I'm Using a Pixel 6 Pro - AMA

Hi Folks -

Never really played in the forums that much, but thought I'd give it a go to help anyone out.

I have a Pixel 6 Pro and I'm happy for you to AMA…

So far here's my take -

  • Unlock with fingerprint on screen is cool and quite reliable
  • Camera x 0.75 zoom is amazing, seriously how did I not know I needed this feature
  • Android 12 on Google handset is the best combo I've encountered in the Android world
  • Curved edge screen is pretty but can be a touch frustrating for apps with buttons close to / right on edge can be a little sensitive to "touch"

As a callout, I like Pixel / Android but don't work for Google.

I hope I can help answer any questions you may have

Edit - Fixed "esge" vs. "edge" typo


  • How much did you pay for it? Is it worth it over your old phone?

    • I didn't pay for it -
      I was using a Pixel 5 / 5G and this handset is a legitimate and fundamental rebuild - it does not feel or look like any previous variant of Pixel at all. The larger form factor feels "luxury" makes the 5 feel cheap and small - a bit like handling an old smaller iPhone compared to a larger/Pro model.

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    I think we are at a point where most of the phones are fundamentally the same (unless you're using a foldable).
    Did you experience anything that makes it standout? e.g. can you use it to screen spam calls? (AFAIK it's disabled in Australia?)

    • True - it's the hardware/software harmony that stands out. I have call screening, most hang-up which probably means it's working 🀣…the camera is standout, the software moves seamlessly between what I think are three rear lenses. Very neat.

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      Call screening is supposed to be coming to Australia soon.

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    Hello from Ashburton too!

    Are you allowed to say how you got access early?

    Don't have any questions even though I will probably be buying it, getting a few issues with my Pixel 3XL

    • 🀫

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      Are you allowed to say how you got access early?

      YouTuber maybe?

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    Camera x 0.75 zoom is amazing, seriously how did I not know I needed this feature

    What is this? A wide angle function? Doesn't the Pixel 5 also have a wide angle lens? What makes this one different?

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      Here's a picture - Left is 1.0 and Right is 0.7

      (edit: from the exact same spot)

      • Again, how is this really any different to the pixel 5?

        • I wasn't suggesting it was different - rather providing the example of Pixel 6… I was not aware this feature existed on the Pixel 5

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    Have you tried the tensor chip features? Magic eraser and using assistan without the hot words?
    P.s. i wish there was pixel mini.

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      Ok, I didn't know about Magic Eraser until you told me… Check this out… Fairly amazing http://imgur.com/a/0U0HP4M

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        Wow! I want to buy one now…haha
        Thanks for the AMA

  • Nice! I've put in my pre-order so I can't wait to get my hands on it.

    I'd be keen to hear your thoughts on how well the camera stacks up compared to other current flagships (if you have access to those)?

    How big is the camera bump? would a case make it less obvious?

    • Camera bump is wide across the whole rear - lenses and flash. I'm a touch worried it might get scratched as it is the furthest protruding point on the top/back. Definitely a test for the "gorilla" glass of whatever ista called. I don't have a case, not available, but will get something slimline/silicon when possible - suspect it might "smooth" the ridge a bit.

  • Hows the battery life? Do you can you get at least 7 hours SOT??

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      I'm using this as my daily driver, I'm home more than usual given lockdown but it does the full day and I'm literally always on it. So far, I would say it's a big step up on Pixel 5 - not sure whether that's capacity of battery or power management.

      • The battery size from the Pixel 5 to the 6 Pro is quite a big step up, from ~4100mAh to ~5000mAh. It's also using the Google Tensor chipset, which may/may not be more efficient than Snapdragon's 765G in the Pixel 5.

        • Great callout - I've not done the legwork, but my Pixel 5 was new and I would say the experience is more than 20% battery life… Again, purely anecdotal from my day to day use

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    How's the battery life with 120hz screen?

    Is the Pro quite heavy/bulky to carry in the hand or pocket?

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      Battery per above -
      Heavy, no… Bulky yes, but not "thick" - it's bigger overall size than 4 XL

      • How does it compare to 4xl?
        As i understand 6pro is more of a successor to 4xl (flagship) than 5 (mid range).
        Im very tempted to upgrade, but not sure its big enough step up.

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          Optus, but didn't Google change the way android updates rolled out to avoid provider bottlenecks?
          I just opened System Update and checked for updates.
          Worth noting - It auto checked at 12:09pm, found nothing. My manual check at 2:30ish found the update to Android 12.

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      It's on mine.

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      I am on pixel 4 and for mine

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        Still nothing here on Pixel 4 with Telstra grr

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    How are the speakers? And how do you find the video?

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      Video is phenomenal. Not sure I'd be handing back the Bluetooth speaker just yet - although I've mainly onpy used speaker with voice calls vs. music

      • Is there any crackling in the speakers (especially the earphone speaker at the top)?

        Is the sound balanced between the top and bottom?

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          Honestly - I think the max volume level for audio playback (I tried via YT Music) was higher than it should be - definitely distorts/crackles about 80%… With no background noise I found the music playback entirely comfortable at about 50% volume level. Audio well balanced from the top and the bumper/bottom. If you asked me "would I buy this phone to use as a speaker for audio playback…?" - No, but having used it as a speakerphone it on occasion it has performed commendably.

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            @Ashburtonian: Cool, thanks, just hoping it is better than my Pixel 2XL which is pretty bad

            • @reactor-au: Yep my Pixel 2XL was great one day - crap the next, and it never got better again.

              The Pixel 4XL I've been rocking since then has had great speakers so I doubt it would be a step back on the Pixel 6? Surely not!

              • @Ramrunner: It's just too bad we can't get something like a S21 Ultra Google Edition, like back in the day with the S4 Google Edition I think it was —- Samsung HW, Google SW

  • <1x zoom was present on Pixel 5, no?
    I have 0.6x on mine…

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    Curved esge screen

    Do you have a screen protector? My pet hate with curved screens is the shitty glass protectors.

    • I don't have any accessories so I can't comment - so far no gunk accumulated on the glass/frame edge if that helps

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      My pet hate with curved screens is the shitty glass protectors.

      Look into Whitestone Dome Glass/UV Cured Screen Protector. They are expensive, but it a lot better than those cheap edge stick screen protector.

    • Sorry about the typo, edited above

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        Just don't do it again please.

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    is the curved edge screen only on the pro?

    I hate curved edge screens, but I am very interested in this new phone by google.

    • Yes

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      I only have the Pro so haven't used other models - it really is quite striking, the only thing is where some apps have extreme edge navigating buttons (e.g. an "x" to clear a game ad) it requires a little more concentration of dexterity

  • What colour is your 6 Pro?

    Can't wait to get mine in a week's time!

    • Black… They call it Storm Black I think

      • I also have Stormy Black ordered.

        Do you have an official Google case? I'm interested in getting one, but not if it's like previous Pixel cases and the bottom of the phone where the charging port is isn't covered and just has a giant gap instead of holes for the port and speakers.

        • I didn't get a choice on colour but would have gone black anyway…
          I don't have any accessories - but I want a slim case, let me know if you discover a good option

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      That's fair, I think I've always found the appeal of hardware designed for pure Android rather appealing. Samsung have some awesome features. Not sure why, but I kinda like to see what Google can do with Android when they control the hardware too…

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        In the last 6 months, I've gone….

        Pixel 4XL —> Samsung S21 Ultra (lasted just over a week with it) —> Pixel 5 —> Samsung Flip 3 (a month in and it's driving me crazy)

        Can hardly wait to dump the Flip and go back to Pixel.

        • …are you famous on Twitter @ozdj

        • I'm keen to get updates quick and see how Google handles it with their chip. Off topic. What's the issue with the flip? It looks cool. Software or hardware issues?

          • @punk: My main use case is photography and, compared to my Pixel 4 (and even the Pixel 4 XL), it's not even in the same ballpark for image quality/predictability.

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      One has basically pure android, the other has Samsung's abomination of an os.

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        I never understood that. What part of one ui is an 'abomination'?

        The ui? Well android is all about customisation, feel free to choose a different theme or launcher (heck you'll find something like Google launcher).

        The phone app already has scam blocker. The file app allows you to sync Google drive/onedrive.

        Google Chrome doesn't block ads (Android version). Samsung Internet has ad blockers as well as blocking some trackers. (Brave browser had some privacy issues in the past).

        But beauty is in the eye of the beholder so…

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          Absolutely. Personal choice…

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          I simply don't like it.

  • Is it available on display at any place in Sydney?

    • Not sure unfortunately, someone else might know? Flagship store for a Telstra, Optus or Voda maybe?

    • +4

      JB Hi-Fi Macquarie Centre.

      • Thanks a lot!

        • I'd assume the Telstra flagship store on George St in the city would have them on display too

        • If you're in the Fairfield LGA, both JB Hi-Fi Wetherill Park and Telstra Wetherill Park had them on display

          • @kerfuffle: Thanks for the update! I was able to see it at JB Macquarie that day, but nice to hear it's available in more places

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    Pixel lover here. Currently using the 4 XL. Waiting to get my hands on a 6 Pro.

    Have you found anything you don't like about the phone?

    • +2

      The only thing I'm "nervous" about is scratching the camera panel - worries me a bit. Otherwise, hands down best Pixel ever (and so it should be…but that hasn't always been the case for recent upgrades).

      Fingerprint unlock on the screen is awesome, even just the way it backlights is fun/functional, albeit it will frustrate some obsessed over a clean screen - but my fingers are always on my screen, so unlocking (I use my thumb) isn't leaving noticeable prints at all.

      • +1

        There are screen protectors for the camera panel. Who knows if they are any good.

        • The Jerry Rig Everything test will be interesting in this one

      • Can you explain more what is good about the finger print sensor in the screen.
        It is the biggest thing putting me off as I really like the sensor on the back, but maybe just because I'm used to it.
        I feel like the back sensor with a hole in the case there makes it really easy to unlock before even having to look at the phone.

        • +1

          I love that rear sensor - but I always had to pick up my phone to unlock it - now I can just touch it to unlock - also, it was a touch frustrating in the car holder (yeah, I know - don't use your phone and drive, but that's different to unlocking it to check something when you're parked and don't want to take the phone out of the car holder)…

  • Would you mind capturing some video with shows off the HDR video features? Maybe a sunset with normally a blown out sky with normal foreground or the opposite.

    Would be interesting to get the same video with your pixel 5 as comparison

    • Will see if the sun beats the kids to bed and give it a go…

      • All good if you can't. Even just some video outdoors would be great. Thanks mate

        • I grabbed a clip for you in 4K - IMGUR won't cop the upload - where can I anon-drop this for you?

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