Hisense 85S8 Series 8 85" 4K UHD Smart TV (2020) - $1988 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi



Precision Colour
Precision Colour delivers over 1 billion colours for an enhanced, more accurate viewing experience

HDR = Better Pixels
High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatible TVs gives you the potential to show a more realistic image when viewing HDR content, one with more contrast, brightness and color than ever before.

Bluetooth Audio
Simply put your favourite bluetooth headphones in pairing mode and connect to your Hisense TV. Enjoy your favourite TV show or movies without disturbing others that prefer a bit less noise.

Alexa Ready
With full Amazon Alexa Integration talk to your TV using your smartphone and the RemoteNOW app. What’s more, with a compatible Alexa device, turn your TV on and off, switch channels, and manage your own viewing experience without moving a finger. *internet connection required

Google Ready
With a compatible Google Home device, turn your TV on and off, switch channels, and manage your own viewing experience without moving a finger.

Freeview Plus
Freeview Plus is a television service delivered via both aerial and broadband. Search and discover your favourite shows with a 7-day guide and seamless access to catch-up TV from the Australian free-to-air networks. While watching TV you’ll briefly see a prompt at the top left of your Hisense TV – just press the ‘Green’ button on your remote to launch Freeview Plus. We love it!

Key Features

85" 4K Ultra HD Panel (3840 x 2160)



100 smooth motion rate

Works with Alexa (built-in)

Works with Google Assistant

RemoteNow supported

Game + sports modes

HD Tuner


Freeview Plus

PVR Recording

Built-in Wi-Fi

4 x HDMI Inputs

2 x USB Ports

*Currently not all Stan features supported.

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  • +10

    85 is massive… I like it.

    • that's what she said

      • With her dying breath

  • +2
    • almost doubled from it's 75'' cousin clearance price… is it that better?

    • +1

      Damn, really tempted. I have the 65" version of this in my bedroom and love it (for the price).

  • 50HZ flash rate

    • +11

      Hardly an issue compared to the dim washed out blurry display.

  • Where the 65" at?

    • What to know,too. Looking for a good price(around $1000) for a fairly good and reliable 65".

      • Check out the sony australia store on ebay. Grab a refurb/seconds.

      • +2

        Look at some of the sonys around the $1200 mark.

        Im not usually a 'brand guy', but something about sony TVs, old and new, just always seems more premium.

        OS, screen quality, motion handling, always seem to impress me.

        • Sony's have an awesome processor for upscaling when you get the X1 chip.

          I got the X950g as my first TV upgrade since 10 years and I'm so impressed by it. I'd like to pick up a cheaper brand and see what the quality difference is one day but I won't be able to go back in quality.

          I'm going to try and get my sister to pick up a Hisense and report back.

          • @hotpants: I mean, im still running 55" sonys around the house from 10 years ago.

            They all just live on "gaming" mode, because the HTPC's handle the image processing; but they do watch a lot of regular TV also.

            Both scenarios are just (somehow) leaps and bounds ahead of other brands.

            I cant put my finger on why, which is why i said I think its a combination of tiny improvements all round adding up to a better product.

      • +1

        Tcl or. Hisense for 1k

        • +4

          TCL are making some impressive panels these days, starting to rival Sony and Samsung. Given the choice between TCL and Hisense I'd definitely go TCL, all things being equal

          • @mingofmongo: Agreed, I would also. But hisense is still decent for 1k their 2021 range. No thrills

          • +2

            @mingofmongo: I don't believe Australia gets the good TCL TV's that the online websites review and rate highly. Same goes for the Hisense.

        • TCL has a better UI

          • @1st-Amendment: Any particular TCL and Hisense 65" model to recommend in my price range? (Around $1k)

            • @Theseed: I have the TCL P6 from a couple of years ago, the equivalent model is the P615/P625 which is around $1000 and is pretty hard to go past for a 'TV for regular people'.

        • +1

          Tcl makes the better screens.
          Hisense (webOS) is the better UI.
          Both are VERY good.

          If you havent been budget TV shopping for 5+ years, the quality of these budget brands, is now equal or better than what 'the big boys' were when you last looked.

          I just went through this with my father; his 55" 'top of the line' samsung from 10 years ago, is balls compared to a $500 linsar. And TCL and Hisense are both significant leaps above the Linsar too.

          • @MasterScythe: Might be a personal preference but I prefer Android OS - it has apps for every streaming service (including Binge, which has a fair bit of content despite an awful interface).

            I wasn't aware Hisense had brought WebOS over to Australia yet - thought it was still stuck on the VIDAA U system - is that on all models or just the top-end ones?

            • @mingofmongo: They don't have webos. They only have vidaa and andorid on their 8k models

              • @Dezeption: That's what I thought too. I was responding to @masterscythe who said hisense used webos

          • @MasterScythe:

            Hisense (webOS) is the better UI.

            Hisense still uses VIDAA which I don't believe supports all the native apps the same as TCL's Android TV. I paid $600 for my TV which supported every streaming app out of the box, which Sony and LG didn't (at that time) despite costing 4 times as much.
            Android TV updates are also a lot more frequent than relying on the TV manufacturer to develop their own.

            the quality of these budget brands, is now equal or better than what 'the big boys' were when you last looked.

            Agree 100%. I replaced a 5 year old Samsung and the TCL shits all over it in every way.

        • I'd vote for TCL too. I've got both a mid-range TCL and a hisense and I'm much more impressed by the sound and picture of the TCL.

          Hisense LCD looks washed out with lots of backlighting issues.

          I've heard good things about the Hisense Q8 but haven't seen it in person.

  • 3 years warranty?

  • +2

    Are any of the TCL or Hisense products actually really decent?

    I've never been an LCD guy, I hate them generally but I think the very top end ones are ok right (Ok as in better than nothing)

    I sure as heck can't afford an OLED and if my plasma ever goes bang, I'd like a 75 -> 85" display, under 4k which is like really nice.

    • +1

      I picked a cheap hisense 70s5 to tide me over until OLED becomes affordable.

      The difference between a budget TV and the best Sony LCD is insignificant, compared to the quality improvement of an OLED. In this situation, where tech is transitioning rapidly, getting the 'midrange' product isn't a good idea.

      Get a surge protector for your plasma and wait it out

      • +1

        I did exactly the same hoping oled becomes affordable.
        I got the 70s5 in Jan,21 for $1100 which has since seen lower price points.

        However to anyone who doesn't adjust the picture in settings this tv can look very ordinary.

        After playing around and getting to the perfect setting I feel it is better than any more expensive led.

        This is a secret the stores don't want you to know about.
        I use apple tv with mine so vidaa hasn't seen much use but it looks pretty decent.

        Only nitpicking I can do is the remote looks cheap.

        Also when I bought it i didn't know Hisense is owned by Chinese state. At that price I'd have to overlook my personal pledges just this one time.

  • Missed out the 75Q8 recently … what does Q8 has that it doesn't? I am surprised it has local dimming as well which I thought special feature of Q8.

    Never mind. Q8 is QLED and this one is LCD?

    • +1

      The q8 is full array backlit + qled
      The s8 isn't

      • +1

        Q8 has a soundbar

        • Don't believe the 75Q8 does, but the other Q8s do for some reason

  • +2

    Pay a bit extra and get 85q8 $2788 at JB currently

    I Paid $3.5K four months back and happy with it ( I use nvidia shield pro)


    • Can this do 4k 120hz and would you recommend for pc gaming?

  • +1

    No hdmi 2.1 ..so only 4k 60hz

    • shame would of jumped on this if 100hz

      • +6

        resulting in a cracked screen, so good you didn't jump on it!

    • 50Hz.

  • +1

    How in the world is a 85 inch pnly $2000. I thought i got a good price buying a 75 inch for $2550 less than half a year ago

  • What about LG 75 inch https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/lg-nano75-75-4k-ultra-hd-... for $1798 after $200 Gift Card.

  • I have a Sony 65" TV in the lounge room and it already feels massive, can't imagine what this would feel like.

    • +7

      this one would feel massiver

      • what would be the massivest ?

  • Surely Freeview on a 85" tv would look terrible?

    Been trying to work out who does the best upscaling, and what to look for?

  • -2

    Noticed there is no VESA mount on this TV .. then I looked at its weight - 70 kilos !!

    • According to Hisense website it has 800 x 400 VESA mount - but should check as photo of rear view on JB HiFi doesn't show i.e. photo different than Hisense website.


      70kg weight is packaged weight. TV with stand is 51.3kg and 50kg without.

  • +1

    With black Friday sales just around the corner this deal will be Meh in a months time…….better to hold out.

    • i hope you're right

  • Inverted

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