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Huion Kamvas 13 Pen Display from A$299 Delivered @ Huion Official Store


Discount: 20% off +Free Shipping (Ship from AU)
Link: https://store.huion.com/au/products/kamvas-13
Valid Time: Oct. 18th 00:00 - Oct. 31th

Kamvas Pro 12 the original price is AUD $499, now only AUD $379 delivered>>
Kamvas Pro 16 the original price is AUD $699, now only AUD $559 delivered>>

Buy Kamvas 24 Series/Kamvas Pro 20 (2019)/Kamvas Pro 22 (2019)/Kamvas Pro 24 Free Shipping & Get One Free Gift Box valued at A$109.99
15% off for all accessories>> https://store.huion.com/au/collections/accessories
More products for sale>> https://store.huion.com/au/pages/halloween-sale

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    I strongly suggest people to buy from their Amazon store, not directly from their website.

    Amazon seems to also be having a sale on their products.

    They don't have the best customer service, so best go through Amazon.

    Alternatives to Huion are XP-PEN and Wacom.

    • Amazon may have good customer service, but they treat their warehouse staff like shit all over the world. I've been looking at tablets recently, and glad to have an alternative as I stopped buying from Amazon a while back.

  • @OP do you have any promotion for a pen tablet?

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