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Crucial 16GB 3200MHz CL22 DDR4 Laptop RAM $85 + Shipping (2 for $170 Shipped) + CC/PayPal Surcharge @ Shopping Express


cheaper than this… and local

Surprised it hasn't been posted yet..

Part of the nuc free shipping sale


Good for your cheap HN Acer Nitro 5…
for some reason if you add two sticks fo 16gb 3200 ram, you get free postage..
Doesn't work with the 8gb sticks..

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Shopping Express
Shopping Express


  • free shipping if you get a NUC and RAM or SSD in the same order.
    and - don't get this: https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/bundle-intel-nuc-i7-1... as a bundle. That costs $16 more than getting the parts separately. Bundle is $759, the NUC on its own is $695, and the 8GB 3200 RAM is $48, total of $743.

    • There's some sort of bug.. and you get free shipping just ordering a pair of 16gbs (no need to buy a nuc)

      I've got a pair on the way… (actually two pairs for $343.40) 1% surcharge for pay pal…

      There used to be sort of "bugs" to get free shipping and insurance… most have been closed.

      the easiest one, was to buy a cheap item with free shipping.. then shipping for the whole order became free.. (this one has been fixed)

  • Good price

  • Just received my stick from Amazon, paid $100 took a day to get to me.

    • +1

      Chat with Amazon support for a price match and you'll be rewarded with a credit voucher equivalent to the price difference. Happened to me.

  • 2x 16gb for the Nitro 5 overkill?

    • Uses 4.5gb just for idle so probably not.

      • Yep, even with 16gb it's still always using 20-25%

  • Great price, but Crucial's configurator says this won't work n any of my NUCs :(

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