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Alienware Aurora Gaming Desktop with Ryzen 7 5800 CPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, RTX 3060 Ti $2299 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Why is this a deal, the gpu is FHR, limit is 9 per customer

Timer is on

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    Dam I wanted 10.

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    how do you know it is fhr?

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      Thanks for the great and thoughtful comment lol

  • I wouldn't consider this a deal

  • Are these very upgradable and future-proof? I heard dell use a lot of proprietary parts and connectors to prevent this.

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      You could salvage the CPU, GPU and Hynix NVME 512Gb SSD. See my comment below re. replacing RAM and fans at the start anyway.
      Not sure about the PSU (1000W Gold) but I don't think so.
      Motherboard - wouldn't bother. It's cheap and lacks extra fan headers etc, but does have standard CPU and 12V connector, with sufficient SATA connection, and USB C/A expansion.
      Annoyingly, despite being a X570 chipset, the top PCIE 4.0 only runs at x8.0 (Dell why ?????).

      • would I be able to change the cpu in this to something lower end like a 3700x or would that not work?

        • It's still the AM4 socket but I personally wouldn't. The Dell/Alienware BIOS is very touchy, especially with RAM, as it uses non-standard voltages etc. I would just leave it with the 5800 and sell your 3700x. Stock chip with no OC, with above cooling mod, my R23 benchmark is about 13800 multicore if that means anything to you?

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    I strongly doubt it's LHR. Back in May/June all chat representatives started to confirm all further stock is LHR 3060ti/3070/3080s. I would be veryyyy surprised if this is stock from before then.

    Also, I bought a R10 5800/3070 in R10. A few things to consider.

    Overall, do I regret buying it - No. It cost be $2417 from dell, but you are pretty much required to spend another $200 to make this usable, and I knew this before I committed.

    Before mods, it overheats, it's terribly loud, and I wouldn't recommend.

    1) H60i AIO mod
    2) VRM heatsinks+thermal pads as they lose their cooling when the CPU fan is removed
    3) Removing front fan and replacing with ML 120 pro
    4) Selling single rank 16Gb RAM and replacing with 28Gb or 216Gb for dual channel

    Other things to note - this is a 5800, a 65W slightly under-binned 5800x. As far as I can tell, about 10% less performance on cinebench R23 vs the 5800x. But an amazing processor nonetheless - 165FPS at 1440p no worries.
    Also, the max RAM speed you can use is 3200MHz CL16.

    The 3070 is quite impressive - stays at about 75 degrees under full load (after mods) and has quite acceptable fan noise at 60% max speed.

    • "Selling single rank 16Gb RAM and replacing with 28Gb or 216Gb for dual channel"

      Since when do they sell 14gb sticks and 216gb would be damn expensive and need a lot of ram slots.

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        I believe they intend to convey 2x 8GB or 2x 16GB sticks.

    • The 3070 runs at a not impressive clock speed tho

      • At low 70 degrees, mine sits at 1870-1900 MHz. Not sure how that compares to other models but for the price and cooling it's perfect for me at 1440p 144-165FPS. I've messed with the GPU clock and can't add much above the already quite efficient auto boost, and the memory clock is stable at 7500MHz OC. YMMV

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      I have done the same to mine
      1. Cosair H60 AIO
      2. 2x Artic P12 intake
      3. Noctua 60mm out
      4. Dell Alienware VRM heatsink J46J2 and 4D5V9
      5. 16GB stick ram (very costly for what it is)

      • Does this quiet down the PC? I have being wanting to put artic fans in, but I'm worried graphics card fans is making the bulk of noise

    • Does this quiet down the PC? I have being wanting to put artic fans in, but I'm worried graphics card fans is making the bulk of noise

      • Made an incredible difference for me for standard browsing etc. If gaming the GPU fans now become the loudest part but they're pretty comparable to my old 2080ti or 2070.

        Far and above the most noise comes from the CPU fan (and it's inadequacy in cooling) and the high RPM/static pressure exhaust fan at the top, and the front intake fan (in the bottom position).

        I'd suggest opening up the side panel, running cinebench 23 and judging noise from the CPU and case fans, then letting the system rest; and then run Furmark at your monitors maximum resolution and max AA and judge your GPU noise then

      • Yes. My pc runs app +12 degrees to room temp at idle. It was 27 indoor in Sydney today. Pc was idling between 38-40. Havent hit beyond 60 when stressed with cpuz. Given the cpu heatsink is in exhaust position, ensure there is enough intake fans for cold air, otherwise it will be using the hot air inside the case to 'cool' the cpu.

        GPU, I use MSI afterburn for custom curve.

        Other fans. Default Balance profile.

        Dont forget about vrm heatsinks too when changing to AIO


  • Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpxVdEe-Qdw&ab_channel=Tally...

    yeah not bad , components could be found better else where, but good value, you get what you pay for .

  • You could halve that price and you'd still be pushing it to call it a deal due to the brand.

  • Hi guys, I know this is a dumb question: how to get the coupon PDLLS20 to be appied at check out?

    I tried to apply the coupon "PDLLS20" at the check out but only got "This code can't be applied to your order."

    Just can't get the price down to $2,299… Damn!

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