than the rest of the western world.

    • +5

      I don't think you can directly compare overseas prices. The volume of demand to make dedicated servers here is a lot smaller.

  • +1

    In case some were wondering, no you don't get to play all these games on the list for $20/month, you'd need to have owned them first.

    Yes, you need to own or purchase a game from one of the supported game stores before playing it on GeForce NOW.

    • Does owned include subscribed to like the Ubisoft Plus library?

      • Beats me but it would be cool. Might also work with free weekends on steam.

  • +12

    I've been on the beta of this for a while and I find it pretty underwhelming - not something I would pay for. You have to have the game, you have to log in to your Steam/Ubisoft/whatever game account through this portal to access the game, and the quality of the display it's pretty ordinary. The UI seems to have been designed by a comittee that wanted 'future' but had different ideas of what that meant.

    If this was the first to market a fear or two ago, then it might have been ok. Xbox cloud (or whatever it's called), stadia and Amazons' game streaming service are miles ahead of this.

    • +1

      I also agree with what you have said here. The UI is so clunky I think i only ever got one game to work properly. My Xcloud beta experience has been much better and you dont need to own the game before hand.

    • +1

      I was also on the beta, alas only got access a couple weeks ago.

      The few times I’ve tried it, network tests returned great results… but then when I’m game I’d get constant warnings about connection stability issues & intermittent lag spikes. Sometimes with the GeForce now client ending totally unresponsive.

      XCloud has definitely been smoother for me.

  • +9

    It's going to bomb at this price

    • Agreed. Yet I get the negs. Lol.

      • +2

        It's because it's an invalid negative reason.

  • I like the concept but it seems like the sort of thing I might only use when I'm travelling. If you've got a good desktop setup then is there much benefit to this? Presuming you have decent internet speed and can download what you want relatively quickly.

  • Going to try it for a month and see how we go.
    With my son, don't get much PC gaming time. Will be good to play some games on my phone in bed

    • honestly forget using your phone, a tablet would be the bare minimum screen size I'd suggest. I have tried Xcloud on my phone but that was only usable if I had a bluetooth controller attached - virtual controls took up too much screen space.

      The only other way the phone was any good was at work I plugged the phone into a TV and used my bluetooth controller - it was not a bad experience that way.

      • The plan was to use it on the phone and play with a Bluetooth controller in my ps4

        Have a cheap Samsung tab a 8 so might try that too

      • +1

        BT is pretty laggy too with BT latency on top of Network latency.. I ended up putting my Gamesir X2 USB-C onto my phone for a much better experience,

  • When does it launch? Says 19 Oct, does anyone know what time?

    • It has already launched.

      • oh yeah just checked and it did

        • 12 noon AWST

  • +1

    Too expensive.

    • -1

      It doesn't have direct competition. How can you say too expensive?

      • It doesn't need a direct equivalent because value can be inferred. It's true that because there's no direct equivalent there's a grey area where inferring wouldn't work, but imho the pricing of GeForce Now is SO far off that the outcome is pretty clear.

        At 80% more than GPU, 100% more than Disney plus, 33% more than Netflix 4k, 66% more than spotify, something clearly isn't right.

        And that's exactly what you're seeing in the comments.

        Furthermore, there are gift cards (legit discount), family memberships, vpn (not legit discount.. So I'm not including) available for your other services which make GeForce Now look even worse.

        IF you really wanted to play one or two pc games that you couldn't play without a pc upgrade then it'd have value. But at the abysmal video quality and resolution limits (ie. You won't be playing cyberpunk at 4k.. Which is kinda what you want this service for) its a bit pointless.

        I honestly expect this to drop to $10/month due to lack of subscribers. Or get canned.

        • you're trying to compare streaming services which just serve content, to what is essentially a cloud based computer (albeit with a limit on what can run on it). I'm not saying the price is good or bad, but I'm also not going to try and compare it to pricing of virtual machines (which is closer to what this is)

          • @ymottomttdl: Sure, I even said that.

            Problem though is the implied value is SO far out. If it were $15/mo it'd be in the grey area. But $20/mo is a laugh.

            Put it this way: if there was a poll of what people are willing to pay, excluding bias that those interested are more likely to vote, I'd wager the agreeable price is <$20.

  • Would this be a good option if I wanted to play Cyberpunk 2077?

    I have a midrange computer from 2014, nbn50 and a 1080p screen. I would normally be thinking about upgrading about this time, but with GPU prices being what they are, it wouldn't be cheap. I don't play games constantly, just a few now and then when I see one that looks interesting.

    I figure if I bought the game for $35, played it using this service for two months.. that's less than $80. That's not a bad deal for a relatively recent game

    • +1

      much cheaper than upgrading your computer

  • As a beta tester for this I think it needs a lot more time before release. Xbox cloud is a lot better imo

  • +1

    I've gotta say I played this on the beta and xcloud both on my cheapy tablet. geforce now had virtually no lag or slowdown, while xcould suffered stuttering often. I've never used xcloud on my pc, but geforce now in my chrome browser was faultless. so performance wise, geforce wins easily for me

    the problem comes down to games, xcloud includes lots of games, I linked my steam and epic accounts to geforce, and most games I wanted to play weren't available.

    • Agree that the service works well and that the supported games are limited.

      Am keen to try the free GeForce Now tier though.

  • Waiting for Google Stadia to happen in Australia.. would be interesting to compare it to XB Cloud gaming.

  • I was in the beta and it was garbage on 50mbit nbn. Tried at my work over 5G that gets 380mbit and it was still garbage.

  • Is this for Perth only?

  • Pentanet might want to get their shit together with their NBN and wireless services before trying to overcharge for cloud gaming and calling it an early bird special.

    I'm yet to meet anyone who can stably stream above 4000 kbit on their service.

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