Xbox Wireless Forza Horizon 5 Limited Edition Controller $99.95 + Delivery @ EB Games


Yes, RRP again. Eb is back in stock for preorder. Release date 9th Nov. Currently the only place to order this colourful controller. Seems like many still want this when the 20 years controller was out. I think I may post it here.

29/10: restocked,and the "$64 when you trade in xbox controller" deal is also on.

9/11: available at MS

10/11: restocked at EB again. also available at JB 99+delivery ($0 c&c)

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    What's the bargain?

    • +12

      same bargain as the posts where the GPU's at 1.5x the RRP get over 100+ votes

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      Only place and price to get one of you're after one.

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      Not having to pay scalpers for this limited item. Stock is very hard to come by.

  • Bought one yesterday. Interestingly, couldn't checkout with afterpay, only zip for pre-order

    • I used gift card, I think they are pushing zip pay at this moment.

      • Could use Afterpay on other items.
        I'm hoping to settle the remaining amount in store and use Afterpay then. I've got $30 referral to spend so that would be a nice discount.

        • I have $10 birthday credit, but it says can not purchase preorder. …. Anyway going to cancel the 20 years version as I don't need that many controllers.

        • Referral credit can’t be spent in store, only online.

          • @justdigi: Really?? Damn, gonna have to find another way to spend my hard earned money

            • +1

              @ShouldIBuyIt: Yep I found out the hard way, by purchasing something that was only good value with the credit applied. It didn't apply so I contacted support and they said it's in the terms and conditions that only online payments earn the referral credit, not in store.

              Promotional discount amounts will be available for Afterpay purchases made by you or the Referred Customer (as applicable) online, and will not apply to any in-store purchases using the Afterpay service.

              • @justdigi: Cheers for the feedback and link to TCs, appreciate it.
                Do you know if we can pay the remaining balance online before picking up?
                I'm aware of the $64 trade in, but I value my existing controllers more than $35.95…

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                  @ShouldIBuyIt: i don't think you can pay the remaining online before pickup, but you can pay it instore.

                • +1

                  @ShouldIBuyIt: Yeah @ce5himm is correct, you can't pay balance online, regardless of payment method.

                  EB won't accept Afterpay for part payment either, I pre-ordered the OLED Switch and they said because I did the trade deal, Afterpay isn't allowed for balance even in store. Don't know if that's an EB Games policy of Afterpay, but I haven't been game to rely on being able to use Afterpay for part payment anywhere else after that fiasco.

  • Thanks! Got one.

  • Looks great doesn't it?

    • +7

      It's what I imagine unicorn spew would look after a big night on the drink….

      • 2 minutes of starting at that and my human spew might be in the mix

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    Damn fine looking controller. Though at this point the Xbox Series S|X have more controllers than they do games.

    • Gamepass??

      • Moreso thinking about exclusives. The majority of Game Pass games can be easily played on Game Pass for PC or an Xbox One.

  • I miss the days when you could pick this one up for $29
    I need another controller but they are so expensive

    • Good days are not coming back any time soon.

      • +1

        There is always hope for price errors :-)

        • +1

          and you have to be there, seller has to honor it, chances are i better buy lotto for tonight.

    • Still regretting not buying that Gears of War controller for $49

      • Xsx controllers are much better than xb1

        • That's for collection purpose, I guess.

        • Starting to disagree about that. Have had multiple XSX controllers start to get a sticky right trigger, as in it will completely stay pressed in at times. The fix or sending to Microsoft is easy enough but just as worrisome as similar issues the Xbox One controllers had.

          • @MBix: Maybe that's why they are making so many different special edition to lure you buy more controllers before the issue appears. LOL
            I really like this design. Even though I don't need a backup for backup's backup.

  • Looks so cool wish I had $100 to splash on a new controller

  • +1

    Most hideous controller released in a long time

  • Silly question, is this meant purposefully for just Forza or will it have full control abilities for other games? FIFA, NBA etc?

    • +1

      same as a regular xbox wireless controller, just deifferent design. and some digital bonus in forza 5

  • Looks like it's OOS, longer than I would expected. Hope everyone will enjoy this controller.

    • Can't add to cart

      • +1

        Try again, I have no problem add to cart. Just tested seconds ago

        • Interesting, still wasn't working but then cleared the cache and now it's in the cart.

  • anyone order from eb pickuped the controller yet? mine shows precessed, but still no sms, i think they are all busing taking ps5 xsx preorders.

    • Picked up 2 days ago. Received text around 4.30pm

      • I received SMS like later afternoon. Was planning to visit the shop after work anyway. Haven't open yet. Lol

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