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1440P Gaming PC | Ryzen 5 3600 CPU | RTX3070 8GB GPU | B550M MB | 480GB SSD | 16GB RAM | LanceV Case | $1477 + Del @ TechFast


Ripper price from TechFast on this 1440P gaming PC. Code ARSECRUSHER drops the price by a flat $522 so feel free to use the upgrade options by selecting from the drop-down boxes. Delivery cost varies based on location. Offer ends February 9, unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Edit - Clarification on build time from Luke:

TechFast's estimated shipping time as per our Build & Shipping Times page is 14 business days, putting these at the end of Feb. The main stock for the deal is on hand, and the timing is related to the current build queue, order processing and custom PC building times.

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  • +32

    Arse ripping deal mate!

    • Arse ripping deal gets +15 votes, maybe better off waiting for an arse repairing deal.

    • +1

      Excellent mid range option for a gamer.

      IMO. With the B550 it has a good upgrade path. in say 3 years you could bang a second hand 5900x or something in it. Would get a long run out of it.

      • Not in the biostar you wouldn't haha.

  • +9

    Love the promo code!

  • +11

    Trying to sit on it would certainly be an arse crusher. I like how Techfast's cheapest case has a mesh front. I really don't like how PC builders insist on tempered glass fronts with 3 fans. You're supposed to improve airflow, not turn it into an oven.

    • +1

      Nothing wrong with 3 front fans and tempered glass front as long as the fans have adequate venting to allow the fans to suck in air.

      • +1

        That's the problem they often don't. When you factor in CPUs that run more hot like the 5800X it's not ideal when a simple mesh front has a considerable improvement.

        • +1

          Well yeah, front fans with a mesh front would be ideal in pretty much any circumstance. But mate think of all the FPS lost to not having full RGB front fans with glass front, so many FPS lost. LOL.

          I have 5 x 140mm fans blowing air into my case, all with decent static pressure. 3 of which are in the front panel, but decent venting for them. Of course I paid a bit more for this case than most would, be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 v2.

          • +1

            @AdosHouse: I remember Titan Tech (I think) saying how he thought RGB was more important than anything else. Was legitimately serious :/

            be quiet do good cases and good cooling. I love the orange strip on that one but would still take a mesh front.

            • @Clear: I got the black version, no orange. I was after quiet over anything. But I also did intentionally only consider cases with a type-c connector on the front.

              I'm not too concerned about temps, I have 5 good 140mm fans blowing in, and a Noctua D15 CPU cooler. While not incredible, running Prime95 on small FFTs, with 4Ghz all core (no OC), 80w in the CPU, I was getting 80 degrees max. When browsing or even gaming I can't even hear my computer, just how I like it.

    • Probably depends on what your dust situation is like. The glass would prevent more dust ingress, but it'd accumulate faster at the seams and would require frequent cleaning.

      • +1

        NZXT H510 series is a really good example of an oven. The airflow isn't so good when there is a single air vent on the side and at the top you can only fit a single fan as opposed to 2 or 3 limiting the airflow even further.

  • +1

    What?! Seriously!!!!

  • +5

    Essentially a free case and free ssd

  • With the shipping times I'd be spewing if I received this and a few days later they had a better deal. My mate purchased the 3060ti deal for $1400 mid January. I'd much prefer this.

    Still bought one though. Ripper deal.

  • Wow

  • +2

    You can select free upgrade the PSU to 850w without any additional cost

    • Yeah is that a glitch luke? Or are you being generous?

      • Seems like he has removed it..must be an error

    • +19

      Lol yeah nah that shouldn't have been there.

      • +5

        Bring the free PSU upgrade back please! I'll buy it rn

        • +11

          Give OzBargainers an inch, they take a mile.

    • +1

      Even with a 3080 and a 4790k oc'd to 4.6ghz my pc was still only pulling under 500watts at full load on a meter.

      You don't need an 800w power supply you just need a quality one.

      • +1

        Yeah official specs recommend 650w for the 3070. You always want to stay at around 50% load on power for best efficiency

      • Meanwhile a friend of mine doing an 5950x / RTX 3080 build insists he needs a 1200W PSU for it.

        • they may be overclocking though or wants a heap of incidental extras in their case

  • +39

    I certainly got crushed negotiating this price🤜🍑 anyone who doubts that TA doesn't negotitate hard to get the best price is dreaming

    • +2

      Mate, oh god recently ordered a cheaper PC through you but I'd much prefer this. can I change order to this please ?

      • where does someone draw the line of being a tightarse, and being reasonable??

    • -9

      Not gonna lie this really feels like charity and well all I can say is your goodwill will go a long way a very long way.

      Personally I'm holding out for 3080 Ti then it's full speed ahead for me but until then I'm taking a break.

      • +6

        The deal is not as good as you think if you price the components individually

        • +4

          Where does one go about pricing parts to compare ?
          According to Partpicker chepeast 3070 in stock is $999, AMD 3600 is $309 leaving about $169 to complete the build…
          There is RTX 3070s listed in the $800 range on staticice but they're basically impossible to get.

          • -2

            @CheapGit: If you look back at previous deal for 3070, you'll see that this is really only good cause of the tariff, there were plenty of good deals and not many flinched and got negged cause higher than "rrp" and now everyone is drooling over this, you pretty much get a free case and a free ssd here at the base spec

            But if you upgrade to the spec that I would actually build, it'll probably cost the same amount of money

            • +3

              @ln28909: But that's the thing those cheap 3070s are like ghosts now.
              Gees I'm seeing people paying almost $600 for a 5600x and thinking they got a good deal LOL .

              For people only building a new system now, even a basic PC it's going to be higher than we would like just the crappy environment we are currently in and looks like it'll be here to stay for a while.

              At least SSD's are getting cheaper !

              • +1

                @CheapGit: I'm just saying it's hypocritical to not upvote those previous deals then to go on and upvote this

                And people are not rational anyway, paying $550 for a 5600x is pretty strange

                And ordering from techfast doesn't mean you get the computer now, you don't know when you'll get it, that's why it's cheap, cause you're not paying to get a good service

                • +3

                  @ln28909: I'll probably get downvoted for it but how many of those other deals were promoted by TA 😂

                  • +5

                    @CheapGit: Yeah 100% lol, if TA post a deal everyone drools, look at the xiaomi monitors for example, crazy amount of upvote at $630 preorder , 2 months later, $500

        • i just quickly pieced together the build on pc part picker, using the listed parts (mostly) and came away with $1535 just in parts.


          Case: not found on PCPP, used TF's upgrade option. TF list $90, PCPP $67.
          SSD: Cheapest name brand matching specs
          RAM: Cheapest name brand matching specs
          GPU: Cheapest matching (TF use MSI, Gigabyte, Galax)


  • This is has me to close to pulling the trigger, are there any obvious upgrades in the build that I should consider? (light gaming AOE2 DE streamed, other higher end games not streamed, very light video editing)

    • +1

      Streaming favours more cores and it doesn't hurt to have more ram.

      Otherwise this is a sweet build for what you intend to do.

      Great price too I would jump on it but I am holding out for 3080 Ti.

      • The game I want to stream is very easy to run, (>20 years old originally just with updated graphics) I'm hoping the 3600 tides me over and considering an upgrade to a 5000 series chip once (if) the market sorts itself out. Thanks for helping.

    • +8

      The motherboard is pretty garbage, and the SSD is 1) slow, 2) not large enough, but you're probably better off buying a new one yourself rather than upgrading from techfast (unless you feel very not confident about tinkering with your PC)

      • +1

        Putting in another SSD is super easy to do though. I reckon even someone who isn't too tech savvy could add their own SATA ssd no problems. Might have a bit more trouble if its an m.2 though

      • Yeah SSD isn't much of an issue for me and my needs atm. I'm fine to upgrade it just with the current market it feels more cost effective to pay for one build that has most things and just tinker with aspects of it when I get it. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

        • get an NVME for it, will be better for OS and any workstation use (NVME is about 7x faster than a sata3 SSD which was about 5x faster than a HDD).

          if im not mistaken all B550/x570 boards have dual m.2 slots Edit: supplied biostar has only 1 m.2 slot

          use supplied SSD for game or other less critical storage (its small and likely not of robust quality, hence price)

          storage is the cheapest pc component.

      • i agree, but why the neg? really, it is a very good price, quick math cpu + 3070 ~$1300 + everything else
        and your time + warranty??

        • Issues with the motherboard + liquid cooler combination that they're pushing. See the comments on the second page.

          If you're not upgrading to the liquid cooler, or you're upgrading the motherboard it's fine.

    • +4

      RTX 3000 cards do make CPUs sweat way more than 2000 did, so I would definitely recommend the 120mm cooler for extended sessions on either CPU option. You'll get better editing performance on the 3700X, depends how much video you're doing and how far your budget stretches though.

      • +1

        Yeah I'm hoping the CPU can tide me over until 5000 supplies are good then I'll have to work out what I want based on the 3600 performance for me. Won't be too long, max 4 hours (not too long he says lol) straight gaming. Thanks for the advice

      • +1

        I've just placed my order. How can I add a cooler now? Order TF139402631

  • +4

    Estimated build/delivery time? Or is this in stock now?

      • +28

        This info should really be included in the deals description. People shouldnt have to go through the comments to find out that they won't have their system for over a month.

        • +6

          Doesn't get as many votes and market as well when you put pre-order in the description but it essentially what all of techfast's deals are.

          • @arkie0: It is still a good price for a preorder though the wait time, yes a deal breaker. It's like saying i can get you a pepperoni pizza but i only have the pizza base; when will you have the pepperoni? I heard someone ask. It should be after CNY from what i heard. So can you get the pepperoni pizza to me after CNY? I should be able to based on the information given to me.

            • @jamessong: Yeah this one is still great value even with the 1-2 month wait

              • +1

                @arkie0: IF it is 2 months wait…. You just never know, would you? Even Luke himself doesn't know. In all honesty, this should be a 10% deposit for a preorder and 90% to be paid once the pepperoni pizza is freshly made and out of the oven in Adelaide. Not 100% now, especially without any time guarantee. Actually, I don’t understand why buyers need to pay 100% of the build whereas the components are not even on hand?

                • +2

                  @jamessong: Our build times are stated on the website and are estimated 14 business days from order to dispatch, so that puts an order now at the back end of Feb, which is after Chinese New Year, and which is what I've said. 1-2 months or calling this a preorder is just not accurate, we have had true preorders for 3080s where customers reserve their place for stock arriving on unspecified dates. This is not that. If the wait time isn't for you that's cool, but no one else offers anywhere near this price either.

                  • +5


                    end of feb onwards, supply dependent

                    So it means that the eta is expected to be over 14 business days since it is onwards and not at the end of feb

                    It is also contingent on the fact that supply improves

                    So it's not unfair to assume that there is a high likelihood of a 1 month wait or more

                    Purely, from what you said

                    pre order: place an order for (an item) before it is available for purchase.

                    You don't currently have all the parts to build the pc, since it is contingent on supply and thus satisfy the definition of a preorder, is it not

                    • -13

                      @ln28909: The 14 business days talk is just sales mumbo jumbo. The actual delivery window can be up to 2 months. Why you ask? Well the cheap components come from Chynah. It then gets assembled by monkeys to arrive at your door DOA.

      • +1

        Luke, do we put a 10% deposit for this preorder or you want 100% of the money now?

        • -7

          Luke wants 110% now. The extra 10% is for shipping. If you’re picking up you still pay shipping upfront anyway. Happy days at Techslow.

      • +2

        Deal was posted after close of business today. 14 business days from tomorrow is the 24th of feb. 3 business days shipping 27th of feb, 7 business days 5th of March. Math works out for their T&C’s.

    • +13

      Some conjecture around my wording on my original comment which I'm happy to clarify (I was making a frittata at the time), and I've asked TA to put in the deal post (he has done) as it's important information and completely valid to request.

      Our estimated build and shipping time for this system is 14 business days. As the site says, it may vary according to factors outside our control, but the majority of systems ship on this timeline. We have the major components on hand and the 14 business day estimate provides for our current order queue (we build a lot of PCs), and time taken for order processing (fraud prevention measures, order checking etc) and custom PC building of many PCs (which does not happen overnight).

      Supply generally will still improve after Chinese New Year, but the stock for this deal is not I repeat not contingent on that.

      I think most people following PC components are aware of the supply challenges at the moment, and we are committed to the lowest prices and shortest lead times we can manage, and have demonstrated that over the past three or so years here. All the info is on our website and I'm always happy to answer genuine queries.

      The frittata was good.

      • -20

        we are committed to the lowest prices and shortest lead times we can manage, and have demonstrated that over the past three or so years here.

        Uh huh

        The frittata was good.

        Why do we need to know this?

        • +18

          It's called personality. You should try it some time.

          • @luketechfast: Hi luke

            I placed order and send you email about something. Can you check it and let me know ? Ta

            • @tommy2209: Sure, lots of emails in the inboxes after this deal but we'll reply asap. Thanks for your order!

          • @luketechfast: You go Luke.

      • +1

        Supply generally will still improve after Chinese New Year, but the stock for this deal is not I repeat not contingent on that.

        We have the major components on hand

        So if i understand correctly from your statement above is that you have the 3070 on hand in your store at Adelaide but you can only deliver this 14 business days post CNY because of your backlogs (BFS, Boxing Day and all other orders prior to this deal)? Can you please kindly confirm?

        Not trying to grill you here; i have genuine interest in this or all of your future deals.

        • That's fine, all valid. Your understanding is correct.

  • +1

    Nice, I'd totally get this if I was in the market

    • ye, i bought about a year ago, the amount of extra value in this deal is insane.

  • Which 3070 gpu will it most likely be?

    • +1

      my guess would be galax or ventus 2x

      • That's a deal breaker for me, and I was just about to checkout.

        • my guess is that you are freaking out…

  • What a deal

  • Which 3070 is most likely going to be in this build Luke? Also, any chance you could include the Aorus b550 as standard over the biostar?

    Great deal nonetheless

    • At this price the Aorus has to be an upgrade mate.
      3070 will vary but most likely Galax, MSI, Giga as they're our main partners

  • Which 3070 are we looking at?

  • +1

    Memory, and SSD brands?
    Any comments on the Lance-V RGB ATX case?

    • +1

      Others say the Lance case is difficult to add another storage drive into. Airflow should be fine due to mesh front and triple fans

    • +1

      We use various brands/models according to supply and pricing, part of our model. There's a tab at the bottom of the listing that describes the most common.

  • Holy… this is amazing.

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