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Wirex Referral Bonus - Referrer & Referee Each Get US$15 Worth of WXT, Referee Also Gets US$10 Agoda Voucher


Wirex is a Multicurrency Account which also lets you buy crypto and earn interest. It also offers an optional prepaid Visa debit card (but not required for this deal).

WXT is their native token. Once you get the bonus you can easily convert it to AUD within the app.


1 Register with Wirex using a referral link (use the random generator below) and verify your account
2. Make your first crypto purchase of at least US$40 (about $55 AUD) with a linked credit or debit card
3. That’s it - you earn US$15 in WXT and a US$10 Agoda voucher! (That's about $33 AUD in bonuses)

Promo expires 31 October 2021.

Terms: https://community.wirexapp.com/t/apac-introduce-your-bestie-...

Referral Links

Referral: random (41)

Referrer and Referee earns $5 in BTC when Referee purchases at least $100 worth of Crypto.

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  • Anyone using their X-Account feature?

    • It converts your coins to USDC, so that was an instant no from me. maybe if you have USD or AUD it might be worth it.

      Also note wirex made changes recently, you need a minimum of 5100 WRX tokens to convert your rewards to anything else.

      • +1

        Better than usdt

        Worked well for me

        • Yes, however you lose the upside on the coins you convert for a flat rate + fee for the conversion. That's not a very good trade.

      • I decided to try it so I added AUD to my X-Account and you get 16% returns paid weekly in WXT. Not sure what to do with the WXT now, maybe sell for AUD?

  • +1

    Wirex is great, yeh I’ve used it pretty solid.

    • Do you have an X-Account?

  • How long does it take for the US$15 in WXT to show up in my account?

  • Just a tip, they run promotions often for buying coins. So it might be possible to stack with other promotions.

  • +1

    Took about 6hrs to get verified after provided more private info than normal. The experience was fairly frustrating, all the cryptos disappeared from the app once I deposited, contacted support and had to manually add each back on.

    Once I had bought some Litecoin to send back to my main exchange, lost about $2.00 in the spread. Luckily the outbound network fee was normal.

    Didn't get any of the advertised referral offer, despite using the affiliate link above and signing up directly from that link, putting $60 AUD (US$45) in etc.

    Support said I might get it in a month, not worth the hassle, I wouldn't recommend anyone bother with this app.

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