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Nulon Long Life Performance Full Synthetic 5W-30 Engine Oil 5L - SYN5W30-5 $35 + $9.90 Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Repco


Hi, First deal here.
45% off the original price, limit of 3 per customer. $35 is pretty good for full synthetic, last promotion Repco did with this was $30.

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  • Oils ain't Oils Sol

  • How long do unopened engine oil last? My tank seems quite full and I only drive 5k/yr, but I can't resist the bargain.

    • You have an oil tank?

      • standard engine tank of ~5L

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      Unless your scheduled service is coming up soon, why don't you wait until this stuff goes on sale for under $30 which happens every few months or so. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/nulon-full-synthetic

      • Thanks. I just never see these go on special often. Thought it was once very few years

    • Supposedly 5 years. Advice varies depending on manufacturer. Realistically if you are keeping the oil sealed in temperature controlled environment I can't see it not being fit for purpose anytime soon

  • This seems a bit weird to me, but i put in my 2013 ford focus and it claims this oil is incompatible. Ok…so I use the shop this vehicle feature and it shows me…5w-30 oil but from a different brand. Surely a mobil oil can't be that much better right?

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      I would take what their compatibility page says with a grain of salt. Best to go with what the manual says. If your car takes 5W-30 then generally any brand oil with that rating should work.

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      5w30 is the grade of oil. There are other specifications that engine manufacturers recommend.

      Focus need ACEA A5/B5 spec oil to help meet the 15k service interval.

      This is likely ACEA A3/B3.

      This is the one you need.

      Realistically the oil in this deal will be ok just not the preferred oil.

      If your focus is an automatic (Powershift) then this oil will be fine as it's more likely your transmission will fail before the engine anyway.

  • 1 week too late (sigh) but thanks OP will stock up now.

  • Not that great a deal, last time I bought this it was 20 bucks

  • I've got a 2018 wrx and the Repco compatibility guide says this Nulon is not suitable but the Supercheap Auto one says it is perfect. This oil must be close to ticking all the boxes for my car but I just wonder if I roll the dice and use it just what damage I might do. The answer is probably go and do more research but the more I look the more confusing it is. Shall I get it?

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      It will be fine if you are changing the oil every 5K - 7.5K which is the interval most WRX drivers service at. More importantly, you should be using the Subaru Upper Engine Cleaner SA459 as well - one of the few factory cleaners that is actually good.

      • Ok, thanks ! Engine cleaner tip is appreciated : )

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