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[eBay Plus] Breville Barista Pro $764.15 Delivered @ Bing Lee eBay


Breville Barista Pro stainless steel and Black Truffle models on Bing Lee ebay store with 15% off for eBay Plus members

PLHOME coupon code

I finally pulled the trigger on one of these, after 12+ years with my very basic unit
Getting in early before Xmas rush and potential OOS

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  • thanks

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    Price on title pls

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  • I don't mean to be rude, better buying option is the dual boiler, only maybe 20$ difference


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      yeah but then you'd need a grinder too. +$200?

      • Is the Grinder on this comparable to an okay grinder?

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          Have this machine, Love it.
          If you are not trying to be a barista, grinder on this is more than what you need imo.

        • It seems better than the grinder on the Barista express and I'm happy with the express grinder. But like anything, depends on how much of a coffee snob you want to be?

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      That's a different beast. If you regularly have 6 people over to drink latte's, or are using it in a small office, then get the dual boiler. Otherwise this model or the barista express will be more than adequate, use less power, and take up less bench space!

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      Refurbed unit.

    • $800 for a refurb seems a bit steep

    • Refurbished. Which could mean anything. Pass.

    • But, its seller refurbished unit

  • Make sure you go pick up in store otherwise you could get an ex-demo or used ones delivered.

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    Every 2nd month this comes down to 764$ after 15% ebay discounts. Lowest this has come down is 720. And I will wait for that :)

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      Lowest is about 740 plus 100 TGG store credit and Breville promotion

  • Should I wait for Black Friday or go with this?

    • Black Friday or Christmas .. this will come down. Just waiting for it to be reduced

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        Didnt happen for Black Friday 2021, still fingerxed for Xmas :)

        • I am disappointed as well. The recent shipping issues may be the reason prices havent gone down much.

  • Why is this better than Bambino Plus?

    Trying to decide between the two. Gaggia just seems like too much modding etc which I'm not interested in.

    Already have a nice hand grinder which I like using.

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      Apart from the grinder obviously, this is essentially the same as the Bambino Plus. In fact, the Bambino Plus has automatic milk steaming, which this one doesn’t (although I always prefer manual anyway). I’d highly recommend the Bambino Plus but make sure you get a single-walled basket for it (about $20 delivered from Breville).

      As a side note, what hand grinder are you using? I haven’t heard of many that work well for espresso.

      • 1zpresso JX-Pro. I've no knowledge but was told it should get the right grind for espresso.

      • Thanks might commit and grab the added basket.

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      I have a Bambino Plus and love it. I use it with a Smart Grinder Pro. My thoughts are I can always upgrade the grinder down the track if needed/wanted whereas I can’t with the Barista Pro.

  • This, the dual boiler or the Barista Touch?

  • Depends on how much you want to spend and/or impress other people, as well as how fast you need to smash out coffees.
    These may be issues, since we can now have more people over in NSW and soon, Vic.

  • I'm aiming closer to $600. Any suggestions or am I dreaming?
    Just need coffee that is better than instant and pods, which I find revolting.
    Am not a snob otherwise.

    • Barista Express?
      Works well for me, if you take some care it makes great coffees.

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        went for the barista express from binglee with this same code, about 579. was cheaper recently with latitude from tgg but pretty close.
        will see how it goes!

        • I like the pressure guage on the express which the pro does not have.
          Dunno if it really matters, but it is a good indication of where to improve the grind/tamp or back off if I've ground too fine and tamped too hard.

    • According to OB the cheapest ever was back in 2019 for $639 at TGG. If it comes back again I'll pull the trigger!

  • Dumb Question: Is it possible to call the store and ask them to pricematch this? I have a couple of gift cards that could come in handy.

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      asked the question 2 years ago in store and was rejected.

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      I asked one month ago on a different item and was rejected. No harm in trying

  • I missed out on the Dual Boiler deal the other day, i checked with Bing Lee and apparently it'll no longer be stocked again, as it is a sell out model. I wonder if Breville is coming out with a new model.

    • It’s not being replaced but they’re only selling it with the grinder as the “dynamic duo”, no longer standalone

      • Ah makes sense! Thanks for letting me know

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    My dual boiler shat itself and I bought this. Had it for a year. Small and pokey compared to other one. Small water tank. Ultra fast heat up but can’t pull shot and steam at the same time. Dual boiler much better. That’s why I went back to it. Good for an upgrade. It’s a big downgrade from the dual boiler though. Was going to use this in the caravan now.

  • Express vs this?

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      I bought Express almost 3 yrs ago not bad machine after tweaking it. But if I am buying now I would probably consider the pro as it has better steaming, shot timer, 30 grind set vs 19, digital grind time vs analogue, easier programming via LCD and quicker recovery time between brew and steam, The only drawback of the pro is lack of pressure gauge.

  • Price hike. Got this model late July from TGG 15% off deal + Latittude Pay + Cashrewards cashback, final cost is around $650. Noticed the RRP increased dramatically after that period.

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