[PC, Epic] Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2 for $26.97 with Epic Store Coupon @ Epic Games


Cheapest ever for PC version of Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2 remake.

To get the coupon, enable Communications in account settings here:

Thanks to dealbot for posting the $15 Epic Games coupon.

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  • Damn tempting, is this a permanent epic exclusive?

    • -1

      Yes I believe permanent

    • +2

      Activision seem to have stopped working with Steam. Call of Duty games are now all battle.net exclusives, so was the new Crash Bandicoot. Not that they make many games anymore besides churning out a new version of CoD every now and again and screwing up Blizzard but they haven't released a game on Steam in a couple of years.

      I suspect once the exclusive deal ends (which is apparently more than 1 year, that was up last month) it'll appear on battle.net and that's it.

      • Yeah I did a bit of googling and came up with the same conclusion. I think I'll grab it on switch on the cheap.

      • Damn that's a shame, I was hoping this would eventually come to Steam.

  • Any good vs Nintendo 64 back in the day?
    Got an Xbox One controller if it helps. Could just fire up emulators?

    • +1

      Remastered so will be much better graphics and can also play multiplayer. It received really good reviews - 9/10 IGN and gamespot, 89% Metacritic

      • That IGN girl is hot, she could sell ice to the Eskimos ;). Wouldn't mind grabbing it then.
        Edit: done.

  • I'm still waiting for this to go on sale for the switch. It's for my son for Xmas so I have some time.

    • Good call, I think it'll work well on switch. I think I'll grab it on there on sale. I don't feel good about buying from the epic store. I rarely buy directly from Steam, I prefer the option of searching for better prices (from legal avenues)

      • What's wrong with epic? They made fortnite to get the kids off other platforms, and they even took on apple (for thier own benefit) to fix store money gouging.

        • Crappy store, tencent. I was a big fan of epic before they were fortnite overlords but I categorise them similar to Facebook now. They can't have my credit card details or personal info.

      • As usual the switch version is a downgrade in performance and visuals.

  • Call me skeptical, but I just don't wanna give the Epic store my banking details. It's disappointing I can't get this on another platform.

    • +3

      Use PayPal

  • +1

    Thanks Op, bought

  • +1

    I was waiting for a good price for the PS5 version. I'm assuming PC may be quicker?

    May get this instead as I can use the coupon too. Thanks :)

  • I've been putting it off waiting for it to drop in price. People need to realise that a tonne of games are never released on Steam let alone half the PC platforms and many often remain exclusive to certain launchers. This is no longer exclusive but the fact it's not released elsewhere has nothing to do with EG as it's up to the publisher but it's unlikely because it's Activision. I guess it might eventually release on GOG too but it will be a while if ever.

    This price is already the all time lowest for PC even without the extra $15 off so I'm now off to ollie the magic bum unless that's been removed because it's not "PC" anymore. I hope they haven't Sam and Maxed this game…

  • +1

    got this working in steam with DS4 controller..
    not many games with local multiplayer but this is :)
    anyone know of any car racing game that suppor local multiplayer?
    Still need to load some emulator games on steam

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