This was posted 11 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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1440P Gaming PC | Ryzen 5 3600 CPU | RTX3070 8GB GPU | B550M MB | 480GB SSD | 16GB RAM | LanceV Case | $1477 + Del @ TechFast


Ripper price from TechFast on this 1440P gaming PC. Code ARSECRUSHER drops the price by a flat $522 so feel free to use the upgrade options by selecting from the drop-down boxes. Delivery cost varies based on location. Offer ends February 9, unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Edit - Clarification on build time from Luke:

TechFast's estimated shipping time as per our Build & Shipping Times page is 14 business days, putting these at the end of Feb. The main stock for the deal is on hand, and the timing is related to the current build queue, order processing and custom PC building times.

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        • I'm still waiting for mine. Hoping for the same.

          • @mrtee: so you were able to get the deal even after it expired?

            • +1

              @jamessong: I ordered on the last day I think a few hours before it expired. But yeah they haven't started putting it together, saying awaiting parts.

              • @mrtee: don't the next status after we order is either nothing or sent? I haven't been checking out the order status though. I am just waiting for email.

                • @jamessong: I emailed them to check, and was told there will be delays due to the above. Still hoping to get it within 4 weeks though.

                  • @mrtee: Awaiting parts? I thought they've got all the parts in hand for this deal? I've confirmed that with Luke. It's on one of the posts in this deal.

                    • @jamessong: Maybe you ordered before I did. I was one of the last to order.

                      • -1

                        @mrtee: regardless, you said that you've ordered when the deal is still active, right? or you've ordered after the deal made inactive?

                        Why i am asking this is because Luke mentioned he will make the deal inactive in ozbargain once they ran out of stock.

                        So as long as it is still active when you put through the order, you would think stock is still on hand for your order. Don't you think so?

                        • @jamessong: Yeah makes sense.

                        • @jamessong: Either way, you don't buy Techfast and expect a fast turnaround on your order (ironically). If they miscalculated their stock or just allowed some extra orders come through and are still fulfilling them then that's good for us :) I'm also I'm of the late orders so I'm just glad to be getting something eventually.

    • Would u know if the case fits 360mm AIO radiator? Still waiting in mine unassembled too

      • 240mm for sure, not sure about 360mm. Ask Luke, he would be the best person to answer.

  • Hi, Luke I just bought a PC through you guys, I sent an email but want to get it sorted quickly. My case came with a dent and now I suspect that the graphics card has issues dude to a loose fan but am unsure.

  • Takes about a month to reach your door. 14 business days to dispatch which is stated on their website, wish I had read it I prolly would have gone out and payed a bit more to get a custom made one on the spot.

  • Found this on a another techfast website,
    For those who want to know what card you may be getting

    Gigabyte Eagle RTX 3070 8GB Graphics Card - November
    Galax SG RTX 3070 8GB Graphics Card - November
    MSI Ventus RTX 3070 8GB Graphics Card - November (+$108.90)

    • Got an Asus Dual in mine

  • Just got my shipping notification; well within the timeframe thus far - very pleased :)

    • Not happy with your Dell XPS 8940?

      • I cancelled the order before it was shipped due to all the talk on thermal issues

    • Hey mate, when did you place your order?

      • 3rd feb

  • +1

    Can anyone who has received their order confirm if they ended up with a 2 or 3 fan design?

    • +4

      as per Aaron from techfast,

      "We are currently using a wide range of different models from these brands, some in very few quantities and others in much larger. Some that we have used/are using are Asus TUF + Dual, MSI Ventus + Gaming Trio, Gigabyte Eagle + Gaming OC and Galax SGs."

      so its really a lukcy dip.

  • +3

    Just got a shipping notification, ordered early morning on the 4th

    • +2

      looks like they're slowly working through the queue, hoping mine gets shipped early next week. Also ordered on the 4th but during the evening.

      • +2

        keep us posted if you get any shipping notification on Monday morning.

        • +1

          just received a shipping notification today at 2:23 pm.

    • Update, has arrived all seems good so far. ASUS twin fan 3070, would've liked a better card but at this price and knowing it was a lucky dip I'm fine with, just a little disappointed that I didn't luck out.

  • +6

    Just writing a comment here for people ordering in the future and wondering how my order went and what kind of GPU I got:

    Ordered 3th of Feb 9:30pm - so basically 4th

    Shipped 12th of Feb mid day. (Arrived to Melb Metro on the 16th - auspost was slow, but that is really on auspost lol)

    I actually ordered some other deal first but saw this and wanted to change and both Luke and Techfast support team was super helpful doing that.

    All my mails to them was answered within a day.

    I got Gigabyte Eagle OC RTX 3070 - so pretty good I think.

    Cable management was pretty good on the visible side.

    All components are obviously as promised and the whole system working excellent.

    Love it, will order again.

    • +6

      Oh Also I should add, I didn't do any modifications or upgrades to the offer.

      Specs are:

      Ryzen 3600 + stock cooler
      Gigabyte Eagle OC 8GB (3 Fan design 240W power - same as FE, outputs are 2 DP and 2HDMI)
      Biostar B550 mobs
      XPG 8GBX2 3200Mhz RAM
      Gigabyte 650W PSU (non-modular)
      Lance-V Mesh case with RGB fans in the front (1 exhaust in the back and 2 on the top.)

      Running CyberPunk at the very Max setting with Ray Tracing on physco like a champ after over an hour gameplay - temps are stable.

      Over all I think it's a great build, CPU never chokes enough to stop the GPU from working hard. Ram is more than enough, motherboard is somewhat future proof (not OC friendly as I understand if that's your thing).

      Anyway, hope this helps someone!

      • +2

        Thanks for the update mate. I ordered on 5th, hopefully it is shipped end of this month.

        • +2

          I be keen to know when you get that shipping notification. I ordered the same day as yours, though technically it's night time so i consider myself as 6th and not 5th.

          • @jamessong: Sure, but even I ordered late night so technically mine would 6th as well.

            • @jks2020: you and me the same then; we should be watching each other. When you got notification, let me know and i will keep you posted too.

              • @jamessong: Yeah will do, thanks

              • +2

                @jamessong: Following this thread aswell :), ordered on the 5th at 1am, nothing yet but ill keep you updated!

                • @colinchencc: Any update from your end? By the end of today, i think we're officially 12 business days away.

                  • +1

                    @jamessong: nope, nothing as of yet :c

                  • +1

                    @jamessong: update, contacted techfast via email asking about the progress of my pc, they said it was built and tested and is going to be shipped tomorrow. hope your's comes as soon as possible aswell :)

  • +3

    Ordered on the 4th got shipping notification on 18th… unassembled..
    Currently in transit. Should be here Monday 22nd. SYDNEY

    • +1

      Thanks for the update

    • Update got this morning.. 😊 8.30am auspost delivery

      • update:
        What i received from TechFast n very happy with 😄
        - Lance-V Case (3RGB Fan + 1 Rear Fan)
        - BIOSTAR B550MH MBoard
        - TeamForce ZEUS DDR4 (3200mhz)
        - Gigabyte RTX 3070 OC (3Fans)
        - Crucial SSD (480GB)
        - Gigabyte P650B Bronze 650Watts PSU (80Plus)

        Ordered unassembled and added OZBARGAIN impulse buy items on build..
        - 360mm AIO DeepCool RGB Liquid Cooler, front mount (had to mod, cut HDD rack off to fit) 3fans+1 inside sandwiched
        - 1TB NVMe
        - 1TB SSD


        • Looks good, it your cpu gets high temps you may need to flip your aio so the pipes are on the bottom as there will most likely be some air in the system and it rises to the top, so the pump may not be efficient due to the air.

          • +1

            @Shef3000: Yeh i wanted to put on bottom at first but thought the graphic card might be in the wAy so i put it this way… i hvnt notice it overheating as yet i will do burn in test 48hrs from tonite.. see how it goes..
            Thanks for the tip. 👍if no good i will turn radiator around. just make the case looks less clean with it coming from bottom up..
            Atm.. no bubbly sound yet during windows install..

          • @Shef3000: I watched this guy explain the mounting of 360mm aio radiator and shows its fine mounted this way as long as its bleed properly and pump is mounted below the radiator inlet/outlet.

            Hope its ok, i’ll observe for a week n see..

        • +1

          Update: Case has Good airflow , the stock fan wasnt loud at all
          Reasonably quiet, yes running from psu power but not loud.
          The only time it gets loud is when i run prime95 at max stress test and its my aio pwn fans that throttle to max.. the original case fans not loud..ran prime for 48hrs straight on a deepcool 360 AIO cooler and max temp was 79degrees. But that max temp only last 1-2sec each time n drops average between 65-70degrees real quik think when fans throttle to max. During game play was 50-60degrees max and colp idles at 30-40degrees.
          Havnt experience any cpu throttling issues yet.

          *i move the original case fan 2xOn top sucking heat out to the top
          and 1 move to behind radiator to pull air through the front.
          My 360mm aio with 3fans, i mount to the front sucking air into the radiator
          Also has the case stock cooler at the back sucking air out.

          Not too bad i guess..

  • +3

    Received mine this morning (Sydney). Well packed, neat cable management and as per my order. Got the ASUS TUF 3 fan - very pleased!

  • +1

    Order has been shipped around 2.31 today, unassembled. I ordered on the 4th at 4.46pm

  • +1

    Order shipped 1:30pm today, ordered 4th at 11am

    • unassembled or assembled?

      • +1

        assembled :)

    • Arrived today, MSI ventus 3x, Tforce DDR4 Zeus

  • +2

    Did anybody else's RAM ship running at 2400Mhz instead of 3200Mhz?

    • I havent got mine yet but saw a recent video from jays2cents on youtube saying that most times new PC owners need to enable full ram speed through BIOS.

    • +2

      yeah there should be an option to enable XMP in the bios

  • Ordered 04/02/21. Still waiting to hear anything.

  • Great deal!

  • +3

    Ordered on 4/2/21 at 7:30pm. Just got my shipping notification.

  • +4

    Ordered on 4/2/21, got a shipping notification will arrive tomorrow

  • +4

    ordered 04/02/21 at 7:20 pm, just got shipped today at 2:23 pm

    • update: received order today 03/01/21 and got the following components:

      GPU: Gigabyte RTX 3070 Gaming OC
      SSD: Crucial BX500 480GB
      RAM: Crucial Ballistix 16GB 3200 (2x8)

  • +4

    Ordered 04/02/21 at 7ish pm just arrived at 11am and for those curious mine came with a Crucial BX500 SSD and MSI GeForce RTX 3070 VENTUS 3X and the RAM was running at stock so had to change that, others make sure to check that since Ryzen thrives from faster RAM speeds.

  • +2

    Ordered 04/02/21 at 7:15pm with some of the upgrades - got notification around 2pm that it has been shipped and should arrive between Monday and Thursday next week

    • +3

      Arrived this morning around midday

      • Gigabyte RTX 3070
      • Ballistix RAM
      • WD Blue M.2
  • +3

    It seems to me order date 5th won't get shipped until next week. Luke, if you are reading this, can you please confirm?

    • +2

      I ordered on 5th as well and it's still not shipped.

      • Same man. Can't be far off though.

        Just realised I need to find a PCIE 4.0 NVME drive at a decent price. Ouch, more arse-ripping lol

        • +1

          just received shipping notification from auspost

          • @lyonesse9: Same. Hoping AusPost do a weekend delivery. Had em on Saturday and Sunday before. Unlikely but ya never know.

            • @sickaunt: I don't know where you live but I've never received any delivery from Australia Post on the weekends.

              • @jamessong: VIC so it might have been a lockdown thing in the second half of 2020.

        • just letting you know (you probably know already) but pcie 3 is backwards and forwards compatible with pcie 4, so you can probably just get a cheap m.2 nvme drive like the kingston a2000

          • @pupper42: I would consider the A2000 but I want the sickest shit that will still be decent in a couple years if I want to sell it. I also just like fast tech (no pun intended). Thinking of grabbing a SN850 500GB.

  • +3

    So end of Feb and 14 working days is looking like a stretch.

  • -1

    Still waiting for the PC 3-4 weeks to be put together! They should rename their company to TECHSLOW…seriously…

    • +2

      Dude, cut them some slack. Did you not understand the estimate of 14 business days from the order date to shipment date is?

      14 business days equates to 3 calendar weeks.

  • Ordered 04/02, but still waiting. Luke, is there any way to check the order went through? I did receive an email.

    • Looked into it, your Matrexx 55 3F case had a faulty USB port which requires a complete case swap. It's pretty common on that case unfortunately and we're just waiting on a direct replacement which should be this week. Otherwise I can get you into a Matrexx 50 4F. Lemme know.

      • For those people who ordered unassembled have you tested their USB port before shipping?

        • We may have only had 1 or maybe 2 unassembled Matrexx 55 orders, it's not common.

  • +1

    Just got shipping notification for my order from 5pm on the 8th. Shipping unassembled though.

  • +2

    i just got a notification as well :) ordered on the 6th (unassembled)

  • +1

    Orderd night of the 7th (so 8th of the next business day)
    Just got auspost notification. assembled.

  • For those who ordered unassembled, did anyone get their R5 3600 repackaged in a different box?

    • +2

      Yes.. but all good correct item..

    • It was probably an OEM part (no packaging), and for shipping unassembled they grabbed whatever retail packaging they had lying around.

    • +2

      Yep, we received them OEM/tray with separate coolers so used clamshells we had from previous chips.

  • Ordered on the 4th. Upgraded Case, MB and SSD. Still waiting…..

    • Maybe try emailing them for an update?

      • I did mate. Was told they are working through the large amount of orders (understandably). Just strange seeing people that ordered days after mine have now been delivered.

        • +1

          I think I read that they were having stock issues with the upgraded case.

    • +2

      If you ordered the M55 V3 please check your email as we would have contacted you - we had a big number with faulty USB and RGB buttons direct from manufacturer which chewed through the last of our stock, so we're presented a few options.

      • Hi there, I've emailed techfast about an extremely serious issue with the build I bought and received recently. I sent this email on the 11th of March and I was wondering how long it will take for someone to email me back?

        • Should have been same day reply so I can only assume we didn't receive it or our reply went to spam for whatever reason. I'll reply to your PM now thanks.

  • Received shipping notification 10 minutes ago. Expected Tuesday 09 Mar 2021 – Friday 12 Mar 2021 (to Melbourne). Assembled with mobo and psu upgrade. Pretty ruddy excited. Ordered mid-day on 7th.

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