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Logitech MX Keys for Mac (Space Grey) $169.15 (Was $199) Delivered @ digiDIRECT (Price Beat @ Officeworks $160.69)


Just saw digiDirect has the Mac version of the popular keyboard. I went to officeworks to pricematch. However, there is limited stock in officeworks stores and none online, so digiDirect may be better option anyway. You can get 338 Qantas points from digiDirect as well.


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  • Does "for Mac" means it doesn't come with the USB dongle, so it's supposed to connect via BT?

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      Mac means it features dedicated keyboard layout for Mac users. It is also a slightly different colour to match the Space grey MacBook. I believe the normal version has keys with both control and command printed on them. This is better if you switch between Mac and windows or just use windows. I got the for Mac one because I only use macs. It also has the USB receiver included and I believe you can reprogram it to connect to multiple Logitech devices such as a mouse although I have not tried this before. I think the usb receiver can be better than Bluetooth when waking the device or playing games but I use Bluetooth.

      • True! From Logitech:

        Package Contents
        Unifying USB Receiver
        USB-C charging cable (USB-C to USB-C)
        User documentation

      • Is it actually a different colour? Genuinely cannot confirm this myself after much googling…

        • Yep it is lighter. Almost all shops I have seen have the wrong image followed by the right image or the right image of a different key format (not US which is the standard in Australia). It’s pretty annoying. There is two models. “MX Keys” and “MX Keys for Mac”

          • @art-fanatic: So just clarifying it’s the MX keys for mac which is the lighter one?

            • @jackary: Yes. The For Mac is Space grey colour. The original one is more of a black colour.

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      This is the case for the mx anywhere 3, no dongle, and comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable instead of a USB-A to USB-C cable.

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    Since when did keyboards cost $200

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      It worth it value and can be deducted at tax time easily.

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        This is made by Logitech, and the Windows version is about the same price.

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      I prefer the features this keyboard offers and use it every day for work. It’s worth it to me. If you are price conscious then there are many more affordable options from Logitech and other brands that do the job.

      • I second this. the user experience is second to none.

    • Keyboards actually used to cost far more, before we had the market flooded with cheap keyboards with low quality rubber dome or so I am told.

      I personally think investments into a decent keyboard and a mouse is going to make your life so much better if you use them for a prolonged time imo. And a monitor/a monitor stand as well.

  • Don't forget the $10 voucher when you sign up for the newsletter.

  • $125 not long ago for the non Mac version. That's the new standard now

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      That was a latitude pay deal - not a store deal.
      Not been that low otherwise, as far as I've seen on here.
      Around $150 is as low as it goes, and that's not common.
      (I've been holding out for a good price)

    • It has been lower, however I am happy with the 160 odd I paid and thought others may be interested too

  • Best keyboard I've ever used…

  • I prefer keychron keyboard that cost around $110.

    • I was really tempted to try Keychron K10 with brown switches. However, I do a lot of typing on video calls and thought it may be too loud? Also it was quite a lot higher off the desk. Do your wrists get sore after lots of typing?

      • If noise is your concern, don't get a mechanical keyboard or get ones with switches that have silicone dampeners in them.

        Though I don't think I've seen any low profile switches from Cherry, Gateron or Kailh that has dampeners inside, probably because it is already working with a shorter travel (dampeners reduce travel little bit because they need to hit the bottom instead of the hard plastic stem).

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