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20-25% off Acasis Video Capture Card: 1080p USB2 $39, 1080p USB-C $87.99, 4k USB3 $134.99 Delivered @ Mmel Amazon


20-25% off Acasis Video Capture cards, suitable for game streaming from mobile phones, tablets, Switch etc. It can also be used to re-purpose your old camera/GoPro/video camera for Video Conferencing when working from home.

Some testing videos on Youtube (Sorry couldn't find English reviewers but at least you can checkout the quality of footage recorded):

Contact Amazon Customer Service directly with this link if you would like to make changes to a pending order.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Are these all plug and play on Mac/windows or are drivers/software required to install? Considering for mine and my partner's work laptops that are pretty locked down

    • I don't think so, if this is like my capture card, it's just 2 devices needed with a screen recording program of some kind like OBS. I don't think any software is needed to use it.

    • Dear customer,
      These are all plug and play on Mac/window.

  • i guess they plug in and my system just detects it as a webcam?

  • +1

    re-purpose your old camera/GoPro/video camera for Video Conferencing when working from home.

    PSA, if you have a Canon DSLR, you can just use web cam driver from Canon itself with direct USB connection. It works with cameras which are not in the supported list. Tested with my 6D.

    • I am currently using Logitech Brio but want something better.
      I am doing the recording in Zoom as I want to capture the shared screen.
      I can swap out the Brio for a Canon DSLR using the canon webcam driver?
      Does the DSLR switch off after a timeout?

      • It is just like any webcam, you can select that in Zoom as a webcam from my memory.
        I only tested when it was released and I don't use it everyday. It uses power from the battery not from the USB in my 6D (DSLR battery grip would be helpful).


        • Thanks!!
          I assume any mini USB cable can be used?

          • @congo: Tried my Canon 600D, but the image isn't widescreen compared to the Brio.
            The resolution is 1024×576 compared to the Brio 4K. Am I missing something?

          • @congo: should work :D what is your camera ?

  • OP… You might want to update the title on the USB 2 entry model unit….

    It currently says:
    New Acasis 4K HDMI Video Capture Card USB 3.0 HD Recorder for Game Video Live Streaming Compatible for PS4 Xbox PC Swich Moilbe Phone… (1080p USB2.0)

    Bit of conflict of information…..

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