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Elgato StreamDeck XL (32 Key) $349.68 + Shipping (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Amazon AU selling the the Streamdeck XL via Amazon UK.
Not the cheapest it's ever been, but it has been floating around the $400 mark for the last few months.
Currently listed as $89.32 off (20%)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    One letter away from my next big purchase.

    • Steam deck is doing an XL?

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    man i read this as steam deck. downvoted.

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    100% worth it if you are a streamer, you think this is alot of buttons but you will quickly fill this up I know I did.

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    Not the cheapest it's ever been, but it has been floating around the $400 mark for the last few months.

    Not to take away from the OPs deal post, but ~$30 more than the lowest price from Amazon and ~$80 more than the lowest from EB Games (both in 2020).

    To bite or not to bite…. 1 month away from Black Friday.

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      I would not spend anything untill black friday everything is pointing to a meltdown in sales over that week.

      this is the calm before the storm.

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        I certainly hope you are right, because I heard that due to the negative impact on businesses because of COVID19, they wont offer much because they don't have the margins to do so.

        I really hope I am wrong and you are right…

        • yeah the negative impact is not on business that have online stores. Retailers on line are doing very well.

  • I've been looking all over the internet for a <10 button keyboard I can assign macros to.

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      Just get a standalone numeric keypad, just a bit more than 10 keys though.

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      I mean sure you could go do that, but by your logic, nintendo switches or other consoles are also scammaz since you can just use a cheap laptop or pc and a third party app that can emulate them for free.


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      Scammaz lol how old are you

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    Note they just introduced pagination, so the smaller one might be good for some people now (not just folders).

    Got this last year during the JB sale and use it every day for work, worth it to me - even just as a shortcut bar for things, my time is worth more than screwing around with something else, plus it's a tax write off for work.

    100% happy with the luxury

    • Been thinking about getting one for work also. But dont think i need the XL

    • Would you mind giving examples of how it helps with your work?

      Just trying to imagine if it would improve my workflow.


      • +1

        I use it for basic things on the homepage ("Work" tab):
        DEV/UAT/PRD instances of a product
        Media playback buttons (back, play/pause, next)
        3 OBS scenes (Full webcam/Desktop 2 sharing/Capture Card)
        VoiceMeter controls to adjust which output sound is coming from (boring meetings to speakers so I dont have it in my ears or can walk away)
        Mute Button for Microphone
        ADL Time, WGTN time (I work for NZ)

        Then I have a tab for hass stuff
        And another tab with some steam launchers or shortcuts to DLC folders/things I go to a lot for home.
        I personally like having all the buttons available on one screen, so no regrets on the XL, but I work from home 50hrs a week, so its a very small investment for convenience.

        I've used it for about a year and probably couldn't go back. I don't even use 1/10th of what it can do with all the BarRaider plugins, but I still find value out of it - others maybe not so much.

  • So these things actually have little screens in the buttons? How useful is it to use for something like Photoshop macros?

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      No, it is a single large screen with a custom touch overlay and transparent plastic buttons.

      I would suggest it is perfect for Photoshop Macros if you're invested in setting it up.

    • You can assign animated gifs to each button. I've done it for my games shortcut screen (and most of my home screen) and it looks amazing.

  • Great for MMOs where you can hot-key a lot of stuff. Amazing for DCS/Star Citizen/Elite Dangerous where you got a lot of key-binds.
    With DCS, I believe it even feeds back to the keys showing off and on states.

  • I actually grabbed one from the last deal and it had insane buzzing so returned it, and its still in return process after 1month+.

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