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Free - Dominate Hair Wax Sample after Completing Quiz @ Dominate Hair


Complete a simple quiz to receive a free hair wax sample sent to you.

I was able to successfully request a sample.

Full credit to Cheapies for the find.

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  • Is everyone getting the 'Mini Original Wax' regardless of their choices?

    Edit - Never mind, products recommended are unique to choices

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      Defining Fiber (Mini) Ɨ 1

    • +5

      Yeah, I've been using the clay for a little bit now. Best product I've found and I've cycled through a lot of stuff to test out. If you have fine, straight hair (read: you a very white boy) and need to get some lift and texture without quickly clogging it up into a greasy mess, highly recommend this clay to preserve a matte, dry look.

      Thank-you OP, appreciate it šŸ™‡šŸ¼ā€ā™‚ļø

      • Which one do you use?

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          • +1

            @miracle: Thank you! Will get a sample for someone to try. And thanks Op

            • @Baby Grogu: Hmm not sure why I got negged? And whoever it is, thanks. Just because Iā€™m not using it and getting it for someone who might want to try it? Better than those who are getting multiple for themselves right??!!

      • Haha thanks for the tip, looking forward to trying it

      • +1

        I second that. Bought out of bed clay once and now cant switch to something else. Great Product.

  • So this is for waxing hair? Ouch!

    • +1

      For anti gravity mohawk.

  • +1

    This deal really speaks to me

  • thanks op! got myself a mini original wax XD

  • +2

    Wax on, wax off.

    • in a circular motion?

  • Thanks OP! Got the original :)

  • Thanks , got a sample before site being Ozbargained!

  • Now i just need a haircut. Only have to line up with 30 other dudes to get one.

    Thanks OP!

  • This is perfect. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks, got one šŸ‘

  • +1

    Thanks a lot! Free shipping was a nice surprise too.

  • Cheers got one!

    Just looked in the bathroom cupboard and I've got a tub of dominate super hold wax must be 5 years old or more lol
    That was way to solid/strong for my hair let's see how the mud goes.

  • This stuff works.

  • +1

    Thks OP trying the mini sculpting paste

    • +1

      Those curls are difficult to maintain.

  • +3

    Cart Error: The product 'Defining Fiber (Mini)' is already sold out.

  • Scored a Mini Moulding Putty āœŒ

  • More of a hassle than its worth. It takes several washes to get out which is annoying.

    • +1

      Change your Shampoo.

      • Change your shampoo

        Hence the hassle.

        I use head and shoulders. I'm just saying if you think it's a freebie with nothing to lose then you're wrong. You lose your mind trying to wash it out. It's not worth it.

    • As goes with every styling. You need to wash them out anyway regardless of hassle or not, shampoo does the job for every styling

      • +1

        Try De Lorenzo products like their Clay (not really clay, but a gel), Mudslide, or Titanium for an extra strong hold. They all brush out/comb out really easily without leaving your hair greasy like most waxes, clays and pomades do!

        • I usually just use serums. Will try clay products

  • Got the "Original Wax". I like the wet kind of look, hopefully it's a good one.

    Was looking for a new wax since my muk is years old and too firm and I'm a bit sick of my gatsby one, so thanks for this offer.

  • Thanks O.P.

    I have been using the Rock Solid Wax for years but haven't been able to find it at any of their alleged local stockists for several months now. Almost resorted to paying inflated eBay prices before finding an alternative.

    • Do you use the hair dryer to liquify it? I have to do this just to get it into my hair.

  • This is interesting I wonder if I could get a couple more samples as I'm actually interested in buying it if this brand works well.

  • -1

    It's been awhile since there's been a real product freebie post

  • +1

    All sold out except for "Mini Rock Solid Wax"

    • Can confirm: Only thing that added to my cart was "Mini Rock Solid Wax"

    • Not a lot of ppl have thick hair then!

  • What sort of hair do I need to get the Mini rock solid Wax?

  • Thanks, grabbed one earlier - Moulding Putty

  • +1

    @dealbot I think you may have missed this.

    While stocks last, free sample available to New Zealand only. Terms & conditions apply.

    Oh well lets see what happens.šŸ¤·

    • uh oh.

    • I feel discriminated against.

  • Has anyone received a shipping confirmation yet?

  • No

  • Anyone got their samples yet ?

    • Not me.

    • +2

      Nope. Emailed them yesterday and got a quick reply to wait another 5-10 business days due to Covvy restrictions in Auckland.

      Hard to get angry about free stuff…

      • Huh so they're honouring them?

        • +4

          Yeah. And I got an email this week stating that this was intended as an NZ-only promotion but that they will ("of course") be honouring the Australian redemptions, and apologing for the delay due to various reasons. They said to expect it soon…

          I'm a recent convert to their products, but this promotion and their communication has made me more rusted on to continuing to purchase their clay šŸ‘

          • @miracle: I wonder if they will honour it, cause I sent an e-mail last week and got nothing back through e-mail or their Facebook chat. Or they're just ignoring me.

    • +1

      Arrived midday today NSW

  • still nothing

    • Nothing here either. I did genuinely want to give it a try!

      • Still nothing here either…

  • Damn I got some for free with social soup.

  • +2

    received today in greater Syd

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