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Desktop Gaming PC with Ryzen 5 3600 CPU, RTX 3060 Ti, B550 MB, 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD, 650W PSU $1788 + Delivery @ TechFast


Another TechFast deal from rep Luke, this time one tier higher. Again they have no queue so will ship in the 2-3 business day time frame.

Enjoy :)

Ryzen 5 3600
RTX 3060 Ti (Gainward, Gigabyte being used)
Gigabyte B550M DS3H motherboard
16GB 3200Mhz (2x8) RAM
650W Bronze PSU
MSI MAG Forge 100R case

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  • +2

    Great price

    • +10

      If it ever arrives lol

      • +2

        are they really that bad? is it also worth to add '150Mbps USB Wi-Fi Adapter (+$19.00)' as Wifi is the only connection.

          • +2

            @boydbino: reviews saying they are absolutely hopeless, then too risky to hand over almost $2k to them

            • +7

              @kaikor: Also bought 2 PC's from them no issues

            • -3

              @kaikor: mate i got an inferior graphics card and got told to pound sand when I told them about it. Be careful

              • +3

                @DisabledUser125592: No, you ordered an RTX 2060 (Make/Model may vary) and you got a Galax RTX 2060 Mini (Which is a make/model of Graphics card which has a very much authentic Nvidia RTX 2060 chipset onboard)

                You've also waited 12 months after receiving your order, to start slandering TechFast……

                You really should stop posting the slander (As it leaves you open to being sued by TechFast for Defamation) and take your matter to the ACCC of you honestly believe you have a case (Spoiler Alert: You don't)

          • +2

            @boydbino: Oooooooooof.

            Have bought from them twice this year. No issues apart from slightly longer than advertised shipping time (~2-3 days longer). Some horror stories on those reviews though.

          • @boydbino: wow 13 x 1 Star reviews

            • @BadBreath: I never trust any min/max votes, always check the one's in-between.

          • -4

            @boydbino: So it's not just me. Buyer beware of Techfast.
            3 week delay and sent me an inferior graphics card and then tried to tell me they're the same.

            Galax 'RTX2060 Mini' ( https://www.galax.com/en/graphics-card/20-series/2060-series... )
            Galax 'RTX2060' ( https://www.galax.com/en/graphics-card/20-series/2060-series... )

            Here's my post about it.

            • +1

              @DisabledUser125592: Ad stated "RTX 2060 (Make/Model may vary and is subject to availability"

              Galax RTX2060 Mini is an RTX2060 graphics card.

              You have no case

            • +1

              @DisabledUser125592: You do realise that all your rage and efforts causes no change in the love for Techfast? Trying to bring a company down because of your own idiocy is hilarious.

        • +4

          They're good, I bought one. I don't recommend the wi-fi add-on though, it's not very good (again, I bought one)

          • @BadAtNames: so better off switch to a motherboard with wifi instead?

            • +2

              @kaikor: I can't speak on the motherboards they offer as an upgrade as I went with the stock one and got the wifi add on. I ended up getting another wi-fi stick off amazon that's miles better (similar price as well).

            • +1

              @kaikor: You can buy wifi adapters very easily on eBay or Amazon. For a gaming pc, especially if you’re gaming you’d want an Ethernet connection.

              I am also a happy techfast customer.

              • @Danstar: Major tec noob so i was wondering which one to get.My wifi is pretty poor up my end of the house.Only have a crappy pc but im looking for one now.

                • +1

                  @Marmz69: No Wifi adapter or modem can really help with that.

                  Best 2 options;

                  Get an ethernet port made from your modem to that room (costs me around $100 inc. labor and parts)

                  or a mesh wifi system (I haven't had any experience with this but seen others say its good)

                  • @Danstar: Thanks for the reply and the info.Much appreciated

                • @Marmz69: Im using what's called a powerline. It's sort of like Ethernet but without the long cables going from one end to another, instead it goes through your power point using electricity. Do some research on it :)

        • +1

          I bought a PC from them, in the height of the shortage. Wait times were long, communication wasn't great but their prices are amazing. PC is excellent too.

        • No, I have a good ebay one with large antennas for similar money.

      • prepare to wait 2-3 months for the arrival. Lol

        • +1

          Mine took just over a month to arrive and they were very transparent about this.

      • For the Pc I Bought it took 2 weeks and that was when the 3080 was on preorder stock.

        • -4

          Make sure they send you a 3080 and not some wierd version.
          I order a 2060 and they sent me a 2060 mini.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser125592: You ordered an RTX 2060 chipset, and you received an RTX 2060 chipset (An RTX 2060 Mini is an RTX 2060)

            Seriously, you must be a 12 year old the way you're carrying on, even when faced with the truth from many, many people.

      • +1

        My order was posted today, ordered fri if it helps.

    • -1

      To resell on ebay

  • +19

    I wonder if they are still using the explosive gigabyte PSUs

    • +9

      Don’t know why you’re getting negged. They were knowingly shipping out the gigabyte psu’s that were exploding.

      • were they?

      • I know they sold Gigabyte plus, still do. We're they the specific model that was doing this?

    • +1

      They were 750 and 850W 80 Plus Gold and this specifies 650 Bronze, so not this one at least

    • it burns 2 of my graphic cards. luckily it was under warranty but it still cause me grief and time to troubleshoot. My gigabyte PSU still haven't got replaced yet.
      their customer service sucks

  • Does anyone know what PSU they are using? Are they using the allied ones?

    • +1

      Hey bot

    • Not in my build

  • Very reasonable price in the current market.

  • Should i upgrade? Currently have i7-7700 and RTX 2080. Would i see much benefit gaming, video editing? Thanks in advance.

    • +31

      Keep your current PC

    • +1

      If you really want to upgrade I would go 5800x minimum. But since alder lake is launching on nov 4 I’d wait and see if AMD lowers their price

      • It seems Win 11 is Intel biased. Hope Microsoft closes the gap on AMD

        • Main performance deficit for amd has been patched already (out patch is out soon out something). Should be ok.

          • @Alzori: Apparently the patch made things worse

            • @eloque: Oh did it? ah well. Can just keep waiting til it's stable then, nothing wrong with win10 in the meantime ^_^

              • @Alzori: I agree! Only just activated mine. Gotta get my cheddar's worth

    • no, market is terrible right now.

    • -3

      Sell your RTX2080. You'll get more than you've paid for. Then get a cheapie GTX970 for around $200 - $250 temporarily to maintain your system then wait until next year when GPU prices become stable. By then, DDR5 Ram will be released alongside the next gen intel and AMD CPU's which IMO will give you more headroom to buy newer tech or get last year's tech for cheaper.

      • GPU prices aren't dropping till mid to end 2022 apparently.

        • Let's see. So was said about interest rates rising in 2024 too

          • +4

            @vinni9284: But with current GPU prices, companies like AMD and Nvidia would capitalise on it. Apparently Nvidia is slowing down GPU production just to maintain current GPU prices

            • +1

              @seethroughthong: Well IMO too many FOMO ppl are spending exorbitant prices to buy. $4K for a RTX3090 which will be superseded by its next mid-tier $1K graphics.

        • And for years experts have being saying the Sydney house market will crash. It'll happen but not always when predicted.

    • The quad core will be holding you back right now but it’s still a very capable machine. I don’t think it would be worth upgrading to a previous generation Ryzen.

    • I’m running a similar build with windows 11, it’s fine. Considering it plays games well still I wouldn’t bother. Best upgrade is m2 ssds if you already don’t have them

  • Thanks all, ill listen to your advices 👍

  • is this worth getting vs the bpctech 6700xt one? or wait until black friday

    • +4

      IMO GPU's are way overpriced on both sides; AMD & Nvidia. I would wait.

    • Wait for BF. That's what I'm doing, although I don't see much better pricing on the horizon.
      Edit: The BPC Tech one has a better (arguably) graphics card, but an inferior motherboard (again, IMO), and lesser storage. So factoring all those in, pricing gets ruled out as a factor. If you have to buy today, I'd go with the techfast one.

  • +1

    Still nowhere close to the $1444 3070 system from Feb. That deal was phenomenal it seems.

    • -1

      Link? I've been HODLing so long I forgot what the pricing used to be like.

    • Thanks for reminding :(, not buying this would be one of my biggest regret of this year, as I just purchased a 3070 just for $1350.

  • Does rep reply to comments here? Curious which version the 3060 is and the brand of the x570 wifi MB

    • +1

      Used to reply constantly…absence was conspicuous to me even before reading your post.

      (added on edit) Posting from the troglodyte state and forgot the real time is 9:51PM, may be why????

    • In another deal, they said usually galax, msi, gigabyte as those are their main partners

  • +6

    definitely a techfast bots somewhere imo. I commented they were using an explosive PSU and I got downvoted hard. Lots of negative reviews and this is upvoted heaps? hardly a deal especially with the price + quality of parts and customer service. Please look at any reviews before spending your money.

    • +1

      I have 2 friends with Luke's pc's both work fine… God I wish I'd done that $600 580 deal when they did… vCard woulda played for it all 😂

      • Can confirm. I've still got my $600 580. Works great still.

    • +1

      Lol, that's an interesting conspiracy theory. Small time PC builder spends hours on coding to downvote in Ozb?

      It wasn't every Gigabyte psu that exploded, just 1 model and thought it wasn't a range they had used (I'm going off other comments, don't know myslef).

  • +4

    Bought one a few months back.

    I am extremely happy. Everything works perfectly. Updated to windows 11. All good.

    Also, nothing wrong with any of the parts they have used.. All name brand. The case looks awesome too.

    Took a while to deliver to Melbourne, but they were very clear about delivery times.

  • +8

    We need transparency in what PSU will be used given the track record of using explosive Gigabyte PSUs.

    • +12

      They were super defensive about it when I emailed them a while ago. Insisting that the Gigabyte PSUs that blow up infact don't. Total bs.

    • +1

      It'll likely be a p650b - also for what it's worth I currently own several of the 750/850 gigabyte modulars with the supposed issues powering multiple GPU systems 24/7 with no problems. Although I still think gigabyte are a dodgy company for other reasons haha.

    • +1

      Wasn't it only like 2 specific models?

  • Do you all realise that the exploding gigabyte gpus were the fully modular ones? Techfast don't use the fully modular ones in their builds…

    • +10

      Grab a pitchfork or go home.

    • +1

      Where? I have 2080 with 3600 which is pretty close, the 3600 could be higher spec but its no slouch.

  • is it good for kids?

    • +1

      Just get something basic or an xbox

  • Price is processing weirdly, came out with the subtotal of $1,807.27 without shipping for me.

  • +1

    Techfast served me well. My machine is near 3 years old and still happy. Only minor upgrades.

  • In all honesty their performance has taken a nosedive.
    I bought a PC back in 2019 and it arrived no issues.
    I recommended them to a family member and they bought a PC recently.

    The PC took 2 months 'to be built' due to lack of parts.
    Then they handed it over to Australia post instead of using a courier service. It is sitting somewhere still undelivered 4 months after the order was placed.

    Neither Techfast or Ozpost is willing to take any action and a refund was forced out of Techfast after going to fair trading.

    Anyone buying here beware.

    • +2

      Wow, thats very very bad service, and we are talking like $2k or more worth of item, not a $2 hotwheels from bigw …

  • +1

    I've bought 3 PCs over last few years and apart from taking a few weeks for initial build and delivery, received great service, I also got a free upgrade on one motherboard as they ran out of part and didn't want to delay and a free upgrade on graphics card but that was because of warranty, had artefacts on screen and maybe damaged in transit, but minimal questions asked and replacement sent quickly and before damaged card sent back to them via their paid post, I also had a mouse and keyboard arrived damaged which was the couriers fault but replaced immediately. Unless per comments service has degraded in last year, I'd still highly recommend them.

  • Should I get this now or wait till Black Friday and hoping for better deal?

    Currently I am on Ryzen 5 2600 GTX 1070.

    • +1

      Always hold off if you can. Doubt BF will be much better.

    • +1

      Hold off. I've been waiting for a good computer deal which excludes the GPU but seems this wont happen, now I'm holding out till a price drop. I've got some 295's, some 490's, a 980 and 2080 sup incase I have some GPU fails while waiting.

  • Good price for this system. Have ordered a PC from these guys before and although im sure experiences differ and they might be slow with shipping sometimes, my experience was overall positive. Even a couple years after I bought an SSD failed and they managed to negotiated with tbe manufacturer and replace it for free (I only paid shipping) for me. Happy to vouch for these guys doing the right thing.

  • My order was posted today.

    • Has now arrived

  • Anyone know if the fan lights can be turned off on this?

  • does this need an AIO?

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