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Liquorland: 15% Cashback (Cap $40) @ Cashrewards


Not bad cashback but stacks with TENOFF for $10 off over $100 which makes it good

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • There is a $10 off $20 spend. Please check your email .

    • ?

      • There is a spend 20 get 10 off email in your inbox. Could be targeted

        • +1

          Ah ok, thanks for the heads up. I just checked, didn't get it unfortunately.

    • I didn't get that one.

  • Got 2x slabs of pure blonde for $108. Less $10, less cashback of $14.70 = $41 per case! Not bad…

    Plus free delivery - that will probably take 3 weeks.

    • +17

      Did you accidentally click on pure blonde? And quantity 2?

      • I like pure blond. Quite tasty.

      • Haha. It's my my mid week beer of choice, mainly because it fits in my my low carb diet. But I do look forward to a few crafty beers on the weekend!

        • +1

          Very little health benefit to low carb beer over "regular". It's the alcohol itself that contains most of the kilojoules. Or so I'm told. What would I know, I'm drunk.

          • @gosm: Yea you're right. Low carb diet (not strict keto) works for me and my lifestyle to lose weight. Pure Blonde has 2g of carbs in a stubby, stone and wood has 15g. Both probably the same calories and both really bad for you. But for me, switching from a 6 pack of craft beer to PB per day had helped shed some kgs.
            What would I know, I'm an overweight alcoholic 😁

    • +1


    • I got 12 cases of Carlton draught at $38.40

  • +1

    Bought 2 * Roku Gin which worked out to be $43.35 each after $10 Off and 15% Cashback.

  • Code tenoff doesn't work for me, not sure what I'm doing wrong

    • Did your cart contain $100 before you applied code?

    • Case sensitive?

  • Hopefully SB do cashback

  • +1

    Thanks for posting OP.. got 14+10 back on a 104 dollar purchase

  • $76.36 for 2 x 1L bottles of Smirnoff Vodka. Very nice:)

    • Wouldn't it be more like $83? Assuming $108 for the 2 bottles before the TENOFF code and cashback.

      • They were $50 per bottle.

  • Anybody have issues with cashback tracking? Made a purchase before the cutoff but no email received yet.

    Had a separate order about 30 minutes prior which tracked in about 10 minutes though.

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