[Backorder] Crucial DDR4 3200 SODIMM 16GB $100 / 8GB $52 Delivered @ Amazon AU


for all happy chaps who bought a gaming laptop yesterday and need a stick of RAM

a lot of places on eBay have the same price, but Amazon promises next day delivery, so I am keen to take their word on this. Melbourne metro area, so YMMV

8gb is also competitive $52

free delivery, Prime or not Prime

lowest price according to camels, too

with current auspost situation, last time I ordered a SSD on eBay, it took 3 weeks

edit: don't forget to try the $10 off code MAX10 in Amazon app if it's first time you order via app

edit: backorder now. ozbargained!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks!! Now I need a SSD/SATA Deal.!!

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      Kingston NV1 2TB Gen3 M.2 for $229.00 at shopping express at the moment. Decent $/GB.


      • any one can comment or quality of this SSD?

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          No DRAM cache, so good for e.g. gaming but not if you need a drive to constantly pull files on/off.

      • Thanks, is it ok for Gaming?

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          Absolutely! I game off a Crucial MX500 SATA that is rated at 4-5x slower than the NV1, and the difference between the SATA drive and my Samsung 970 EvoPlus boot drive is indistinguishable.

  • Free Next Day Delivery for Prime

    That's not true for most of the country 😉

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      Define most

    • Melbs metro area here, let's see how it goes

      says "arriving by 8pm tomorrow" and "Expedited delivery"

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        In many parts of Australia Prime shipping is not Expedited shipping as that costs. Infact if you're in Sydney where the Amazon warehouse is I'd expect next day delivery. Not in some of the parts of the country further away.

        Amazon is delivered by Auspost where I live for example.

        • I order things from Amazon on a regular basis, and never get free expedited delivery

          this is first time I believe

          • @shabaka: That's awesome. $17.99 for me to get it by October 27th. Otherwise by November 1st.

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          Just to clarify, Amazon has one or more warehouses in most of the capital cities.

      • Amazon is pretty much always spot-on with their delivery dates. If not, you can always contact their Support and they normally offer some form of compensation.

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      Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne combined are half the population of Australia and from what I'm looking at they are delivering next day to at least those three cities.

      • -1

        Yes but if you read the deal a bit more that's the Expedited Shipping and that's not always free and it certainly isn't free for everyone.

        Therefore the title of the deal is misleading. Otherwise you need to add the state tags or 'Metro' etc to clarify.

        • updated

        • Fair enough, I was more talking about your wording of most/majority. They are delivering next day to the majority, according to them at least.

          I guess one of the few benefits of paying exorbitant rent is that we get our Prime deliveries a week earlier - not so sure it's worth the tradeoff.

          • -1

            @Schmiddler: Yeah in terms of population but they deliver nationwide so there's plenty more places that won't get it.

            I was right neggers.

            • @Clear: You can't say that word, that's our word

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    Is anyone getting next day delivery with prime at them moment? I cant remember the last time I had an amazon prime item delivered next day to metro Sydney…

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      It's not always next day, but it's a heck of a lot faster than Australia Post. Last item I ordered before this was a set of lightning cables on a Thursday evening and they arrived to the parcel locker on a Saturday. Or maybe it was a Sunday. Anyway it was fast.

      This is Metro Melbourne, using an Amazon parcel locker.

      • Does it come quicker if its delivered to an amazon parcel locker? I have mine go to my Auspost parcel locker and stuff has been taking like a week lately. kinda regretting renewing my prime membership.

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          if you have to go to a parcel locker then yes go to an amazon locker over aust post. the amazon sherpas can't deliver to auspost lockers.

          • @01011010: hmm that could explain it. Sucks because I have an Auspost one right near my work. Might look into ditching my Auspost locker for amazon deliveries. Thanks!

      • it's a heck of a lot faster than Australia Post. Last item I ordered before this was a set of lightning cables on a Thursday evening and they arrived to the parcel locker on a Saturday.

        … that's as fast as Amazon using Australia Post.

        To Adelaide …

    • I've had fairly good luck recently, usually within 2 days (including over the weekend).

      • Delivered to an address or parcel locker?

        • Home address, but I am in Sydney CBD so I imagine that might help.

          • +1

            @Schmiddler: Yeah might ditch my Auspost parcel locker for an amazon one, or just get it delivered to my work. Thanks!

      • +2

        Been seeing 2-3 days with amazon in Melbourne lately.

        Auspost is a shit show at the moment, been paying the amazon premium unless i'ts impossible to get on there lately.

    • I did for some toiletries

    • Yep, most of my stuff is coming within 1-2 days now to metro Sydney.

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    Thanks. Btw the 16gb module is also available in DDR4-2666 for $10 less, if you have an older laptop that can work fine with that.

    • +1

      but your next laptop will sure need 3200, so I think it's better to future proof

      I remember I got my 2666 16gb stick for around $80 a year ago

      I was thinking exactly that back then, but now I have a 16gb stick that isn't allowing my new laptop reach top speeds it's capable of, so now I have a 2666 set of planks that's just collecting dust in a drawer

      if I bought 3200 back then, I would not have to spend another $100 now. maths!

      • That's a good point. My current laptops have ddr4-2133 or ddr4-2666 but I can imagine one day if I move up to something with a Ryzen APU I'd really like to have the fast ram to go with it.

    • Thanks - the cheapest way to have 32gb atm…the lowest was about 150 bucks and I lost the deal sometime ago…

      • Next laptop will prob be ddr5!

  • +2

    Already had ordered from ebay sadly. Amazon is about the only place you can rely on for responsive shipping now.

    • if you have eBay plus, just order from Amazon and return eBay when it finally arrives

  • General question.. This (CL22) or should go lower to CL18 or CL16 (about $40 difference)

    Use case is in a NUC8 or future mini PCs

    • Becareful, I tried to put this CL22 on a Nuc 11 Extreme, and it did not work. Need to ensure you check your NUC's ram compatibility chart. Not sure is it due to worse CL performance as some of the Crucial ram is indeed compatible.

      • thanks.. shows compatible.. but still a general question on CL and worth the extra $40 (for 32GB pair)?

        • I found out the hard way with my previous NUC that the compatibility list isn't always enough. I bought the same model of Crucial RAM listed on Intel's "tested compatible" list from a local retailer, but the batch number was slightly different and I ended up with issues that took me weeks to troubleshoot.

          Intel even replaced the entire NUC under warranty, but the problems didn't go away until I returned the RAM and ordered direct from Crucial using their compatibility wizard. It's been working fine ever since.

          • @Guppy: QVL lists are garbage. Most of the entries are not tested.

            • @Diji1: In my case the QVL was actually correct, though. They listed CT16G4SFD8213.16FA1 as tested, and the general consensus on the Intel forums was that CT16G4SFD8213.16FA1 worked fine. It was CT16G4SFD8213.M16FB that didn't work.

              Unfortunately with Crucial you only ever know the model number (CT16G4SFD8213) and not the batch number (16FA1/M16FB) until you've bought it…

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    FYI - Need two identical configuration (2 X 8 or 2 X 16) for anyone who wants to optimize dual channel

    Having said that my laptop seems to be fast with just 1 X 16 only but I mostly use my laptop for office task

    • +1

      yes. Intel has FLEX mode though, so you could have different planks running partial dual channel, but YMMV

      e.g. if you have 8 and 16, you will have 8 plank plus half the 16 running dual channel, and the rest of 16 running single channel

      it's going to be slower than dual channel 8 + 8, but 24gb of ram still better than 16 haha

  • Thanks OP! Orders 1x 16gb stick for my laptop, so it'll now run 2x16gb dual channel.

    • Arrived today. Next day delivery. =)

  • How does it compare to this other 1 x 16GB stick I found on Amazon for $87.42?

    TEAMGROUP T-Force 3200Mhz CL16


    • good find! if you're ok to wait for things to be delivered from US.

      also I don't know that brand..

      I know that Crucial works in my laptop, so it was an easy choice for me, I need my stick of RAM yesterday!

      • On Crucial's website, the CT16G4SFRA32A timings are CL 22-22-22 which sounds quite slow

        Timings for the T-Force are CL16-20-20-40 according to it's spec sheet

        Not sure how much this matters, probably depends on application though

        • +1

          Note that those SO-DIMMs are rated for those timings at 1.35V, and it'll likely be an XMP profile as well.

          You'd need a laptop that both supports XMP and supports 1.35V memory, and then there's a chance they'll work.

          3200 CL22-22-22 at 1.2V is the JEDEC standard for 3200 MT/s DDR4 SO-DIMMs, and will have the highest compatibility in general.

    • The reviews from Amazon mentioned if there is no XMP enabled, it will run as 2667 instead of 3200. This might apply to most of AMD laptops.

  • I have 16gb Samsung ram in my nitro 5 can I put a 16gb stick of this to run it in dual channel?

    • From what I understand, dual channel works best or only works when the RAM modules are the same, but you could give it a go and report back your findings

      • Thanks, bought it will let you know if it works

        • cheers works a treat :)

    • +1

      in my case I have exactly this model 16gb in my laptop right now, I am getting a second

      identical is best, although I had doible channel with mixed planks before, and had no issue. timings aligned

      • Will this work on a Dell Latitude 3420 i5 11th Gen?

      • cheers worth a crack then

      • thanks worked perfectly!

  • Strange that 1x16GB is $100, but the 2x16gb kit is $222.

    • +2

      amazon pricing for you

      their pricing AI isn't smart enough to handle that yet

    • Came as $200 for me. Not sure what happed with your one.

  • i wanna buy a new nuc just to get this kit…. good price

  • Will this work for a Synology? Wouldnt mind more ram for caching…

    Recall synology is picky with ram when I have bought the last one.

  • Is this backward compatible?

    • +1

      yes, this will work in DDR4-2933, 2666 and 2400 systems no problem

      have this one running in my laptop that takes DDR4-2933

  • THanks got one for my dell g7 7700

  • Isn’t the shopping express cheaper by 15?

    • $96.93 for me with shipping by AusPost that will arrive who knows when..

      • 85 for me, free shipping

        • hmm how did you get free shipping? it wants to add shipping for me on checkout, and no free option

  • I ordered this one Tuesday afternoon and it arrived today to regional NSW via Fastway/Aramex. Intended on posting the deal but after my order it was listing as temporarily OOS.

  • Next day? I`m getting "FREE Delivery 10 Nov - 5 Dec for Prime members" "Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months"

  • Is there any difference in buying two sticks of 16GB (to make 32GB) vs buying a 32GB Kit (16GBx2)?

    Maybe there would be any performance or compatibility issues?

    • +1

      no, same thing

    • +2

      Two very small risks when buying separate sticks - first, one stick is an unmarked return and second, unannounced switches in die manufacturers

      • Two very small risks when buying separate sticks - first, one stick is an unmarked return

        So you mean there is a chance I could receive a stick that has been returned to Amazon for whatever reason? Does that only happen to single sticks as opposed to kits or its just a higher probability because you make two purchases instead of one?

        And because its unmarked is there any way to identify it is a return?

        second, unannounced switches in die manufacturers

        Can you please explain what it means and how it impacts usage.

        • +1

          First question, it's a higher probability and you will see it in some of the reviews for long life/popular products. If you do get an unmarked return, it's easy to return with Amazon so it is a hassle rather than a scam.

          Second question, let's say you buy 2 sticks of RAM with the exact same capacity/specs/model number. The brand may have been using Samsung die but have now switched to Hynix (for whatever reason). Some mobo and overclocking setups are sensitive to mixed die setups which could mean boot issues, unstable overclocks etc

          • @highmargin: Thanks! Do you have any tips on ways to identify that the items are a return?

  • Nice deal, purchased the crucial 16gb 3200 for a vivobook laptop upgrade a few months ago for approx 116$ which was the best price at the time.

  • can I use it for dimm2?

    • yep, also comes from US, hope arrives quickly

  • Cheers, I've got an old laptop with 8GB of RAM (4GB soldered on). This will make it happier.

  • i got arrive 12 Nov on the ETA

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