JBL JR300BT Kids Wireless on-Ear Headphones $38 (Was $69.95) + $8.54 Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The School Locker


Hi all! I was looking for a kid safe wireless headphones and this model rated well on most lists. Was going to pull the trigger at $69.95 and now it's on sale!

Product Features:

JBL Safe Sound

JBL legendary sound designed to always limit the volume below 85dB making them safe for even the youngest music fans.

Bluetooth enabled

Kids will enjoy a wireless connection up to 15 meters away and easy to operate controls that don’t need adults’ help.

Designed for kids

Custom designed ear cushions and headband with cool colours.

Young rockers unite.

Safe, lightweight and sized for kids, the JBL JR300BT wireless headphones deliver up to 12 hours of legendary JBL sound and fun for the youngest music fans. Headphones are designed to ensure the volume is always below 85dB to protect hearing and easy controls can be operated without any help. Kids listen in comfort with custom designed soft padded headband and ear cushions for a feathery fit. Kids will also enjoy the ability to customize the headphones with the available stickers.

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    If you just need something that works, $13 from Amazon for Laser ones.


    Cheaper than Kmart last I checked.

    • They don't seem to include the db limiter like the OPs post

      • The audio isn't very loud even when you crank it to max

  • Don't mistake these for the JR310BT, which comes with the mic.

  • These are really good. Nice and lightweight for the wee ones.

  • +2

    If you have good guys commercial have the 310bt for $39 I think.

    Much better, has usbc input and mic.

  • -1

    Micro USB 😒

  • We have the 310 wired ones. Kids like it and great that has the volume limit.

  • any good one for the kids online class with a mic?

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