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[Back Order] Samsung 8.5kg/6kg Washer Dryer Combo WD85T4046CE - $700 Delivered @ Appliances Online


Estimated delivery date: 6th November 2021

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This Offer is only available between 00:00 AEDT on 18 October 2021 and ends at 23:59 AEDT on 22 October 2021 (Promotion Period) unless otherwise withdrawn or extended.

Each eligible customer will receive an applicable Appliances Online eGift Card ($50 if $500 spent / $100 if $1000) by email on the 15th November 2021 to the email address used on the original qualifying order.


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    How well do integrated units work? Always had separate up till now but seems like a reasonable price

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      I have an LG one and it's been great since we downsized. Good price but my previous Samsung washers had horrible wash times so I've sworn off them (admittedly could just be the model I had)

      • What kind of times were you getting? We've got a Bosch that has 'speed' and 'eco' modes. Cotton 40 degrees on the speed mode is about 1 hour to 1 hour 15 min. On the 'eco' mode, it's about 4 hours 30 min. A couple other modes are 45 min on the speed mode.

  • -1

    How do machines like my link compare to best bang for the buck.
    I get that my link isn't top brand but seems to have good review.
    Looks bigger and better and $200 cheaper. What's the diff in value.


  • is the dry function heat pumped

  • there is no option for extended warranty on appliances online right?

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      See 'Choose your Customer Protection Plan' from the link. The Care Plan commences upon expiry of your manufacturer warranty.

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        cheers mate

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    I have a similar model (maybe a slightly older one?) and all I’ll say is: avoid this like the plague

    • Any particular reason to avoid?

      • Because.

      • +3

        Dryer function is really bad. Staying below the load capacity, a full cycle takes us 8 hours+.

        Have to wash and dry about 3kg only (despite having a wash capacity of 13kg) and it still takes about 6 hours minimum

        The lint from drying also goes around the door seal and you need to clean that every cycle. It’s a pain in the ass to do and you can never really get 100% out (only 60-70%).

        Build quality isn’t great. Control knob stopped working after 2 years or so despite normal use. Samsung said it’ll cost $140 to replace

        We paid almost $2k for our unit so maybe for $700 it may be fine for you if you are 1-2 person household or something like that

        • Thanks for the feedback. The timings are off putting. I'll save my money and get a stand alone dryer.

        • Do you know the model number?

        • Is the washer good enough at least? Thinking of using it for 2-3 wash cycles a week, and 1 dryer cycle a week.

          • @cache: The unit as a washing machine is excellent but the dryer is so bad I would just buy a separate 2nd hand drier if you aren’t going to use it often. Maybe this model is different

    • It’s a bit tough negging the post cause you aren’t keen on the product

      • +2

        Isn’t that what the neg button is for?

        • Exactly it is

        • But you’re negging because you have a old/similar model… not the same one on this deal

        • My assumption was negging a post was because it’s not really a bargain, not whether the product itself is any good. But I am happy to stand corrected

          • @Zaphod42: it’s not a bargain because the product itself isn’t any good

      • Huh??

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