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Refinancer Loans: Bonus $500 / $1000 on 2-Yr Home Loans or We Pay Your Rate Lock Fee


3 of the big 4 banks have increased fixed interest rates this week and we've got a strong feeling this will happen industry wide.

It's looking like the next few days we will see a 0.10% to 0.20% increase across the board, instead of getting involved in the speculation we want to provide a quick fire solution that can see you still get yesterday's value, today!

We are able to offer the below for home purchases or refinances, paid on settlement.

For all of our 2 year fixed loan offers above $250k we are offering to provide an extra $500 or pay your rate lock fee.

For all of our 2 year fixed loan offer above $500k we are offering to provide an extra $1,000 or pay your rate lock fee.

Generally we would list the 5-6 lenders provided the market's best deals however the transitional period between potential rate increases makes this almost impossible. What we can guarantee is the above offer and we will work with you to navigate the uncertainty involved over the next week or so.

As of today we can provide an owner occupied: 1.79%, 2 year fixed, principle and interest (cr. of 2.62%) with $3,000 cashback (minimum loan $300k) we can guarantee this deal with our rate lock offer as we believe this level of deal may soon be unavailable.

Click this link to apply: https://www.refinancerloans.com.au/get-started/refinance (preferred)

We have 10 brokers in house with a large team + over 100 '5 star reviews', so our point of difference will be quality of service combined with great deals.

We are also looking for long term relationships with clients, if you intend to refinance again or sell within 12 months, the banks actually claw us back on our upfront commission completely so we would be unable to help in these circumstances. I will do my best to reply to all comments.

2021 Refinancer Pty Ltd. ABN 42 843 128 571 is a corporate credit representative 513 922 of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit License 391 237)

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  • +1

    what are the rates for investor / IO and short term fixes? what are your fees? please update post with details

  • Loan shark?

  • +4

    These deals should be banned - ozbargain should not be an advertising channel for dodgy loan brokers

    • +1

      Totally agree - tried going through these guys in September and almost lost the purchase because they couldn't get finance sorted in 2 weeks (ended up getting it through Aussie home loans in 1 week).

      • If you can let me know your email I would be glad to investigate this for you,

  • +2

    Logo looks like it came from a kid's colouring in book

    • Thanks for the feedback we will note this in our next branding revamp

  • I'm using these guys right now for $3k cashback. They're fine and communication is great.

    • Thanks for your feedback!

  • We have 10 brokers in house with a large team

    A broker for brokers? Wouldn't this mean taking longer to get a loan approved with extra middlemen along the way who will be also taking their cut meaning less competitive offerings?

    • Referring to the fact that we have a large team to help

  • +1

    I got in touch with them last month and had a meeting about finances….got told i will get a proposal on the best loans to move forward. Guess what….am still waiting with zero call back !

    • Hi Marc,

      If you let me know your email I will get right on this and ensure a response straight away!

  • Any refinance offer for loan amount of 210k? Cheers

    • Yes we do have offers, cashback would be less, feel free to message

  • -1

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for your feedback on our latest deal, generally I can see that it is more negative than positive.

    Next time we put an offer we will ensure to factor in some of the changes mentioned and try to provide more value


  • I'm going through a refinance with these guys now. All upfront and plenty of communication. Hopefully the rewards will be worth the effort, on both sides.

    • +1

      That's great to hear mate!

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