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[PC, Steam] Payday 2 $2.99 (Was $14.99) @ Steam


Not the cheapest it had been on Steam, but I have been recently been wanting to play it on PC since I suck at FPS games using a controller.

Posting this here in case anyone is looking for it, this game has some of the greatest OST by Le Castle Vania.

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    Is this game any good?

    • If you like shoot em up games it's brilliant.

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      It used to be, but profit got in the way of that.

      • Yeah they lost a ton of players so they made a bad business decision if youd ask me.

        • What was the bad business decision?

      • So you're saying they were just interested in getting their payday too….

    • Incredibly good, and there's many ways to approach it.

      Highly recommend picking it up with a crew that have never played it before, or one that "gave it a try", the skill curve is awesome.

    • 10 or so years ago it was fantastic. You rob banks with 3 other players co-op, its totally random who you are paired with.
      They should have made a '3', and even a movie perhaps? But sadly none of that ever happened.

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        The opening scene of the Dark Knight is pretty much the Payday Movie

      • Payday 3 has actually been announced to be in development, but it'll be a while before it actually comes out

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        Don't give Uwe Boll any ideas….

  • so many DLCs

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    I recall enjoying it heaps during the free weekends. It seems to have a shiton of DLC's, so much so that I personally wouldn't want to buy the base game. I'm guessing the DLC's prevent you from playing with other people with the DLC?

    I recently got an Oculus quest, VR seems pretty alright in this game. Though i can barely stomach HL alyx, not sure if I will be able to handle this

    • used to play alot of this, the good thing about Payday is you can play join people who own DLC maps thus you can indirectly play them for free. you just can't host DLC maps you do not own. DLC weapons is welp DLC weapons, yer gotta pay for them. Some DLC weapons do make the game easier though.

  • The soundtrack is pretty good; the game itself is pretty fun too.

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    Base game should be free at this point, there's soooo much DLC. You really want to buy a pack that includes some.

    Get this for $10 instead


    • i agree the legacy bundle is definitely more worth it for ~15$ more.
      back in the day each pack was about 10-15$ damn.

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