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[Pre Order, Switch] Pokémon Legends: Arceus + Steelbook $69 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi | $68 + Delivery @ The Gamesmen


Was surprised that JB Hi-Fi was also offering the Steelbook pre-order bonus, which currently $79.95 at EB Games.

Release Date - 28/01/22
Pre-Order Price Guarantee - When you pay for your pre-order upfront and the price drops before release day you will be refunded the difference shortly after release.

PS: $68 Delivered @ Amazon AU, if you don't care about the Steelbook

Update: Pokémon Legends Arceus with Pre-Order Bonus Steel Book $68 + Delivery @ The Gamesmen

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  • full payment is required?

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      Yep, full payment is required for JB Hi-Fi and The Gamesmen.

      JB Hi-Fi does has pre-order price guarantee:

      When you pay for your pre-order upfront and the price drops before release day you will be refunded the difference shortly after release.

      EB Games has a $10 Deposit and you might be able to price-match on release date (assuming JB Hi-Fi/The Gamesmen still has stock)

    • Amazon you only pay for a pre-order when they send you the package, which isn't until release or just before release. Unsure if it has steelbook though.

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    Never be surprised if JB Hifi is cheaper than EB Games on a new release… ;) Should I get this game… No hurry I guess… I'll wait until reviews.

    • +3

      I was surprised they were offering the steelbook pre-order bonus, as they were usually exclusive to EB Games.

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        You got me L Richard, short for Long Richard I presume (:

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      We do we say about preorders here? …

      • +13

        Only preorder if you hate money and love disappointment.

        • +5

          Sounds like my dating life…

          • @muwu: It's a… miracle… that you can still date with all the lockdowns and viruses! Chin up you'll find the one 😉 They could be right in front of you. Right in this very comment section… Not me though I'm busy pre-ordering all the hot garbage 🤣

        • +1


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        zero reasons to pre order in the digital age, but here we go again.

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    Is this like the good old Pokemon games at all? I tried one of the more recent switch Pokemon games and felt like it was way too basic particularly with catching them. I'd love to have a 3D version of Pokemon Blue 😀

    • +2

      You should look into Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee, which are remakes of Pokemon Yellow. They're not "open world" like this, but they might scratch the itch (that said, the games are pretty easy and incorporate Pokemon Go catch mechanics, rather than conventional mechanics).

      • +3

        I assume that's what they were referring to with the basic catching (but agree they are remakes of the originals) . Pokemon sword and shield are probably closer to the old red blue gameplay experience (Personally I didn't enjoy those though).

        • +17

          Let's be real, HGSS is where its at for Pokemon remakes. It's all downhill from there…

          • +2

            @snep: Couldn't agree more!

          • +2

            @snep: So true, HGSS was the last pokemon game that was made with love. Post game (entire region), all pokemon could follow if its the lead, continuation of team rocket, long list of legandaries (plus lore!), pokewalker (mine is still running to this day), and the amazing final battle with Red.

            Personally, GF should have stuck with 2D, with their 1Y game release schedule, 3D had a lot of quality and love cut from the game.

          • +1

            @snep: Fire Red and Leaf Green were pretty cool too.

      • Pokemon Diamonds out next month also. Unsure how the catch mechanisms work but

    • -2

      I only watch my kids play… But are they not all exactly the same? They seem boring af… If your "power" is more than something else "power" then you're guaranteed to win… Also, you have 5x animals to battle vs the computer which has 1. You win regardless.

      • IF you wanna play hard mode pokemon, the pokemon RPGs on GameCube were so brutal, they make sure to make all future pokemon games baby mode.

  • +8

    Just in case people haven't really read up about this game, it apparently won't be a full open world game like BOTW.

    • +1

      yeah it sounds like it'll be closer to a monster hunter type situation where you have a home base of some kind and choose an area to travel to

      • Aww, thats so disappointing..

        Majorly thankful to you guys for posting this information. Pretty much saves me $60. I thought the game would be like breath of the world or minecraft with a big open world to explore.

        • +2

          it still looks like it'll have elements of exploration involved. Just because it's not 100% open world doesn't mean it won't be fun to explore. Not sure if you've looked at the Sword/Shield expansion packs but those areas were done pretty well IMO.

          I think the map is just broken up into "hubs" with different areas to explore. Still sounds fun to me.

          • @swanny246: Mm yea, guess ill check out those expansion packs. Sword and shields base wild zone was nice, But needed to be so much bigger. With more logic and purpose design into the environments.

            I've never liked the closed and confusing nature of Monster hunters corridors between arenas. I cant imagine finding joy if Arceus is like that.

  • +5

    I would wait for review instead of pre-ordering right away. The gameplays they showed doesn’t look good imo. But I could be wrong.

  • +10

    A wild pre-order appears

    What will you do?

    • Underated comment 🤣🔥🔥🔥

  • +11

    Is this the one that looks like an early access unity game from 10 years ago?

  • Nice, in for one. Doubt it will drop much lower than this save for an eBay Plus promotion.

  • +3

    This game looks like a hot mess at the moment, as much as any other game this is a poor idea to preorder.

    • At this point… It'll run better on Rujinx with resolution upscaler or even Yuzu at least we will know it'll be 1080p60fps. Maybe even better trees.

      • +6

        The performance isn’t the primary issue with the game… it just seems like it’s going to be a shallow implementation of what is genuinely an amazing idea for the series.

        Look I love Pokémon so I want it to be amazing, but with resources of their calibre they’re pumping out something that looks worse than a fan game.

  • +2

    No one beats the 2 eligible games + $29 on EB Games. If you find/have cheap games that qualifies.

    As for the game, it might look like a PS3 game, run like rubbish and be an empty semi-open world.

    But it has pokemon in its name so it will sell tons.

    Nintendo knows it, the fans know it, the haters know it, even the people that don’t play video games know it.

  • +1

    I paid all up $59 for my pre order after doing the trade in at EB

    They had trade 2 games in plus $29.
    JB hifi by chance had the 2 x games for $30 deal nearby.

    So me and my friends all ended up buying like 10 copies of Avicii for the Switch and traded into the same EB store
    And whats funny was that they were all sealed but EB games policy is to open it and check inside.
    So they devalued it even more. LOL

    • Lol nice. Some stores don't let you trade in multiples of the same game, not sure why

      • I think it is 2 copies of the same game. Some said you can try other stores but I didn't try, so not sure.

      • I was worried too they wouldnt trade hence i asked the staff member first before i went to buy it.

        He didnt seem too fussed and said it was part of the conditions so why not.

        He laughed about it too and said he didnt even know this game existed and suddenly he has 10 copies LOL

        • Good they accepted it. On one hand it’s obvious the customer is gaming the system to their advantage, but on the other hand, and in the end of the day, they still get 2x games that they’ll probably sell for a profit anyway. Seems like a win-win for both parties most likely.

  • Is this still a Game Freak lazy garbage 0 effort game?

  • +1

    $10 cashback if you use 28degrees (got an email spend $100 get $10 back), added a few PSN vouchers to get to $104, fee express delivery woo.

    • That cashback ends tomorrow (for me anyway)

    • Where do you see offers on your 28 degrees card?

      • Via e-mail

        • Thanks. I must have them turned off

  • Sweet, Thanks OP.
    Got one.

  • Nice

  • Does anyone happen to know if a pre-order was made to JB before they advertised the steelbook, whether we would still receive it?

    • there is no mention of the steelbook on the order confirmation email.

      Pokémon Legends: Arceus
      SKU: 517051
      Qty: 1

  • +1

    Steelbook art looks cool, I'm in!

  • thanks, ordered from JB

  • steelbook looks really nice. Was hoping the new trailer would help convince my mind in getting the game. Just left me with more questions if i should get it or not.

  • PS: Currently $64.95 Delivered @ The Gamesmen eBay for eBay Plus Members using code 'THANKSPLUS21'

  • +1

    tomorrow is the day

  • I saw this on the JB site:

    Pre-Order Bonus Ended!
    Pokémon Legends: Arceus SteelBook offer has ended! Any pre-orders placed from 20.01.2022 onwards will not get the bonus SteelBook.

    • Thanks, marked as expired.

  • Preordered on 26/12/2021, got a copy today, however it didn't come with the steelbook. My local JB said they had not received steelbox stock yet. The girl was like "we don't know when the steelbook will come". Sooooooo upset!

    • I picked mine up from local EB Games and got the steelbook.

      Employee said they also received very little stock of the steelbook and said it was first in that would receive it (even if you pre-ordered it…).

      • I literally went in 9AM sharp hahahahha. No luck.

  • Did people get their Steelbook from JB pre-orders?

  • Still waiting for JB delivery… going to be very disappointed if there's no steelbook. Will let you know.

    • Finally Arrived, Steelbook included!

  • jb hifi WA.

    received text/email notification that the order is ready.
    went in to collect. no steelbook!! and no eta, hopefully next week. wtf?

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