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SCA Hydraulic Trolley Jack 1400kg & SCA Car Stands Pin 1200kg Combo $64.99 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Supercheap Auto



Was browsing for a Jack and came across this deal. The Car lift is priced at 49.99 AUD each and the Jack is 69.99 AUD each. Reviews for both products seems good.

Link here


Once added to cart, Price changes to 37.91 AUD for Jack and 27.08 for the lift.

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    These are great, you also get free replacements every two years when they recall them

    • Haha I thought those were only the ratchet type of jack stands.

    • the products are bad?

    • Any suggestions for good value jacks for people who are not making money fixing cars?

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    I'd only feel safe with 3000kg version of these car stands…wish they'd go on sale already

    From the frequent recalls, somewhat apprehensive of SCA trolley jacks.

    • +2

      That's why u never go under with a jack. Only with stands

      • +7

        Fear of being crushed by my own car definitely ranks up there for me. I'm a jack + stands + spare wheel fanatic.

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          Same. I actually got some free large 4wd tyres of gumtree as my fail safe.

          • @subywagon: how does that work?

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              @MagicTsukai: You just have them there on their side under the car. I do the same with the cars own tyres if I remove one it's half under the door area. Can't have too much safety.

              I have the 3000kg pin stands and the 3000kg Jack. Absolutely love the jack, makes the cheaper jacks feel like toys. Lifts really high too so I can lift from the front and put both stands under in one go.

              • @placard: That's a good idea never thought to put the spare under there

                Chocks are important to, I do 2 per tyre on the back tyres if I'm lifting the front

            • @MagicTsukai: As placard said, half under the door area close to where it's raised. Sometimes I have the entire car on stands or just the front, so multiple tyres are handy. The reason I use large 4wd tyres is that they are much bigger than the spare on an average car meaning if it does fall I should still be fairly safe as the tyre is massive, strong and fatter than me when I'm laying flat on the the ground under the vehicle.

              I've had cars slip off jacks before either due to them failing or the ground being uneven, so always have multiple back ups. It would be a crappy way to go…

      • +2

        Jack stands arent all made equal. The ratchet ones in particular are deadly if they dont have locking pins.

        • Thanks for pointing out the danger, just testing mine out n

        • I think the ratchet ones are safe enough as long as you buy the thick steel heavy duty versions. As everything, ensure correct usage and with these you have to ensure the ratchet has engaged properly. But nothing beats the peace of mind that comes with a thick steel pin. Just like slipping the tyre underneath.

          I have used these for many years without issues https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/kincrome-kincrome-car-st...

        • Yeah I've never trusted the look of the ratchet ones. I only use locking pin with four feet. The type advertised here look a bit unstable to me.

  • Isn't 1200kg quite weak for a car stand

    • that's only meant to support 1 side of car, technically you are supposed to have 4 supporting points always (including any jacked up locations)

      e.g. if you put front two tyres out and lift on jacks in this case, each front right, front left is carrying upto 2400 Kg of weight + rear tyres are also still carrying weight of similar amount, (or perhaps even more depending on your car).

      if e.g. put only 1, or 3 tyre(s) up from ground on jack, in this case its most dangerous because car is tilted highest (1 jack could only carry 1200Kg, and rest have to be carried by the one or three tyres on ground (IF they are touching ground).

      Most mid sized sedans/hatchback cars itself are only around 1.5 KG So 1 of these jack is more than plenty for that. Problem only arises when using these for HEAVY HEAVY vehicles with kerbside weight of 4000Kg or more.

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