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Intel NUC10I7FNK2 i7-10710U Mini PC Kit $669, Kingston NV1 1TB 2100MB/s PCIe Gen 3 NVMe M.2 SSD $110 + Del @ Shopping Express

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  • Been looking at 2TB M.2 drives for a while and waiting for a good deal. Only using as a boot/working drive and don’t need to spend $600 on a gen4.

    Anyone have any experience with these NV1 drives?

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      If you are getting Intel NUC NUC11PAHI7 i7-1165G7, then that does support a PCIe gen 4 NVMe SSD.

      I don't get Intel's decision to only enable TPM 2.0 in Tiger Canyon vPro models (NUC11PAHI7 isn't Tiger Canyon nor supports vPro). It would be rather annoying if these 11th and 10th gen NUCs cannot run Windows 10 without the disable TPM hack.

      • * Windows 11

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        Okay, checked. Windows 11 does install on 8th gen Intel NUCs onwards, despite the confusing information on Intel Ark pages. Guessing that refers to whether a TPM hardware module slot actually is available on the board or not…

      • I have this NUC. I am using 32GB ram and Samsung 980 pro 512 with Windows 11.

      • I have a panther canyon NUC running windows 11 and it's got TPM2.0 enabled.

    • Why do u need a 2TB boot drive ?

  • have to install Windows 10 or this one is pre installed?

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      It's a bare PC. You need your own Win10 license.

      • thx bro

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    So far, the shopping cart & checkout are not honouring the promise of free shipping if you add Ram or SSD.

    When did SE start charging surcharges for payment?

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    I'm confused by the Intel NUC bundle (maybe I misread something)

    Seems like it's cheaper to buy the NUC and RAM separately than go with the bundle?

  • When I checked the Intel pages for these NUCs, the TPM shows no, does that mean it won't run Windows 11? That seems a bit weird given the CPU is capable.

    • From the NUC pages: Intel® Platform Trust Technology (Intel® PTT) is a platform functionality for credential storage and key management used by Windows 8* and Windows® 10. Intel® PTT supports BitLocker* for hard drive encryption and supports all Microsoft requirements for firmware Trusted Platform Module (fTPM) 2.0.

      I've got a 10th gen i5 NUC running Windows 11, it's fully compatible according to Microsoft's health check app

      • Yeah it's annoying because everyone has a different name for the same thing.

    • I have this NUC11PAHI7 i7-1165G7. I am using 32GB ram and Samsung 980 pro 512 with Windows 11.

    • I have a 8th Gen Nuc and it passed the Windows 11 test. So I'm sure this one would be ok as well.

  • Anyone run one of these (even the i3s) on 12V? I see the power port shows 19V which is fairly standard.
    My Bee-link NUC takes 12V fine, which means I can run it on DC without any buckboost/step up. All my other gear runs on 12V.

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    Free shipping aint working

    • yeah me either.

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      works now.

  • Is NUC pronounced nuke or nuck?

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      The latter

    • Yes

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  • How much is shipping to VIC? Papa needs a m2 drive.

  • Free shipping promotion doesn’t work either for me. Has anyone else tried?

    • Make sure you don't make the same mistake I originally did and read the deal as free shipping with the RAM and SSD whether or not you buy the NUC

  • I've got the i3 version of this that I use as a HTPC and it's great.

    The latest NUCs are fantastic kit.

  • I've got the i5 version and its working great with Fedora.

  • Mac mini m1 has better long term value.if you are already in to the Mac ecosystem. Just personal opinion!

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      Mac Mini M1 having better long term value, yes, it appears so. However, that is assuming you will sell the Mac Mini M1 within a year or two. Furthermore, the measurement is probably based on %, not the actual value reduced. You should pay less with this NUC setup initially (even if you go with 16GB RAM and 1TB NVMe storage, it should still come under the base model of Mac Mini M1, which is 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD).

      If you opted for the NUC, I would strongly recommend getting the 11th gen one, as Intel corrected some annoyingly dumb mistakes (holding things back, especially with the already bad embedded GPU to save some cost for the 10th gen one). The 11th gen kit on sale also has a SATA port so you could put another SSD in it. Also, up to 3 external displays (although, once again, Intel held things back, if you are okay with 4K, then I guess it is fine… future proofing 8K… hard to tell whether Intel wired the Thunderbolt port correctly or not, and that's at best only 1 8K).

      A lot of people would tell you 8GB RAM is enough for Mac Mini M1, but now the new M1 Pro/Max laptops are out, some people are switching their tune on the memory side.

      Right now, Mac Mini M1 is probably a better buy, but we do not know how things will pan out with M2 and Alder Lake. There is more risk on Intel NUCs at the moment because Alder Lake has quite a few changes and is coming soon (though desktop CPUs first I think). The 11th gen NUC at least has PCIe gen4 NVMe SSD. The 10th gen NUC… it is just a bad buy altogether.

  • what is this for? so it does not come with a storage? and I have to buy my own SSD is that it?

    • Yeah, you just take the bottom off and pop in the ram and a nvme ssd stick. The tall version also has room for a 2.5" SSD.

  • Anyone have any experience with these drives? Looking at the 2tb specifically as I've really been running out of storage on games lol

  • Is a Kingston or a Samsung SSD better? I'm looking to buy a 2TB SSB for work purposes which may involve a lot of read/writes.

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