Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System US$339 (~A$450, Was US$369) & Free Express Shipping @ Lanmodo


✅ Dual 1080p night vision, light up the darkness and drive safer in bad road conditions.
✅ Driving record anytime, 24 hours park mode to monitor your car.
✅ Up to 984ft view distance and 45 degrees angle to view farther.

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  • What is this? A dash cam and rear view mirror?

    • +1

      Glorified dashcam with optional rear facing camera.

      A mirror would be more useful. :)

    • Nah it's not.

      It's a night vision camera..
      Instead of looking out the windscreen you are meant to look at this when you drive.

      It makes things brighter.

      Sure a dashcam can do the same thing, but this is marketed differently

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        Jesus, good luck getting insurance to pay out if they find you were rocking this.

        • I remember the S class mercedes a few years go had this…the point of it was to see if there are animals etc near the road in dark conditions, I think.

          • @Franc-T: So did the BMW 7 and I think later 5 series. The BMW had a couple of little front lights as well that would light up the animals or people so you could see them better.

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    If the conditions are so bad that you're driving looking at a "1080p night vision" dash cam, maybe just pull over.

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    Yeah this is just a super bulky $500 dash cam. No thanks!

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    What is this ad

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    Why not just switch on the headlights?

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    Forget it. I tried their first version and it was terrible and even dangerous. It's huge and there's nowhere to mount the thing where it won't obscure vision. Wobbles (they may have fixed that with this version). Didn't work very well as night vision unless you have your headlights on, so what's the point? With lights off the picture is very grainy. Basically an expensive novelty. Finally managed to get my money back via credit card company.

    • you were driving without lights on?

      • On a deserted road while stationary just to test it.

  • +2

    Bought two, now I can see in stereo.

    Thx OP, you made me see what was unseeyable.

  • +3

    "Elderly drivers with impaired or weak vision can also benefit from the crispy and clear image displayed by this device."

    1080p on a tiny screen isn't going to help anyone with impaired/weak vision, may as well use 144p, or better yet, have their license revoked considering how unsafe they must be.

    • Thank you, you saved me the trouble of typing those exact words :)

  • -1

    I will stick to my bunny burners aka led driving lights from sca sale

  • No wonder I can see when people doing reverse parking, 80% of them aren't checking the side mirrors or through rear windscreen…since they just rely on reverse camera. OP, might as well get them to make one as big as the sun visor so can also use it in day time when outside is too bright!!

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    Watch the demo video and you'll see the vision is displayed in a wrong aspect ratio. Very dangerous as the vision no longer corresponds to what is happening live.

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