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[NSW] 8.2kW Solar System (23x Astroenergy & 6kW SAJ Inverter) $3,690 Installed @ Synergy Solar


Hey guys, the team and I @ Synergy Solar have another deal to throw at you!

Fully installed 8.2kW Solar Systems from $3,690.

Have peace of mind in minimising your electricity expenses as well as our local retailer product warranties!!!

Astroenergy panel warranty = 12yr Product & 25yr Performance

SAJ Inverter Warranty = 10yr product with the option to purchase up to 25yr product warranty

Based in Prestons, NSW, 2170 this offer is valid for clients within a 50km radius.

All work is carried out by our in house electricians, no work is contracted out!

Just mention you've seen this add on this site and we will apply the discount as required!

Offer above for single storey & single phase properties.

Locally owned, locally operated, locally accountable!

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    Anybody notice the slash in prices (NSW) received for feed in tariffs offered by the energy companies nowadays? Government and company greed have combined to make it almost pointless to get solar!

    • Definitely, it means solar + battery now, a big investment… Gov'ts trying to prop up power plants and power infrastructure…

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      CEE @14c/kWh seems to be the top FIT

      It’s all headed to 5c/kWh IMO

      • Hey buddy, do you have link for them? TIA

      • do you have a link/name for this plan? Checking their website I can see the sun saver has the highest FIT at 11c for the first 10 KwH reducing to 5c with the other plans all being 5c?

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      If you are looking to get solar, just for the FIT, then you are getting solar for the wrong reason.

      You are correct, FITs have dropped dramatically over the last few years - but there are still some energy retailers that will give you 14 or 15 cents per KWh. The reason for FITs dropping is not as simple as saying it's Government or company greed. A number of factors have led to it's reduction - not least of all the drop in the wholesale price of power generation. If a retailer can buy electricity during peak solar generation hours for 5cents a KWh, they are not going to pay Joe Bloggs more than that to put power back into the grid.

      It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few years, with a change away from fossil fuels and onto renewables.

      The real reason to get solar nowadays is to reduce your own electricity bill. With the price of electricity on the rise (partly due to companies being profit driven, partly due to the cost of implementing renewables), you should look at solar as an offset or insurance against these price rises.

  • 8.2kW panels?
    Can you put panel and Inverter specs?

    21x390W, 6kW Inverter?

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    1) Is your sparky an L2?
    2) Do you offer blue poly panels at all?
    3) Do you upgrade houses to 3p?
    4) Can you retrofit existing installations with DC optimises?
    5) Are you able to install the panels on a south facing roof?

    Obviously this would be a different price.

    I've got 10kW AC, 11.6kW DC and want to upgrade to 3p and have one 1p system per phase. The new system would be south & West facing.

  • For a 6kw SAJ inverter, it is not compliant to install 8.2kw panels. You will need to keep the total panel size equal or below 8kw.

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      Well, you can do it, but it means you might miss out on STCs….

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        Yes, 140% oversizing is permitted AFAIK. Just STC's limited to 133%

    • I've got a 13.3kW LG panels system and a 10kW SolarEdge Inverter. Export limited is my biggest issue, it is capped at 5kW.

      Sure, if I was using 10kW at any point in time, then some of the excess above the 5kW export is sort of "free".

      My FIT started at 12c, then dropped to 10.2c and later to 7.0c — changed providers and plans, now getting 10.0c
      - sadly… my old retailer now has 13c FIT, but they (amongst other retailers), now require each solar system to be less than 5kW irregardless of export limits!

      If you are expecting to get 8.2kW out of roof top solar panels (peak rate), then you will be disappointed; you /may/ get it for brief periods of time. Spreading panel orientation will help you get the most of your panels throughout the brighter parts of the day. It would be ideal if the panels adjust orientation to follow the sun, but you won't get that on a roof top.

      This may help some:

      I'm in Vic, the FIT varies by state and by retailer; it really shouldn't be so hard to get the best deal and be able to properly compare plan options, but it is and I don't expect that to change any time soon, if ever. The new "default" rates don't help much with comparisons.

  • Hi all - am a solar newby - am in victoria and about to start looking at putting in solar - can anyone recommend a good place to start for reliable information to work out what is best for our house/family?

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