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Oclean One Smart Electric Toothbrush + Free Gifts + Free Delivery - US$39.99 (~A$53.58) @ Oclean.com (Membership Required)


Hi OzBargain,

Oclean is on Fan Club Deal from Oct. 20th - Oct. 23rd PST.

>Free gifts for all orders
  • 1*Free Oclean dental floss
  • Earn double Oclean member points (2 points for US$1 spent)
>Free gifts for the first 200 electric toothbrush orders
  • 2*Free Oclean toothbrush heads refills (P2)
>Free gifts for orders over US$99/$169/$249 (maximum one free gift per order per customer)
  • 1*Free Oclean travel bag for orders over US$99 (~A$132.64)
  • 1*Free Oclean UVC sterilizer (S1-Grey) for orders over US$169 (~A$226.43)
  • 1*Free Oclean electric toothbrush (Z1-White) for orders over US$249 (~A$333.61)
>20% off US$39 on accessories - No code needed - Link


  1. Free gift(s) will be automatically added to your cart for eligible orders. No discount code needed.
  2. Gift cards are not eligible for deals.

Oclean One + 1*Free Dental Floss + 2*Brush Head Refills - 50% off US$39.99 (~A$53.58) - Product Link

42,000VPM | 60-day Battery | Smart App | Customizable Brushing Plan

Oclean X + 1*Free Dental Floss + 2*Brush Head Refills - 50% off US$44.99 (~A$60.28) - Product Link

3D Designed Bristles | Smart Touch Screen | Smart Touch Screen

Oclean X Pro + 1*Free Dental Floss + 2*Brush Head Refills - 40% off US$59.99 (~A$80.38) - Product Link

42,000VPM | Smart App | Blind Zone Detection | 3 Modes | 32 Intensities

Oclean F1 + 1*Free Dental Floss + 2*Brush Head Refills - 46% off US$26.99 (~A$36.16) - Product Link

3D Designed Bristles | Blind Zone Detection | IPX7 Waterproof

Oclean Toothbrush Head Refills (P2) (6-Pack) US$20 off - US$19.99 (~A$26.78) - No code needed - Product Link

Compatible with All Oclean Toothbrushes | High-density Soft Bristles | Food-grade Materials

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  • +1

    What's the difference in the heads - P1, P2, P5 etc?

    • +2

      The only difference is their colors.
      Oclean :-)

      • Thanks for that.

  • +1

    OP any deals for the Oclean X Pro Elite?

    • Hi,
      Buy it now with 1S1 and you will get additional 1Free Dental Floss + 2Free Brush Head Refills + 1Free Travel Bag and free shipping.
      Oclean :-)

  • Still waiting for my order from the last deal (Oct 9th).

    • Thanks for your patiently wait, they just completed custom clearance, please wait 2 - 5 more days for its delivery.

  • out of stock for the free gifts but I still got the Oclean F1, good price anyway

    • +1

      Hi Titus,

      The gifts are still available, please pm your order ID and let me check this out for you.

      Thanks for your support.

      Oclean :-D

  • These just vibrate? How long for shipping?

    • Hello,Dylanando, our toothbruh does more than just vibrates. It has 60 day battery life with quick charge technologies. It’s smart, meaning it can be connected to your mobile phone to create customised plans and view detailed brushing analysis. It also features an audio speaker for voice reminders.

      Of course, it’s also powerful at 42,000 vibrations per minute and uses the best in class DuPont Tynex and Pedex filaments, which are FDA approved.

      As for the shipping time to Australia, it is roughly 8-12 days after shipment .

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