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Optus Huawei Pocket Wi-Fi & 50GB Data $5 @ Woolworths (in Store)


Optus Huawei Pocket Wi-Fi & 50GB Data

$5.00, Was $99.00, Save $94.00

In-store price. Prices may differ for online purchases.

Mod: The website is showing in stock at: St Georges Tce WA, Murray St WA, Bullcreek WA, Coolbellup WA, Darwin NT, Munno Para SA, Newcastle West NSW, Tamworth Eastpoint NSW, Balgowlah NSW, Glenrose NSW, Renmark SA, Berri SA, Pittsworth QLD, Kearneys Spring QLD, Northside Plaza (Rockhampton North) QLD, New Town TAS + More

Mod 2 25/10: Gundagai NSW & Moree NSW are the only stores found with stock available (might be more).

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          • @brisdaz: I'd say so. The 2 hour update warning shows when you search stores for stock.

            Easiest way was to ring store showing stock, to check stock, & hold until you arrive. They can also check stock at most other local stores.

            Coorparoo staff have been great when I couldn't find food stock on sale at other stores. One time had 24 packs of noodles waiting for me at service counter to pick up.

      • Go to Officeworks and have them pricematch.

        • +1

          OW say they wont PM clearance stock - a 94% drop in price indicates clearance.

          As the 50GB offer expired 31/3/21 - unlikely OW will have this exact product with the offer sticker on it to PM!

        • No, if the stores near you have no stock or in the whole state then they won't do a price beat. As I just rung them to check

      • Thank you. Saved me a trip down there this morning.

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    Thanks very much got one and now need to figure out what to use it for lol. Damn you OzBargain.

  • Thanks OP. Bought the last one from local woollies.

  • Pick-up ordered from eight mile plains, qld,
    maybe last one
    $5 for emergency or secured internet :)

  • +1

    Would this be fast enough for home internet for 2 people? (so long as reception is good)
    I'm moving to a new place, and this may be cheaper than paying for NBN.

    • No it would be horrible.

      • The reviews on Officeworks seem to say apart from battery life, it's fine? 20mb/s would be enough for me I'd think.

        • +3

          It's not a comparable service to NBN unless you're in a prime 4G tower reception, you will have packet data loss too.
          The only way to know is check your mobile and see how it deals with 4G, different providers give different results but it would be a good indicator.

    • +1

      Yes for me. I've replaced my NBN with one of these over the past few months. I'd say the speed is comparable with ADSL or NBN 25. It's okay for watching streaming video (iView, Netflix SD, etc). I'm not sure how it would be if you need HD video.

  • Great find OP. You are in luck if you could find one near you.

  • thanks! i picked one up. a sticker on the front says 50gb, 28 day expiry, activate by 31/03/21. on the top it says expiry date 01/mar/2022

    on the side it says activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date adveristed on a promotion.

    seems to be lots of stock in brisbane

  • My local Woolies has one on hold for me. Anyone know if a Woolworths mobile sim (Optus network) would work with this?
    My kids use Woolworths prepaid

  • I prefer the older one without the screen. This one removes the external antenna connectors, so it's not as viable for reception in large buildings.

    • +1

      Have you used antennas on the model before? I was wondering if it would make any difference to mine..

  • Anyone have a picture of it in the packaging?

  • Many places have them available still. None were available anywhere near me in Victoria. I called two local Woolies and both had stock. I only took one as I only needed one. Still some in Point Cook as of a couple hours ago.

    And why are they cheap? Cause they are 4G and we're all 5G now.

    Moving house soon, if the internet is not on in time then this will be a great intermediate device.

  • Just got one from Harrisdale Woolies (WA) - not sure if they had any others left.

  • +3

    Called a few places which shows in stock in Perth….all of them told me "everyone is calling about it within the last 2 hours, it's sold out" how many Ozbargainers are out there? :-D

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      Do we need a OzB census?

      • Nah… I won't fill that one out either.

    • +1

      Stock system states Stock levels updated every 2 hours - so may show in stock when actually sold out. But little stock was in many stores.

      Staff were surprised as almost no one was interested in this older modem before.

      And not just OzBargain members use OzBargain to find good Deals.

    • Just check the number of clicks on the deal.

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    Cannot believe you guys just sold your privacy to huawei and CCP for $5?

    • +17

      Can't believe that you think the Chinese Government gives a (profanity) about you

      • -2

        He might be interested in Tibet.

      • -5

        you clearly have no reading skills, lolz .. other than be a lap dog of the ccp… pathetic ….it is a joke for god's sake…

    • +2


    • +1

      Lol you think the CCP cares about the 27 dollars in your bank account and the fact that you live in your mum's basement?

    • Mountaineer (or should I say simply say adventurer? or deep sea explorer?) is probably making a point.

      Instead of green books about Mars in the urban environment we're (OzBargain) are searching for white boxes in the shopping environment.

      How good are we at teamwork?

  • +8

    Sorry guys. Still learning the nuances of posting on Ozbargain. May have missed to add a few things while posting the deal.
    This community has helped me many times to get some bargains ,glad that some people could benefit from this deal.
    Though I could not find any stock in Canberra and may have missed out.

    • +5

      You did a good job, & got lots of upvotes👍

    • +1

      @suku1809 Good work mate! Most of us are friendly and helpful.

  • Any way to unlock it?

  • I called the local store, they have one, the girl was willing to sell, but then someone told her not to, and she said that there's something wrong with pricing so can't sell it

    can someone post the receipt please

    • +1

      Price is on their website! Providing a receipt won't be more useful than their site.

      Reason may be that 1 left in store may be on hold for another customer.

    • +6

      Staff member didn't realise it was that cheap and wanted to buy it instead. It happens.

    • update: talked to them again and finally got one

      • +1

        Good! When staff see a $94 reduction in price - they assume its an error.

        • Even if it's a price error, don't they have that policy where they have to honour at least one of the scanned price?

  • +1

    Oddly enough, punching in the IMEI into the optus website says it's not locked. However, inserting a Felix sim yields a "Sim Lock" message on the device itself.

    Anyone know how to unlock it?

    • +1

      So it's software locked, not hardware locked. This is a good thing. I'd look at finding out if you can nuke it all the way back to OEM somehow.

      • And inserting the Optus sim back into the device yields a "sign into WiFi network" message on another phone.

        Trying to sign in shows a 404 error on the optus website.

        You got any guides into resetting it back per chance?

    • I have successfully unlocked mine from optus by signing into the modems set up page online and changing the APN to the new sims carriers details, put new sim in and turned on and it works fine.

      • Changing APN settings is what is done with an UNLOCKED broadband modem to change to carrier on a different network…
        (Been doing that since 2G models)

        You may have been lucky & received an unlocked modem!

        What new SIM did you change to (using Telstra or Vodafone network)?

        SIMs using Optus network should simply work - worked with Amaysim.

      • Erm, how do I do that exactly?

        • Search APN settings for the carrier you want to change to.

          eg Telstra APN settings

          Read or search for the instructions of how to enter this modems dashboard (via WiFi) to change APN settings.

      • Changed APN settings to Kogan (VF WEB) through browser (
        Set Kogan APN as Default.

        Inserted Kogan SIM - "SIM LOCK" on modem screen. Still locked!
        Works again on Optus network SIM.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if this unit will work on external usb power with the battery taken out? just worried a little bit that the battery might explode on the off chance, when one uses this as the main home internet 24/7 a year long.

    btw the unit i just bought has expiry date as Nov2022, hopefully the 50GB is till valid.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Just scored one from Highgate WA. Last one in stock!

  • I've contacted Optus chat twice for the unlock code. Both times they provided the same code which doesn't work. Anybody had success?

    • Yes. I got one of these last year and for a long time Optus said they couldn't/wouldn't give me the code. Once I'd had it for about a year I tried again and they gave me the code no problem. Worked first time.

      • +1

        The problem is they've given the code but it doesn't work. Only get 10 code entry attempts before the device is permanently locked.

    • Same here.
      Given code but it says incorrect code.
      Did you unlocked it by any way?

    • Can you pass me the code they gave you? I might give it a try myself and see what happens

      • Definitely not advisable!
        Code is associated with the IMEI of that modem. You would just waste the limited attempts you have before you are locked out.

        • Yeah I thought so, I was about to give it a try with the diy tutorials online but don’t have a pentalobe to open the modem so I just gave up, they said they’ll send me the code within 10 working days but I’m skeptic, will update here as soon as I have news

        • Ok after 4 hours of back and forth with the chat reps they wanted me to pay $80 for me to get a code from the manufacturer so I said to them it’s not happening and requested to cancel my Optus account so they transferred me to retention and after telling the girl from retention the whole story she apologised and waived the $80 and requested the unlocking code which will arrive within 10 business days.
          Was it worth it? Absolutely not since I don’t really need this device at all but I did it because yesterday morning some Optus girl called me regarding my request 2 days ago of unlocking the device saying that I’ll have to pay $80 and she was rude and giggling when I said to her that after 12 months the unlocking is free.
          I promised her that I’ll get it for free or I’ll just cancel my account with them and destroy the device which she replied “you’re more than welcome to do so”.
          So now I just have to wait and if I still don’t get the code from them after 10 days I’ll just do what I promised I will :)

          • @Emilimu: That was a lot of annoying effort! Unfortunately not unexpected, from others experience, & it states on the box an unlocking fee is required.

            Hope the code works.

            Note: modem has no Band5 (850MHz) for Vodafone used by Kogan etc.

            • @Rather be Travelling: Indeed, I also called support and the guy told me to call Huawei and ask them for the code lol just useless people working in companies like this, sad

              • @Emilimu: I'd say if you called Huawei & eventually found the right section, they'd say contact the reseller - Optus!
                A sad game of passing responsibility. Annoying.

                • @Rather be Travelling: Exactly! And I’m currently using the 50gb that came with the sim otherwise I would just go for the diy unlocking solution and give it a try but I don’t have the tools to open it up but I would just break the front somehow to get to the motherboard and try it out, I have nothing to lose, if I had another device I would definitely do it and report back

                  • @Emilimu: You're not the only one attempting that
                    Likely a T1 torx screwdriver
                    But haven't you wasted enough time already on a $5 modem - that cane with 50GB?? ;-)

                    Have fun. But an unlock code would be better!!

                    Unless easier unlocking is found, will probably use it locked with Optus resellers SIMs like Amaysim - sometimes very cheap in Deals.

                    Kogan, Felix, etc on Vodafone may be problematic with no B5 on modem.

                    Already have a Telstra 4G USB modem I haven't bothered unlocking. But rarely use Telstra network, or require a USB modem.

                    • @Rather be Travelling: Had enough messing around with Optus reps but I love modifying and unlocking things, will give it a try as soon as I get a t1 torx, cheers

                      • @Emilimu: Think that's the main reason to open these up - curiousity.

                        Could take the modem to store "to check which screwdriver fits" & take the 5 screws out there! Although the T1 is a specialist tool & much harder to find.

                        In a security screwdriver set I got for GSM mobile phones - smallest is T2. Electronics store Jaycar only has a set starting from T2 for $30!
                        T1 bits to go in a ratchet handle are usually cheaper & available on eBay, aliexpress etc.

                        Better to check T1 is correct size first. Ask nicely at a mobile repair shop - should know the size & you might be able to use theirs! Some will respond kindly to your curiosity. That works for me, I'm very curious;-)

                        Won't be that interesting.
                        I've worked on & built a lot of electronics. I was born modifying! Have boxes of electronics waiting up to years for repair or repurposing. Don't think they're not going to make it.

  • Was at Glenrose 30 minutes ago. Out of stock.

  • If only I can buy it online and pick it up later :(

    • +1

      That is why people ring the store to find stock (which may be difficult now), & ask to hold to pick up later!
      Worked for me near start of Deal.

  • +1

    One hour on the phone ringing stores found one at Woolworths Balcatta 8:15PM Wednesday 21/10/2021 (they only had one) looks like almost sold out in WA

  • +1

    None left Playford (Munno Para) SA

  • Got one at Balgowlah last night, they had a couple left. Glenrose was also showing in stock. 50GB data says it expired on 22nd march(?) 2021.
    They also had the alcatel A3 optus phone for $5, had a couple of them too.

  • OOS everywhere near me.

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