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Motortech Selected Aerosols 400g Multibuy 4 for $8 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Repco


Top deal for various spray on cleaners, greases and coatings

At $2 per can, some of them are 60-70% off - full list below:

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g - MT200

Motortech Degreaser 400g - MT001

Motortech Carburettor & Throttle Body Cleaner 400g - MT117

Motortech Lithium Spray Grease 400g - MT107

Motortech Belt Dressing 400g - MT103

Motortech Water Dispersant Spray 400G - MT002

Motortech Upholstery Cleaner 400g - MT004

Motortech Tyre Shine 400g - MT005

Motortech Wheel Cleaner 400g - MT130

Motortech Underbody Coating 400gm - MT116

Motortech Heavy Duty Deodorised Fish Oil 400g - MT009

Motortech Rust Preventative 400g - MT120

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    Really good price for the throttle body cleaner, which rarely gets below $5. I predict that will be the first to go.

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      the carb cleaner is excellent here. just wish they had the circuit board cleaner on special as listed.

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        Haha thats the one I was looking for too. I still have a can of it, but all the gas is gone, so now it just dribbles out the end.

        • Re-pressurise it. About 90psi

      • Plenty of circuit board cleaner in store SA (website says there is none). Where is a common place to use it? Outdoor AC circuit boards? Is it slightly corrosive or something?

  • anyone know how the upholstery cleaner works?

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      Press the white button on the top of the can .

      • so you don't roll the can up & down?

  • Anyone tried the wheel cleaner ?

  • anyone else having problems with the webpage, twice on checkout with paypal. Unable to identify web server. tried three laptops and my phone. Still no good.

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    Thanks Op finally got order through, website is a shocker took many many attempts.

    • They need to sack their IT lead, because of mere revenue loss. I’m getting 504 gateway error for the past week. Using state government work devices (can’t be more secure than that). Error is RE-DIST-BID01.

  • Yeah website/servers are having issues with all the requests probably. I haven't been able to checkout or add items to my cart yet.

    • I believe the correct term is ozbargained.

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        Unable to Identify your Browser Configuration

        We apologise for interrupting your browsing experience.

        Unfortunately we weren't able to identify your Web browser. There are a few reasons this might happen:

        You've disabled JavaScript and cookies in your browser.
        You're using a VPN or privacy software often used by attackers
        You are using a browser setting such as Google Chrome Data Saver which is routing your requests through a data center or other proxy.

        If you are still having trouble accessing our site, please contact Customer Service quoting the Error Number below.

        Error Number: RE-DIST-BID01

        • Yep, that's what everyone is getting I'm guessing.

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      It's now 4 days later and the site is still broken 💩

      This outage must be costing them a fortune….

  • Deal shows up and add items on the deal page but no discounts apply in the cart?

    • Having the same issue

      • +1

        Try another internet explorer such as Microsoft Edge. I had the same issue with Brave

        • Edge is Chromium based too.

        • I managed to order using Chrome on a Win7 laptop. However, it wasn't without hiccups as the errors mentioned above still occurred. Took about 4 tries to get the order through.

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      Site now finally fixed … but the cart discounts are now broken for me too.


  • Site is still acting up. Took me multiple tries to add to cart and check out. Can't believe it still hasn't been fixed in 2 weeks.

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