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US$3 off: Circle Joy 4-in-1 Electric Corkscrew, Foil Cutter, Pourer, Stopper US$13.50 (~A$18) @ Xiao_mi Online Store AliExpress


▪ Easily open the bottle in 8s Keep it fresh in a vacuum for 7 days
▪ 4-in-1 classic combination
▪ Easy to Use: Simple push-button operation, push "Down Button" to take the cork out of wine bottle, push "Up Button" to remove the cork from wine opener.
▪ Elegant Design: Unique transparent window makes the entire cork removal process visual. Foil cutter included for easily removing seals.

Tin paper-knife: Q/KLT 3
Pourer: Q/440402 KLT 27
Wine stopper: Q/KLT 6
product material
Corkscrew: ABS, PC
Tinfoil cutter: ABS
Pourer: Acrylic for food contact
Red wine stopper: PC, TPE for food contact
Packing size: 9055242mm

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    Does anyone on ozb drink wine from a bottle with a cork in it nowadays? i'm a cardboardonnay drinker myself.

    • +1

      Yep, I have a winery that still supplies wine in cork. But you don't ever see that wine listed on OB :-)

      Even then, you don't want wine stored in a vacuum. The way that works best uses inert gas to replace the missing volume, and then you still want to consume as quickly as possible.

    • Yep, have plenty of old bottles in storage

    • Quite a few mystery wines at the moment can come under cork, particularly if they are cancelled export lots. Also, several of the imported Costco wines I get come under cork.

  • It comes up as US $14.84 ?

  • -1

    Might be handy, if you stumble across this in Russian Georgia

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