Rest in Peace - Double Beef 'n' Bacon Burger from McDonald's

I don't know about others, but it seems like McDonalds have removed this burger from the app and in-store.

Good night, sweet prince.

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  • Bring it back, heart attack.

  • Yeah looks to be gone.

    The best alternative might be Chicken n Cheese + a Frozen Coke

  • It was never as good as Hungry Jacks Bacon Deluxe.

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      No but when was that $4.95 in a meal?

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        When is a shrunken McD's burger with see through meat patty and some cold stale 'fries' a meal?

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          when is anything from Maccas a "meal" its just garbage

      • +1

        last week

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          Yeah I was going to say it only just recently lost it's place as the $5 small meal deal.

          You can still get a Bacon Deluxe + Medium drink for $6 (so with $1 small fries it's $7 for a small meal with a bigger drink)

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    Hopefully they bring back the McFeast EVM for $4.95

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      $4.95 EVM aside, the McFeast would have to be the most transient burger in the history of fast food.

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      I hope so!! Or even better, the McOz!

      Actually don't, I'm trying to lose weight. I am glad I hate the double beef and bacon burger.

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    A Zinger Box would never leave you

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      Did someone say KFC?

  • Damn it!

  • No one cares

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    Ffs that was the only thing I would get when there were no good offers.

    BTW has anyone else noticed that for different burgers, the price to make it a meal varies? I would have thought it would be standard pricing eg. $4 for a medium meal, $4.50 large. But mine shows the meal add-ons varies from $4 - under $6. Can't understand the logic behind it.

  • What? Nooo! The small meal is my favourite thing to get at maccas after a sausage and egg McMuffin. Had it for dinner on Monday evening (don’t judge me). Waiting now for the day time menu to kick in so I can verify in the app that it’s gone.

    • It's definitely gone. Maccas got me once by removing it (only saw after I was already there) - fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me - won't be back until there's an equivalent value replacement.

      • +1

        Yes, I saw this too. End of an era.

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