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[QLD] Buy Any Outdoor Power Equipment in-Store & Get 20% of the Purchase Price Back as Store Credit @ Total Tools


Just got this in my email this morning…


Buy any outdoor power equipment in store (Cordless Mowers, edgers, blowers, whipper snipper, etc) and you will get an additional 20% of the purchase price back as store credit on top of the usual 1%.

It works, i just bought an Ego 56v Mower kit, used the $100 old mower trade in, and also got the 20% store credit added to my account instantly.

I bought the EGO 56v mower combo kit linked below with the bonus blower for $849 with the $100 old mower trade in. Then got the normal 1% credit for purchase, then the 20% bonus store credit on top of that (equals $178.29 in credit). So the whole combo kit cost me $670.71 down from $949.00 What an awesome deal! TODAY ONLY and in store only though!

You also get a bonus 2.5aH battery from Ego by redemption with this kit.


P.S. They also accept old petrol mowers as trade in too!

PPS. Participating stores only, possibly QLD only?

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  • Link to current 'old mower trade in' deal:

  • Thanks. Do you know that the 20% additional credit also applies to online orders? Can it be used towards the same order?

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      It says instore only, today only. No, can't use it for current purchase. Also bonus credit has to be used in 30 days he said

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    I bought the same combo kit but missed the mower trade-in deal by a day or two! I now have an old petrol mower to sell. :(

    Don't forget you get a free battery too if you spend over $800, so it's worthwhile adding a blade or some other accessory to your purchase. https://egopowerplus.com.au/

    • Yes i forgot that. Also get a bonus 2.5aH battery by redemption :)

  • Any idea if you have to be an insider for this deal or is it for everyone?


    • The guy said its for all outdoor power equipment sold in store today, not just for members. Maybe you have to sign up in store if you arn't already though, not sure??
      He also wasn't sure if the system would give out the bonus points along with the trade in deal as well, but it did.

  • Bloody annoyed that I picked up the same kit 3 days ago now :(

    • I'm with you there. Missed the trade-in deal, now the store credit. I have to offload an old petrol mower and the blower coz I already had it. I has been an expensive or"deal" :D

  • What’s the source for that image?
    I can’t see it on their website or several stores FB page.

    • I heard it on the radiooooo and I received an email for it. My email does list specific QLD stores only so I am not sure if it's limited to those stores or if that's just based on my address.

      • I guess you're in QLD or was it on the radio somewhere else?

    • As stated, via email

  • Can i get a copy of the email? Struggling to get the deal in store

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    This deal is only available at select stores.


    • Thanks, OP neglected this vital detail.

    • This makes me feel better for buying my mower last week! Phew!

  • I just spoke to Kilsyth sales and trade in for Ego only with $100 off Ego mower and $50 off Ego line trimmer deal ends 26th.
    No 20% in-store credit here in Vic, at least not at Kilsyth store… Bummer
    Still good deal just not here in Vic.

  • Wouldn’t honour in VIC. Did say they have a sale this Thursday - spend $500 get $100, spend $1000 get 200 so might be worth waiting for that. Shame it doesn’t overlap the trade in promo too.

  • Great deal for those eligible stores. Just a reminder that the ego battery redemption needs to be in one transaction, would be great if you could use the store credit to purchase another item to get you the redemption dollars but not to be.

  • Ok, so possibly QLD only then?

  • One store in VIC happy to honour but they want to see that email. please inbox me if you happy to forward email. ta

    • Happy to do that if you send me your email add.

      • check your dm. ta

        • sent

      • Can you please send me the email. Is it available in NSW

  • Awesome deal. I bought the mower and blower kit (+ battery via redemption) a month or so back.

    This deal is even better, but I don't really need anything, so the store credit probably wouldn't have done me much good.

    If you're looking to upgrade your cheap mower to a solid electric model, this is the deal to take advantage of!

    • I got the kit Wednesday and was tempted to get the line trimmer at the same time but figured I’d wait for a deal. Now it turns out I could have waited 3 days, got the lot and a crap load of instore credit.

      • Sorry to hear it mate. I've got the line trimmer and love it. I'll never go back to petrol. Not even my awesome 4 stroke Honda trimmer can lure me back.

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    This was a great deal for anyone that got it.

    • see below if still interested

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        I already got the mower in the last deal but appreciate your effort!

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    Hey huge heads up for anyone spewing over missing this deal I called the 6 total tools stores nearest to the gold coast and Fred the manager at coopers plains total tools was the only one willing to extend the sale to me on Monday as well

    True to his word I got the 1% back as insider points, he have me a gift card for 20% off what I spent and also allowed me to trade in my mower and hedge trimmer for $150 off.

    So it always helps to ask and see if they can honour a sale that’s ended:

    If you don’t care about the trade in there is the VIP Insider Night at some total tools (biggera waters has one on tuesday) where a storewide spend will earn 20% off as credit, but it only works as breakpoints ie:

    spend $500 get $100, spend $2000 get $400 etc etc

    so if you spent $2200 on thursday you’d only get $400 and the 1% back as credit rather than $440 and the 1% like the saturday deal

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      Thanks for bringing this up, I wouldn’t even have thought to contact the store. I bought the $949 mower & blower bundle last week and definitely would have held off until the weekend had I known this promo was coming.

      I contacted the store today and they were happy to provide a gift card with the store credit difference on it.

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